10 Best Women in Tech Podcasts

Best Women In Tech Podcasts

In the past few decades, women in the workforce have faced many challenges solely because of their gender. One significant problem is the gender pay gap, the disparity between what women are paid compared with what their male counterparts receive for the same work. There’s also the notorious glass ceiling, an intangible barrier that prevents women from reaching high-level positions despite their qualifications.

And the tech industry is not immune to these workplace inequities. In 2023, women occupied just 28% of the tech space. The truth is women have made gains in the past couple of decades, jumping from just 9% of women in tech during the early 2000s.

Despite the slow progress, positive changes are happening, and more women are assuming leadership positions and using platforms like podcasts to empower others. So tune in to our list of the 10 best women in tech podcasts and be inspired by the remarkable stories of women in tech as they help shape and revolutionize the landscape for the better.

Best for Cybersecurity: “Click Here” with Dina Temple-Raston

“Click Here” is best for cybersecurity trends and updates.

Cyberattacks like ransomware are the #1 cyber threat, and anyone who uses the internet or technology needs to know how to keep themselves and their data safe. Staying informed about the latest developments and best practices is precisely what “Click Here” with Dina Temple-Raston aims to do.

Dina is a former NPR Investigations correspondent and dedicates much of her time to the “Click Here” podcast, where she not only delves into the complex world of cybersecurity but also unpacks its implications on society, privacy, and digital rights. She speaks with leading experts and researchers who discuss emerging threats and cutting-edge technologies to help provide a balanced view of security within the tech landscape.

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Best for Diversity and Inclusion: “DiverCity” with Julia Streets

DiverCity podcast logo
“DiverCity” is best for talking inclusion in the tech space.

It comes as no surprise that the tech industry isn’t as diverse as it should be, especially in an industry where nearly 62% of tech positions are held by white Americans. “DiverCity,” hosted by Julia Streets, aims to ask the tough questions — such as whether celebrating differences actually makes some individuals feel less comfortable in the workplace — and highlight lesser-known voices within the tech and finance industries.

Julia Streets is a writer, broadcaster, speaker, and leadership consultant specializing in educating and creating equal workplaces. “DiverCity” addresses the issues and focuses on breaking down barriers to create an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute, innovate, and thrive. She interviews and chats with influential leaders and advocates who drive change in diversity and inclusion within finance and technology.

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Best for UX/UI Design: “Design Matters” with Debbie Millman

Design Matters podcast logo
“Design Matters” is best for UX/UI design talk.

Debbie Millman, the host of “Design Matters,” believes that the key to a good website is good design. After all, half of all consumers believe that a website’s design is crucial to a business’s overall brand, and a good chunk of those surveyed would willingly leave a website if it has poor functionality.

Debbie is a writer, educator, artist, curator, and designer who’s been featured in major publications, including New York Magazine. She is President Emeritus of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), one of only five women to hold this position in the past 100 years.

In her podcast, Debbie talks about how UX/UI can be the difference between a frustrating and delightful user journey. She hosts a variety of field experts with leading designers, artists, and other creative minds so listeners can gain top-industry insights into the trends and impact of web design. (And if you’re a music fan, some interviews feature other types of artists — including the Indigo Girls or The White Stripes’ Jack White.)

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Best for Mentorship and Development: “#WomenInTech” with Espree Devora

Women in Tech podcast logo
“Women in Tech” is best for mentorship and development.

For aspiring women in tech, developmental mentorship can be a transformative force. It provides a safe space to discuss challenges and opportunities openly so women in tech can gain valuable insights, build confidence, and successfully navigate their career paths. As host Espree Devora puts it, her goal is for every listener to walk away feeling, “If she can do it, then so can I.”

Named in the Top 30 Women in Tech to Follow by INC Magazine, Espree aims to create a community of solidarity and camaraderie where women in tech can feel empowered and heard. Espree’s journey as a successful tech entrepreneur and advocate for women in the industry allows her to lead dialogues with people from diverse tech backgrounds, including executives, engineers, journalists, designers, founders, and innovators.

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Best for Tech Trends: “Tomorrow’s Tech Today” with Sally Eaves

Tomorrow's Tech Today podcast logo
“Tomorrow’s Tech Today” is best for following tech trends.

The world of technology is constantly evolving. Think back to 2009 when nobody relied on their cellphones to access the internet; today, if your website doesn’t meet mobile standards, your visitors are half as likely to buy your product. So being aware of emerging innovations and trends is crucial to remain competitive and make informed decisions.

That’s where Sally Eaves’ “Tomorrow’s Tech Today” podcast comes in. Sally is the Senior Policy Advisor for the Global Foundation of Cyber Studies & Research, so tech trends are literally in her name. Her podcast is perfect for those who want to stay in the loop about what’s evolving and potentially what’s “next.”

From AI and augmented reality to cybersecurity and blockchain, there’s nothing Sally and her guests don’t cover. Listen to experts, researchers, and other industry insiders as they shed light on the prospective future of technology.

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Best for Tech News: “Pivot” with Kara Swisher

Pivot podcast logo
“Pivot” is best for tech news and updates, with a fun flair.

Wondering what’s going on today in tech that might not make it to the front pages of your favorite newspaper? Staying up-to-date with tech news is crucial because if you blink, you may miss the latest story. Luckily, that’s why “Pivot” exists. Tech journalist Kara Swisher co-hosts this one-stop tech news platform with NYU professor Scott Galloway.

Kara has covered the internet since 1994 when it was in its infancy. She is also the co-founder of Recode, a tech news website focusing on the business of Silicon Valley, the US’ unofficial tech capital. Pivot dives deep into everything tech, business, and politics with unfiltered insights, plenty of banter, and fun predictions that even the best trend-guessers may raise an eyebrow at.

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Best for Interviews: “The Women in Tech Show” with Edaena Salinas

The Women in Tech Show podcast logo
“The Women in Tech Show” has great interviews that focus on each subject’s projects.

Everyone loves a good interview, which is why Edaena Salinas created “The Women in Tech Show.” Edaena is a software engineer with Microsoft and works on frontend applications and back-end development. In 2017, Edaena joined the Knowledge Technologies and Intelligent Experiences (KTX) at Microsoft. This research program focuses on topics Microsoft is most interested in exploring, including productivity and digital assistance.

Originally from Mexico, Edaena’s perseverance to create a mold for herself in the world of tech only shows how well she knows the different journeys engineers can face. But Edaena clearly says this isn’t a show about being a woman in tech; it’s about the projects. This straightforward, interview-style approach highlights each guest’s story — including where they started, their challenges, and what they’re working on today.

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Best for Black Voices: “Deeper Than Tech” with Samantha Bretous

Deeper Than Tech podcast logo
“Deeper Than Tech” podcast is best for hearing Black stories.

Representation and visibility for minorities in the tech landscape have always been limited, but it’s especially true for Black voices. Black employees represent only around 7% of the tech industry, while representation by Latinx is 8%, Asian-Americans is 20%, and white employees constitute 62% of the workforce. “Deeper Than Tech” addresses the need for greater representation, diversity, and inclusion for minorities within the tech field. Each guest brings a unique perspective and experience to enrich the tech landscape.

Samantha Bretous, a software developer, hosts “Deeper Than Tech,” a lively, candid, interview-style podcast that dives into the experience of being a Black woman in tech. The “Deeper Than Tech” Twitter also shares video snippets of Samantha’s interviews, all of which touch on actionable points to create a more equitable and inclusive environment.

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Best for Latinx Voices: “Latinx in Power” with Thaisa Fernandes

Latinx in Power podcast logo
“Latinx in Power” is best for hearing Latinx stories.

Representation and visibility for Latinx professionals in tech have often been limited, so “Latinx in Power” host Thaisa Fernandes fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment through interview-style episodes where she encourages guests to speak candidly about their cultural backgrounds, experiences, and how their identities intersect with their work in tech.

Thaisa is a project manager at Freedonomics and a writer and mentor at PM101. She is also one of the first women to author a book about product management in Brazil, “Product Management As You Have Never Seen Before” (“Gestão de Produtos como você nunca viu”). With an MBA in Business Administration and program management experience at Twitter, Thaisa knows how to empower voices in any environment.

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Best for STEM: “STEM-Talk” with Dawn Kernagis

STEM-Talk podcast logo
“STEM-Talk” is best for all-things STEM.

Everybody knows the four pillars of innovation: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — or STEM. “STEM-Talk” host Dr. Dawn Kernagis dives into everything STEM-related on the podcast which is owned by the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC). Dawn uses the episodes to explore how STEM research and innovations shape various industries, address societal challenges, and drive progress in fields like technology.

Dawn was a research scientist at IHMC and is now an assistant professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. To say that Dawn has been around the block would be an understatement. In 2016, she was selected as one of six crew members to conduct research while living underwater with NASA’s undersea mission, NEEMO 21.

Tune into “STEM-Talk” with Dawn and Ken for an upbeat outlook on everything STEM.

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This list of women in tech is impressive and groundbreaking, and we’re thrilled to see so many faces representing women and minorities in the tech industry. These 10 best women in tech podcasts offer invaluable insights, knowledge, and inspiration whether you’re interested in cybersecurity, inclusion, or UX/UI design. The podcasts featured here also address mentorship and development, tech trends, tech news, success stories, Black voices, Latinx voices, or STEM.