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Follow the HostingAdvice crew as we interview stakeholders from the world's most innovative technology companies. Topics range from the rise of AI and machine learning to cloud computing, virtualization, and, of course, web hosting.


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FearlessSalaryNegotiation Helps Techxperts Master Wage Bargaining

FearlessSalaryNegotiation Helps Techxperts Navigate Salary Success

Salary negotiations are never easy. For many people, they’re uncomfortable, awkward, and anxiety-inducing. But Josh Doody, Founder and CEO of... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
VICIdial Continues to Transform Contact Centers with New Features

VICIdial’s New Features for Contact Centers

Matt Florell, President of VICIdial, chats again with HostingAdvice about how its latest open-source call-handling software prioritizes customer... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
ABBYY’s Transformative Approach to Interpreting Data with Intelligent Automation

Get Smart Insights with Intelligent Automation From ABBYY

ABBYY is an intelligent automation company that helps organizations better manage their documents and gain actionable insights from their data. ABBYY... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
theCoderSchool Helps Kids Learn Code with Customizable Curriculum and Mentorship

theCoderSchool Mentors and Teaches Kids to Code and Think Critically

Over the years, there has been a jump in interest in coding for young students because of the valuable lessons and skills it provides. As the world becomes... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Maverick Uses AI-Generated Videos to Drive Customer Engagement for Businesses

Maverick’s AI Video Generation Sends Personalized Messages to Customers

Forming strong customer connections is crucial to developing a positive, long-standing brand reputation. But creating these relationships isn’t always so... read more »
Lynn Cadet
PodMatch Is the One-Stop Matchmaking App for Podcast Hosts and Expert Guests

PodMatch Is Your Podcast Host and Guest Matchmaker

Calling all podcast hosts and expert guests! It’s time to say goodbye to the long days of cold-calling potential guests or popular shows and say hello to... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
10 Best Cities for Women Who Code

10 Best Cities for Women Who Code

Software development is not only one of the most lucrative professions in the US, boasting an average salary of nearly $121,000, but it also consistently earns top... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
InMotion Hosting Releases a High-Speed Cloud WordPress Platform Built on VPS Servers

InMotion Hosting Launches High-Speed Cloud WordPress Platform

Website speed is a top concern for many website owners, especially those who own online businesses. The success of an online presence heavily relies on... read more »
Lynn Cadet
10 Best: Virtual Desktop Solutions in 2024

10 Best Virtual Desktop Solutions

As Americans continue embracing the dawn of remote and hybrid work, the need for virtual desktop solutions is (unsurprisingly) growing. In fact, the virtual desktop... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Players Can Launch Their Own Server with InMotion Hosting’s New Minecraft Servers

InMotion Hosting Introduces Minecraft Servers

Calling all Minecrafters: Experience ultimate gaming freedom with InMotion Hosting’s new Minecraft Servers. Since its inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting has... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
10 Best Women in Tech Podcasts

10 Best Women in Tech Podcasts

In the past few decades, women in the workforce have faced many challenges solely because of their gender. One significant problem is the gender pay gap, the... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Triage Reduces Inbox Overload and Streamlines Email Workflows With Card-Based Interface

Triage Streamlines Email Organization With Card-Based Interface

If you dread organizing your email inbox, you’re not alone. No one enjoys navigating an overloaded mailbox and checking message after message to determine... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Cybersecurity Isn’t Just About Protecting Passwords: It’s Shaping Tomorrow’s Defenders to Secure Small Businesses

How Cybersecurity Education Helps Protect Small Businesses

The first thing you should know about cybersecurity is it’s not reserved for mega-corporations with millions of customers and personal data. Cyberattacks can... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Boost Your Sales and Bring In More Leads with’s Custom Surveys, Quizzes, and Calculators

Supercharge Sales & Leads with Involve.Me’s Custom Interactive Tools

More than ever before, consumers are intrigued by personalized shopping experiences. Not only do personalized shopping experiences help create trust within... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Brizy Lets You Build Code-Free on WordPress or Its Customizable Cloud Platform

Code-Free Website Building with Brizy

Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of diving into web development and coding. After all, there’s something hypnotic about a beautiful website with a user... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
ChemiCloud Provides Simple Hosting and Solution-Oriented Customer Service

ChemiCloud Provides Simple Hosting and Outstanding Customer Support

Superb customer service is one of the most important qualities a business can have. It keeps people coming back and allows companies to set up a good... read more »
Lynn Cadet
VirtualPostMail Provides Solutions for US-Based eCommerce Businesses

VirtualPostMail’s Solutions for eCommerce Businesses

Say goodbye to PO boxes and hello to the only virtual mailbox you’ll ever need again. VirtualPostMail (VPM) is a comprehensive solution for US-based... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
GeekPack Empowers Women and Others to Gain Confidence in Digital Skills with Community-Supported Training

GeekPack Provides Women with Tech, Confidence, and Community

When pursuing a new career, finding the right community is often as important as getting the best education. And that is especially true in the tech... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Unlocking Business Insights and Productivity with Akkio’s Generative BI Solution

Unlocking Business Insights with Akkio’s Generative BI

Akkio is a generative business intelligence (BI) solution that empowers business analysts to interact with their data effortlessly, build generative... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
The Internet Is Built For Everyone, but AudioEye Knows It Should <em>Work</em> For Everyone, Too

AudioEye Aids in Making the Internet More Accessible

Even though the internet is meant to be inclusive, access to the World Wide Web is not universal. It’s time now for every website to strive for compliance... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Tor Defends Users’ Right to Privacy and an Uncensored Web With Encrypted Network

Tor Provides an Encrypted Network to Safeguard User Online Privacy

We’ve all experienced the annoying pop-ups announcing the use of cookies on a website. It seems impossible these days to have a private browsing experience.... read more »
Lynn Cadet
G2 Empowers Software Buyers as a User-Generated Review Platform

G2 Helps Software Buyers with Review-Based Platform

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by choosing the right product, you’re not alone. G2 is the world’s largest software marketplace featuring peer-to-peer... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Syncfusion’s Bold BI Reimagines Embedded Analytics and Data Visualization with Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Syncfusion’s Bold BI Streamlines Embedded Analytics with Simplified Dashboard

Developers have a lot on their plates, from coding and drawing up reports to testing and debugging. These tasks take up much of their time — a resource they... read more »
Lynn Cadet
10 Best Server Monitoring Tools in 2023

The 10 Best Server Monitoring Tools in 2023

An established digital presence has become a solid marker of success for modern organizations. This presence usually includes a myriad of digital channels, from... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Harness Eliminates Common Developer Pain Points With a Simplified End-to-End Software Delivery Platform

Harness Provides a Platform for Streamlined Software Delivery

Building an application takes a lot of time and continued nurturing during operations. Developers work day in and day out to ensure every step of the... read more »
Lynn Cadet
GoDaddy Knows Best When It Comes to Choosing the Right Domain Name

GoDaddy’s Expertise in Choosing the Right Domain Name

Your domain name acts as the cover of your book. Yes — we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that we often do. And in the... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Commvault: Offering A Backup-Focused Platform for Data Protection and Security

Commvault Provides a Data Protection SaaS Platform with a Backup Focus

System downtime robs millions of businesses of time and money every year. With the rapid growth of data, companies must protect their environments to keep... read more »
Lynn Cadet
VPS2Day Offers the Perfect Balance of Price and Reliability

VPS2Day Offers Affordable and Reliable VPS Hosting Solutions

Are you tired of those annoying surprise fees and renewal costs? They are incredibly frustrating, especially when you’ve put in the time and effort to find... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
10 Best Development Podcasts in 2023

10 Best Development Podcasts in 2023

I love listening to podcasts. Whether I’m cleaning, driving, cooking, or even working (sorry, boss!), they keep me company, challenge my thinking, and provide... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
The Green Web Foundation: Promoting a Fossil-Free Internet with Groundbreaking Green Initiatives

The Green Web Foundation Works Toward a Fossil-Free Internet

Web hosting is a culprit of mass carbon emissions, with yearly numbers matching those in the airline industry. Thankfully, environmental groups are tackling... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Fortanix Provides Next Frontier Security Focused on Data Protection and Confidential Computing

Fortanix Provides Protection for Data In Use with Confidential Computing

Fortanix provides users with a robust data security platform based on confidential computing to protect their data in use. Over the years, SaaS products have... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Ace Host Provides a Variety of Hosting Services with a Focus on Caring Customer Support

Ace Host Provides a Range of Hosting Services with Caring Customer Support

Located in Tampa, Ace Host offers hosting services and capabilities, including small business, crypto, and streaming, to meet various needs. The team places... read more »
Lynn Cadet
10 Best Development Bloggers in 2023

The 10 Best Development Bloggers Right Now

Web development is an ever-changing field, with new trends, technologies, and libraries constantly emerging. To grow in any area, people have to keep learning and... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Buttondown Delivers a Focused and Simple Newsletter Tool for Individuals and Teams

Buttondown Provides a Simple Approach to Newsletter Software for Creators

Buttondown offers a simple way to build newsletters, manage subscribers, and collect payments without clunky navigation or overly technical management. Its... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Capillary Unlocks Customer Insights and Personalized Experiences for Businesses and Marketers

Capillary Unlocks Customer Insights and Personalized Experiences

If you’re looking to harness AI while cultivating customer loyalty, you’re not alone. Thousands of business owners are seeking the same thing, and there is a... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Semantic Scholar Provides AI-Powered Tools and APIs to Optimize Scientific Research Processes and Boost Comprehension

Semantic Scholar Optimizes Scientific Research with AI-Powered Tools and APIs

Semantic Scholar provides a research platform with a massive database of academic materials and AI-powered tools to streamline the search and discovery... read more »
Lynn Cadet
JRuby: A High-Performance, Open-Source Implementation of Ruby for the JVM

JRuby Implements the Ruby Language Atop the JVM

We spoke with JRuby Co-Lead Developer Charles Nutter on JRuby’s journey during the COVID-19 pandemic, the open-source community, and the implementation’s... read more »
Lynn Cadet
10 Up-and-Coming Web Hosts in 2023

10 Up-and-Coming Web Hosts in 2023

As a tech writer, I’m always looking for web hosts to deliver on their promises. It’s easy to be dazzled by impressive marketing claims only to find they don’t live... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Cumulus Global Streamlines IT Operations With Next-Gen Managed Services

Cumulus Global Streamlines IT with Next-Gen Services

Meet Cumulus Global, a cloud solutions agency that works to streamline and simplify your IT infrastructure. With more than 40 years of experience in the... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Timescale Enables Developers to Build and Scale Time-Series Databases Efficiently with a Cost-Effective PostgreSQL Platform

Timescale Enables Developers to Manage and Use Time-Series Data Efficiently

Timescale delivers a well-rounded PostgreSQL platform for efficient database management. The company has incorporated unique functionality and features into... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Christina Lewis