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Today in Tech

The HostingAdvice team dishes out a daily dose of technology news, product reviews, and profiles of the industry’s movers and shakers. Follow us as we interview executives, engineers, and early adopters of cutting-edge technology.

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10 Best IoT Platforms of 2023

10 Best IoT Platforms of 2023

Keeping a handle on my digital devices can be a lot. My phone connects to my watch, TV, car, and other devices, but...

Boomerang Provides a Suite of Email and Productivity Tools to Improve Digital Wellness and Communication

Boomerang Helps Users Reclaim Their Time with Email and Productivity Tools

Productivity is an essential quality to encourage in the workplace. But productivity can often be confused with...

Iconfactory Celebrates 20 Years of xScope

Iconfactory Celebrates 20 Years of xScope

Good design plays a massive role in the digital experience. It makes applications engaging, the user interface...

Codeword’s Blueprint for Mastering Tech Marketing in The New Consumer-Centric World

Codeword Inspires Innovative Marketing Adaptation for Tech Businesses

Marketing can feel like a game of cat and mouse, where you’re constantly trying to grab consumers’ attention...

Wix Introduces an All-New Conversational AI Chat Experience to Help Users With Website Building

Introducing Wix’s AI Chatbot Companion for Website Building

Websites are crucial for online businesses. But their importance doesn’t make them less tricky to create. Wix...

Unlocking the Full Brightness of Mac Devices with Vivid’s MacOS Application

Vivid Makes Mac Screens Brighter with macOS App

Every Apple product has a maximum brightness capability. Most Mac products don’t exceed their set limit of 500...

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How-To Guides

Our online guides cover beginner to advanced web challenges, including web hosting comparisons, WordPress troubleshooting, programming questions, and other technical conundrums.

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Average Website Bounce Rate (2023 Stats)

The Average Website Bounce Rate and More Stats

Consumers have no shortage of options when surfing the web, and businesses compete fiercely to convert website visitors...

9 Best Hosting for WordPress (Convesio + Alternatives) - Dec. 2023

The Best WordPress Hosting (Convesio + Others)

When it comes to web hosting, WordPress stands out as the undisputed king, powering almost half of websites worldwide....

12 Best Storage Hosting Servers (Dec. 2023)

The Best Storage Hosting in 2023

Long gone are the days when the typical American household had a large attic, basement, and garage. The cost of living...

12 Best Cloud Storage Web Hosting Plans (Dec. 2023)

The 12 Best Cloud Storage Hosting Providers

I remember getting my first iPhone like it was yesterday. I bought the iPhone 4 in 2011, my first year of college. I was...

9 Best Hosting for Affiliate Marketing (Dec. 2023)

9 Best Web Hosts for Affiliate Marketers

A reliable web host is one of the most important things you'll need when venturing into the affiliate marketing...

12 Best Cheap Domain Name Registrars (Dec. 2023) 

12 Best Cheap Domain Registrars

Most people don't pay attention to the cost of registering a domain when they sign up for a web hosting plan. That's...

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Hosting Reviews

Serving up comprehensive reviews of the most popular providers, the HostingAdvice expert review team provides first-hand recommendations for every hosting need — from cheap yet reliable hosts to ultra-powerful dedicated servers.

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Cheap Hosting Reviews

Cheap Hosting Reviews

Save money without sacrificing quality. The top cheap hosting plans feature ample resources, 24/7 support, and affordability.

Dedicated Hosting Reviews

Dedicated Hosting Reviews

For high-traffic projects that need optimum hardware performance, shop dedicated server hosting providers.

VPS Hosting Reviews

VPS Hosting Reviews

Browse our reviews of the top virtual private server providers and access the most scalable, reliable hosting resources.

WordPress Hosting Reviews

WordPress Hosting Reviews

If WordPress is your platform of choice, our assessments of the web's favorite WordPress hosts should be your first stop.

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