VPS2Day Offers the Perfect Balance of Price and Reliability

Vps2day Affordable Reliable Vps Hosting

TL; DR: Are you tired of those annoying surprise fees and renewal costs? They are incredibly frustrating, especially when you’ve put in the time and effort to find the perfect web hosting provider, only to be blindsided by unexpected charges. But with VPS2Day, you can enjoy consistently low prices for virtual private servers (VPS) without sacrificing quality or reliability. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we promise it isn’t. That’s why we chatted with Christian Lertes, co-founder of VPS2Day, to gain insights into the company’s approach and philosophy.

Imagine you’re a business owner searching for the perfect hosting solution for your website. Much like Goldilocks in her pursuit of the perfect bed, you come across shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting options — and want to find something that’s just right. But there’s a problem: You need affordable and reliable hosting, and sometimes, finding a web hosting provider that does both can feel like a fairytale.

If you’ve ever felt like Goldilocks, there is good news: VPS2Day is a web hosting provider specializing in VPS hosting. With a primary focus on European users and consumers, VPS2Day offers a cost-effective solution without compromising critical features like security, speed, and storage. It’s an ideal hosting option that perfectly balances cost and value.

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VPS2Day offers affordable yet reliable VPS hosting.

If you’re wondering how VPS2Day does it, it’s all behind the “why.” Co-Founder Christian Lertes explained it best: “Our key points are to provide easy access to VPS hosting and to keep pricing the same for all locations, even if the market changes or energy costs fluctuate.”

When 94% of consumers are loyal to companies that operate with transparency, it’s commendable that VPS2Day talks the talk and prioritizes authenticity over profit. VPS2Day was founded by Christian and co-founder Adam Lakota in 2014 when they recognized a need for personal contacts and datacenters familiar with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

But VPS2Day is much more than a VPS hosting service in Europe: The company is constantly progressing and innovating, with intentions to expand its customer base and provide products everyone can work with.

Why VPS2Day is Just Right

One of the main points that Christian reiterated was that VPS2Day’s primary focus is to provide reliable yet affordable VPS hosting. No matter how the cost of operations changes, VPS2Day prides itself on consistent pricing and reliability.

During our conversation, Christian shared a recent challenge that VPS2Day faced.

“The war in Ukraine is horrible, and it’s also having a lot of consequences in our industry,” Christian said. “But we never raised our pricing due to this. Our focus is to keep this USP and have identical pricing worldwide. It’s something we want to fight for, which we believe is the correct decision.”

VPS2Day also leverages platform modifications, including introducing NVMe storage (up to 10x faster than traditional SSD storage options), to continually enhance performance — all without raising prices.

“Our main priority is to keep the pricing the same for all our locations,” Christian emphasized. “Right now, there are really rough times due to the rising costs around Europe. We’ll see what the future brings — but right now, it’s something we can work with.”

Upcoming Innovations and Expansions to Look Out For

One of the most common questions VPS2Day gets is, “Where are you opening your next datacenter?” The answer almost entirely depends on where customers want them the most.

“If multiple customers are asking for a selected location, then we check out our options,” said Christian. “India, for example, might be one of the largest and interesting markets within the next 10 to 20 years.”

VPS2Day currently has locations in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Romania, Switzerland, Spain, and the US.

Wherever VPS2Day lands next, the company will undoubtedly align its next decision with customer needs and market trends.

With that said, a few more exciting things are in the pipeline for the company: introduce an IPv6-only product, integrate one-click applications, and launch a brand-new product.

Introduction of IPv6-Only Hosting

Since the release of IPv6 in 2012, every other version except for IPv4 has become abandoned or obsolete, or remains unassigned. The reasons vary and include incompatibility, address exhaustion, or a change in industry standards. But it’s clear that IPv6 is the version everybody should get on board with.

Here’s a simple explanation: IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses, which allows for around 4 billion unique addresses. But IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses, which provide an enormous pool of roughly 3.4×10^38 (340 trillion trillion trillion!) unique addresses. In other words, there’s a lot more room on the internet now. Plus, IPv6 performs better, has built-in IPsec support, and is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of the internet.

IPv6 better supports the growth and evolving needs of the internet.

VPS2Day plans to stay on top of consumer needs and demands, even if not everyone has yet switched to IPv6.

“We’re going to launch another IPv6-only product whose price will be even lower than our cheapest product right now,” said Christian. “And eventually, we hope it will get people wondering, ‘Do I really need IPv4 anymore?’”

The goal is to target technically inclined customers, developers, and IT administrators who require IPv6 access and control. The IPv6-only product should be released within the next few weeks.

Integration of One-Click Applications

VPS2Day plans to simplify the deployment process by integrating one-click applications and preconfigured servers into its product line. This includes a VPN application that helps streamline the setup process for customers.

Here’s how it’ll work: When a customer chooses their plan, VPS2Day will handle all the behind-the-scenes provisionings and supply them with a custom QR code. By scanning the QR code, the customer automatically receives the VPN client without having to do any manual configuration.

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Instant provisioning makes switching to VPS2Day a breeze.

VPS2Day also plans to collect customer demands and evaluate the viability and market potential of those requests.

“Say a customer opens a ticket and requests specific server configurations, as an example, then we will review it internally and check if there’s a market for it,” Christian explained. “If there is a market, then we’ll try to make it possible and integrate it into our product line.”

A New Product on the Horizon

While details about the upcoming project remain under wraps, VPS2Day is developing an initiative tailored to a different customer base.

“We’re building something behind the scenes to approach our larger customers,” hinted Christian.

VPS2Day may be recognizing the growing significance of Kubernetes hosting in the coming years.

Kubernetes is a helpful tool that helps organizations efficiently manage and deploy their applications. It handles complicated things like setting up servers, managing network connections, and storing data. With Kubernetes, applications can automatically adjust their size depending on resource demands. It also helps handle complex applications of smaller parts called microservices, which must be developed and managed separately to manage a system properly.

The Demand for Affordable VPS Hosting is Clear

It’s impressive to see how far the small yet mighty company of VPS2Day has come.

Starting from bootstrapped origins with refurbished servers, VPS2Day now has its own dedicated racks across nine datacenters specializing solely in VPS hosting. It also offers four VPS plans that cater to different scaling needs, allowing customers to upgrade and modify their plans once purchased.

VPS2Day provides instant provisioning across 9 locations with 24/7 support.

VPS2day mainly meets the needs of individuals and small businesses looking for providers with lower prices and easy user experience — but upcoming plans may cater to enterprise customers and larger business entities.

“Our main focus is offering VPS plans for individuals and small businesses, and that’s where we would like to stay,” said Christian. “But we are also interested in expanding; for enterprise customers and larger business entities, there are other requirements that we would like to fulfill as well.”

As VPS2Day continues to enhance its services, the team is actively working on new initiatives designed to optimize its user experience and provide even more convenience and flexibility for its diverse base.

There’s no doubt that VPS2Day stands out as a reliable and affordable VPS hosting provider that places customer satisfaction at the forefront. Just as Goldilocks found the perfect fit, you too can discover a VPS provider that is just right — and more. Learn more about VPS2Day.