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Follow the HostingAdvice crew as we interview stakeholders from the world's most innovative technology companies. Topics range from the rise of AI and machine learning to cloud computing, virtualization, and, of course, web hosting.


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How Ring4 and Taggg Solve Remote Work Pain Points and Improve Collaboration for Operational Efficiency

Ring4 and Taggg Improve Remote Collaboration for Operational Success

Ring4 and Taggg are remote working tools developed to support team communication and collaboration for improved operational efficiency. Ring4 is a simple... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How GoDaddy Corporate Domains Enables Companies to Effectively Manage Their Domain Name Portfolios

GCD Provides Domain Solutions Catered to Company Needs

GoDaddy Corporate Domains streamlines domain portfolio management by deploying a suite of solutions tailored to a company’s needs. GCD provides distinctive... read more »
Lynn Cadet
WP101 Educates Non-Technical Users on How to Design Professional-Looking Websites With In-Depth Learning Courses

WP101 Teaches Users Web Building in Less Than 2 Hours

WP101 teaches WordPress users how to operate the CMS, its plugins, and related third-party builders with in-depth, objective-based courses. Its comprehensive... read more »
Lynn Cadet
CLDY’s C3.Gen Platform Prioritizes Speed, Security, and Stability to Provide Optimal User Experience

CLDY Offers a Customer-Centric Approach to the Cloud User Experience

CLDY makes cloud hosting simple and effective with guaranteed speed, security, and stability. The managed cloud provider developed its C3.Gen platform to... read more »
Lynn Cadet
ZoomInfo’s Intelligence Solutions Enables B2B Teams to Optimize Data-Driven Decisions and Execute Go-To-Market Campaigns

ZoomInfo’s Intelligence Platform Promotes Data-Driven Decisions

ZoomInfo offers a comprehensive suite of products that delivers powerful data intelligence to improve go-to-market strategies and decision-making. Beyond its... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Inturact Empowers SaaS Companies to Strategize Scalable Growth with a Data-Driven and Product-Led Approach

Inturact Partners with SaaS Companies for Scalable Growth

Inturact has more than 16 years of experience helping B2B SaaS companies form scalable growth strategies for long-term success. The marketing/consulting... read more »
Lynn Cadet
InMotion Hosting Sets the Trend for NVMe Drives to Be the Standard in the Hosting Industry

InMotion Hosting Blazes the Path to Standardize NVMe Drives Industry-Wide

InMotion Hosting recently added NVMe storage to most of its hosting plans, which will boost performance power for its users by tenfold. The hosting company... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Empowers Developers to Build Native Applications with a Focus on Built-In Accessibility

Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Enhances the Developer’s Journey

Progress prides itself on streamlining the development life cycle for application creators. Its highly customizable UI components simplify the application... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Expert Round Table: How the Spike in Cloud Services Spending Will Impact the Hosting Industry

How the Spike in Cloud Services Spending Impacts The Rest of the Hosting Industry

With cloud spending forecasted to exceed $480 billion in 2022, it’s hard to fathom an industry that won’t be impacted. “The economic, organizational, and societal... read more »
Alexandra Anderson
Cloudways Partners with Cloudflare to Deliver an Enterprise Solution for Higher-Performing and Secure Hosting

Cloudways Teams up with Cloudflare to Improve Enterprise Security and Performance

Cloudways partnered with Cloudflare to release an enterprise solution that solves security and low-performance pain points for users. Companies can leverage... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Ubersmith’s Integrated Billing and Ticketing Software Suite Allows for Streamlined Cloud and Hosting Operations

Ubersmith Streamlines Hosting Operations with Optimized Billing and Ticketing Software

Ubersmith provides companies with integrated billing and ticketing software in a comprehensive subscription management platform to streamline their customer... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Flexential’s Green Datacenter Services Allow Companies to Remain Flexible and Adaptable in an Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Flexential Enhances Operational Efficiency with Sustainable Datacenter Services

Flexential provides companies with the hybrid IT solutions to scale and grow their business through any phase. The company factors in digital transformation... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Polestar Solutions Harnesses the Power of Data for a Holistic Approach to Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management

Polestar Solutions Harnesses the Power of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Polestar Solutions prides itself on empowering businesses to leverage data capabilities to streamline their processes and jump-start innovation across... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Wix Partners with Agencies to Build High-Performance Websites for Scalable Growth

Wix Partners with Agencies to Bring Clients’ Vision to Life

As the world continues its move toward digital adoption, more companies will need to transfer their businesses online to accelerate their operations and... read more »
Lynn Cadet
4/26/2022’s Mission to Reduce Carbon Emissions: From Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure to Increasing Scalability Initiatives Limits Environmental Impact by Optimizing Cloud Activities leads the cloud industry by highlighting and reducing the sector’s role in carbon emissions and environmental impact. Formed in 2015, read more »
Lynn Cadet
Optimize Your Website for Conversions, Boost Engagement, and Maximize Operational Success with Leadpages

Leadpages Makes Website Building Simple by Design

Leadpages specializes in helping businesses grow their operations with its conversion-optimized website and landing page builder. The company’s... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Imperva: Proactive Protection for Applications and Data Across Hybrid, Cloud, and Multicloud Environments

Imperva Prioritizes Data Security Amid Digital Acceleration

Imperva provides companies with a unified security platform to protect their applications and data in the era of digital acceleration. Imperva’s data... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Mirantis Simplifies Cloud-Native Development by Eliminating Kubernetes Complexity and Automating Low-Value Tasks

Mirantis Shortens the Development Life Cycle for Better ROI

Mirantis prides itself on simplifying cloud-native development and shortening development life cycles to build value for teams worldwide. By leveraging... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Pressidium Provides Optimized WordPress Hosting for Companies to Scale Their Online Operations

Pressidium Provides Optimized WordPress Hosting

Pressidium provides companies with a high-availability WordPress hosting platform built on robust and scalable server infrastructure. Businesses don’t have... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Gainesville, Florida, Community Celebrates Josh Greenberg Day: Continuing the Mission of a Beloved Tech Startup Icon

Gainesville Startup Community Celebrates Josh Greenberg Day

This upcoming weekend will mean a lot of things to different people. Children may have their sights set on that one masterfully hidden Easter egg while hoping to... read more »
Alexandra Anderson
How Templ’s Simplified WordPress Hosting Drives Workflow Optimization and Web Performance for Businesses

Templ Simplifies WordPress Hosting with Performance-Driven Solutions

Templ delivers a full suite of managed WordPress hosting solutions to maximize performance for online businesses and their customers. Templ’s secure and... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Atak Domain Offers a Full Suite of Hosting Solutions to Help Resellers and Developers Establish an Online Presence

Competitive Hosting Packages from Atak Domain

Atak Domain provides resellers and developers with comprehensive hosting packages to build their online businesses. The domain and hosting provider has seen... read more »
Lynn Cadet
StrikeForce: An Innovative Cybersecurity Leader Focused on Secure Video Conferencing Solutions for Businesses

StrikeForce: A Cybersecurity Leader That Keeps Clients Safe

StrikeForce Technologies has been a leader in cybersecurity solutions for more than two decades. Since it launched, the company has seen the internet become... read more »
Jon McDonald
IT-ISAC Enables Collaboration and Information Sharing to Promote Best Cybersecurity Practices and Defense

IT-ISAC Pushes For Collaborative Defense Against Cybersecurity Threats

As cyber threats increase, companies will need the most relevant insight on cybersecurity to protect their infrastructure. IT-ISAC fosters collaboration... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Beachhead Enforces Encryption and Manages Security for Visibility and Control Across Business Devices

Beachhead Pushes for Data Encryption Across Industries

Beachhead delivers a host of endpoint security solutions for businesses to protect vulnerable data and delegate control and accessibility across operational... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Check Point Software Helps Companies Protect Their Data and Networks from Cyber Attacks Through Threat Prevention

Check Point Delivers Simplified Cybersecurity Solutions

Check Point Software delivers a suite of cybersecurity solutions that help defend networks, data, and multicloud systems through a singular unified platform.... read more »
Lynn Cadet
A Self-Hosted Future: Turing PI Delivers Reliable and Scalable Cloud-Native Computing at the Edge

Cloud-Native Computing Clusters from Turing PI

Turing PI specializes in delivering scalable computing clusters at the edge. Turing PI’s four-part module architecture allows users to gain optimal... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Edison Redefines Email Software by Optimizing Communication Flows and Blocking Unwanted Mail

Edison Redefines Email Software

Edison Software prides itself on transforming email communication to incorporate simplicity, customization, and peace of mind. The unique design of Edison... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Miss Hosting Offers Secure and Affordable Hosting Solutions with Stable and Localized 24/7 Support

Localized Server Support from Miss Hosting

Miss Hosting provides professional-grade hosting solutions for every kind of customer, from avid bloggers to giant corporations. The company operates... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Teleport: An Open-Source Platform That Helps Increase Infrastructure Security and Lower Costs for Businesses

Teleport: An Open-Source Infrastructure Security Platform

Teleport is an open-source platform that allows developers to quickly access their computing infrastructure from one dashboard. The company addresses growing... read more »
Jon McDonald
Namecheap: A Leading Domain Registrar That Offers SMBs Hosting Options and a Suite of Support Apps

Namecheap Offers Hosting and Support for SMBs

Namecheap is an accredited registrar and technology company that manages more than 14 million domains. Its product and service offerings include shared and... read more »
Jon McDonald
Concrete CMS: A Free, Open-Source Platform Built on Simplicity and Contributor Collaboration

Concrete CMS: An Open-Source Tool Built on Simplicity

Concrete CMS is a free content management system that helps clients of all sizes run effective websites. The team at Concrete CMS uses an open-source model... read more »
Jon McDonald
Goodpods Spotlights Indie Podcasters and Curates Recommendation Lists for End Users

Discover Podcast Recommendations with Goodpods

Goodpods is an innovative podcast platform with a social networking component that promotes accessibility and community. Goodpods shines a light on indie... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Progress Telerik and Kendo UI Empower Developers to Create Cutting-Edge Applications with Accuracy and Speed

Develop and Deploy Apps with Progress

Progress provides software engineers with the infrastructure to optimize their application development cycles. The company recently released a number of new... read more »
Lynn Cadet
PMI Empowers Project Managers to Tackle Digital Disruption and Promote Agility and Resilience Throughout Their Organizations

PMI Empowers Project Managers

PMI provides project managers with the resources, community, and knowledge to grow in their careers and advance organizational success. The institute... read more »
Lynn Cadet
No Coding Skills Required: How WebSite X5 Simplifies Web Building and Publishing for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

WebSite X5 Simplifies Site Building for Entrepreneurs

WebSite X5 is an offline software package for Microsoft Windows environments that allows the easy creation of websites, blogs, and online stores. The product... read more »
Jon McDonald
Broadcom Foundation Strengthens Youth Development and Closes the Equity Gap in STEM Programs

Broadcom Foundation Supports STEM Education

The Broadcom Foundation champions youth development by providing middle schoolers with the resources and opportunities to build careers in STEM. The... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Infragistics: Empowering Companies to Achieve Development Goals with Low-Code UI/UX and Business Intelligence Tools

Low-Code UI/UX Tools from Infragistics

Infragistics prides itself on equipping companies with the tools to simplify and build applications without a complex coding background. Its App Builder and... read more »
Lynn Cadet
From Cloud to Container — Red Hat Offers Enterprise-Grade Open-Source Solutions for Businesses that Need IT Infrastructure

Red Hat Offers Open-Source IT Solutions

Red Hat is a leading provider of enterprise open-source software, and it takes a community-powered approach to development. The company helps its customers... read more »
Jon McDonald
Insight Helps Businesses Undergo Digital Transformation with Solutions Enabled by Data and AI

Insight Helps Businesses Undergo Digital Transformation

Insight serves as a solutions integrator to companies undergoing digital transformation without the resources to drive innovation. The IT solutions company... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Christina Lewis