10 Best Development Bloggers in 2023

10 Best Development Bloggers 2023

Web development is an ever-changing field, with new trends, technologies, and libraries constantly emerging. To grow in any area, people have to keep learning and discovering new ways to work smarter and hone their skills. So developers often seek information to stay ahead and evolve with the market.

If you’re a web developer, finding informative blogs with advice, techniques, and news on web development is a great way to stay updated in your field. With web development moving in new directions, you can find a blog with the specific content — from niche programming resources to open-source and web design tips — you need to thrive.

Below, we share the top 10 best development bloggers who can help you keep crushing the coding game. Read on for more information on the profiles and content.

Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel balances both podcasting and blogging content to deliver must-have information on web development and its related topics. With multiple weekly entries, Ben offers a personalized and conversational touch to his articles. It’s as if he were experimenting and solving the problem with the reader.

Ben Nadel Blog
Ben Nadel provides both podcasting and blogging content.

Ben Nadel provides:

  • A weekly podcast called Working Code that covers various topics
  • Advice from a successful (and still learning) developer with 25 years of experience
  • Multiple blog entries a week with a question-and-answer format

Developers can find advice on almost anything in his catalog, from tips on job interviews to details on maintaining white space by using .jSoup and ColdFusion. You’ll find that many of his articles focus on ColdFusion and JavaScript, which are his main niches. Take a look at his blog if you’re looking for dependable deep knowledge and community interaction.


SitePoint is a high-functioning and well-established development blog sharing in-depth articles, courses, and books on various web development topics. Web developers of any background and experience level can leverage SitePoint to learn something new or read up on the latest news on emerging framework updates and platforms.

SitePoint Blog
SitePoint offers a comprehensive online space for everything development.

SitePoint offers:

  • A library of courses, books, and assessments to help developers hone in-demand skills
  • Discussions on the latest trends, such as cloud-native acceleration and Google Analytics 4 launch
  • Forums and newsletters to stay connected with its community

SitePoint regularly updates its blog and dedicates web sections to multiple topics, including AI, WordPress, HTML and CSS, UX design, and Python. Since 1999, SitePoint has been a trusted blog for web professionals, and you can check it out here.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine dives deep into topics, giving readers comprehensive and detailed solutions and explanations on their desired subject matter. Smashing Magazine focuses on the practical and offers in-demand advice on how to solve real-world problems.

Smashing Magazine Blog
Smashing Magazine delivers valuable, in-depth information on various development topics.

Some interesting facts about Smashing Magazine:

  • Receives more than 3 million page views a month
  • Offers a membership that includes community access and discounts on its conferences, workshops, and printed books
  • Includes a job board with web development positions in design, frontend, and WordPress, among other areas.

Developers can look to Smashing Magazine for information on everything from JavaScript and React to responsive design, privacy, and best practices. Check out Smashing Magazine, and maybe you’ll stumble on the answers you need for your next project.

Learn With Jason

Founded by Jason Lengstorf, Learn With Jason follows a unique framework that includes not only blog content but also 90 minutes of live, hands-on learning from experts every Tuesday and Thursday. Developers can leverage Jason’s blog to learn tips on building and growing their careers through various topics.

Learn With Jason Blog
Learn With Jason offers interactive and engaging content on development and career growth.

Learn With Jason includes:

  • Live online sessions where users can learn something new in 90 minutes twice a week
  • In-depth tutorials to help users create more dynamic web apps
  • A Discord community of learners and teachers

Jason also shares his insights and personal experiences from his 20-year career to help users build their careers. Learn With Jason tackles a variety of subjects, and developers who want a more hands-on approach to learning will definitely want to check it out.

Brad Frost

Brad Frost offers an inclusive and personalized space for web professionals to learn more about their subject matter with a few one-off, interesting topics sprinkled throughout his entries. Although Brad primarily focuses on web design practices, he also shares valuable resources and information on web development.

Brad Frost Blog
Brad Frost specializes in web design, offering multiple valuable resources about the subject.

Brad Frost’s blog allows users to leverage:

  • A collection of content on design systems, responsive design, and emerging trends
  • Access to podcasts and an eBook on web design and development
  • Workshops, consulting, training, and collaborations with Brad

Brad also compiles the latest news from the design corner of the web to share with his readers. If you want to check out his funky and helpful blog, check it out here.


Codrops is a hub of web design and development articles, tutorials, and sketches. It is an ideal go-to resource for inspiration, experimentation, and exploration. Unlike some of the other blogs on this list, Codrops specializes in the visual aspect and provides content examples for UI, frontend, and animation design.

Codrops Blog
Codrops is a stunning visual hub of web design materials and properties.

Codrops’ website portfolio:

  • Features a collection of raw designs, demos, and sketches with creative effects
  • Provides a CSS reference with various properties, starting from the basics
  • Includes roundups of creative design pieces for inspiration

If you’re a web designer, Codrops will be an excellent resource to look into whenever you need the latest on web design and want to explore ideas for a refreshed outlook. Readers can check out Codrops’ sleek and simply designed blog for rundowns on various design concepts.

David Walsh

David Walsh offers a fresh, real-world perspective to web development blogging. You’ll find that most of his blog posts feature an easy-to-read and visual layout, allowing readers to digest information easily.

David Walsh Blog
David Walsh offers a practical approach to web development, with step-by-step instructions for multiple tasks.

Through his personal blog, David provides the following:

  • Insights and tips based on his experience as a senior web developer and frontend engineer for Mozilla
  • A collection of blog entries on JavaScript, JQuery, and Node.js, among other topics
  • More than a decade worth of material, including interviews with other successful developers and sneak peeks into the industry

David prioritizes practice and experimentation over theory. So if you’re looking for practical demos, step-by-step instructions, and tips, David Walsh will provide you with some of the best advice in the frontend blogging community.


DZone offers a more academic experience, with topics spanning coding and deployment to software design and architecture. If you’re looking for a more straightforward and structured approach to content, DZone will be an ideal choice.

DZone gives readers a methodical and research-based platform for development blogging content.

Through DZone’s website, users can find:

  • On-demand and live webinars from tech leaders and pioneers
  • A community of more than 2 million developers
  • A research collection of trend reports and guides

DZone has an expansive library of content for users to explore and find articles on almost any subject. Developers can leverage DZone for a comprehensive outlet for dev news, tutorials, research, and virtual events, including fireside chats and roundtables.


Owned by DigitalOcean, CSS-Tricks delivers informative blog posts on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and JavaScript frameworks. CSS-Tricks has a range of topics and content forms, including personal advice, guides, informative articles, and videos.

CSS-Tricks Blog
CSS-Tricks, acquired by DigitalOcean in 2022, provides in-depth insight on various development subjects.

Through its blog, CSS-Tricks provides:

  • A complete almanac of CSS properties and patterns
  • Access to the DigitalOcean community
  • Video screencasts showing a variety of tutorials

CSS-Tricks offers a great and freshly updated place for exploring ideas and solutions for CSS questions and design implementations. Readers who want to check out its blog can do so here.

A List Apart

A List Apart is precisely what its motto says it is: a place for people who make websites. The blog covers everything from design and development to web standards, content, and best practices.

A List Apart Blog
A List Apart offers advice on a range of topics, with a focus on web design and industry practices.

A List Apart offers:

  • Access to a marketplace called A Book Apart for books on web design and development
  • Articles on various topics, including UX, Mobile-First CSS, and JavaScript, among others
  • Has a professional magazine layout with opinion articles that share advice on day-to-day operations and common practices

Although A List Apart no longer frequently updates its online magazine, developers can still find helpful advice and articles on foundational web design and development. Users can check its website here for its books and articles.

Read A Blog to Grow in Your Craft

Blogs are excellent outlets for learning new information specific to your career niche. Knowing that the blog focuses on one niche ensures you won’t have to weed through articles to find useful knowledge and can count on updated, relevant advice. The blog collection we listed above offers a variety of information with different approaches that can fit any learning style. Whichever your choice, I’m sure it will meet your standards.