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Cloud Hosting vs. cPanel Hosting (2018): 4 Differences & Top Hosts

Deciding Between Cloud & cPanel Hosting? Let Us Help You Make a Choice

Anyone notice how the hosting alphabet seems to skew toward the letter C? Aside from the ever-present considerations of cost, coders make comprehensive calculations of the characteristics and... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 10/15/2018
19 Best Green Web Hosting Companies (2018): WordPress & More

Help Save the Planet With These 19 Eco-Friendly Hosting Companies

Think of how much heat your laptop emits after just a few minutes. Now, imagine the heat pushed out by a server that houses hundreds of websites. That’s a lot, right? Finally, envision that... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 10/2/2018
20+ Largest Web Hosting Companies in 2018: World & US Markets

Track the Largest Web Hosting Companies in the World & US Markets

Countless companies exist to provide the hosting infrastructure to support the roughly 2 billion websites online today — but which one is right for you? Whether you’re looking to grow an... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 9/27/2018
13 Best Node.js Hosting of 2018: Cheap, Cloud & Windows Hosts

13 Expert Picks for Hosting and Scaling Your Node.js Applications

In today’s bustling age of professional and personal demands, it’s not uncommon to ask “How can I do two things at once? What about five?” Applying that idea to web... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 9/14/2018
WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting: 18 Best Hosts & Comparisons

Comparing WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting: Our Top 18 Hosts

You know how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares? The same can be said for web hosting (the rectangles) and WordPress hosting (the squares). Both shapes and services are... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 9/11/2018
12 Best Django Hosting of 2018: Cheap, Cloud, Email & Free Hosts

Django Unchained: Our Top 12 Hosts for the Python Framework

The name Django conjures up several vibrant, intriguing characters that span decades. For instance, there’s the 1966 Spaghetti Western “Django,” about a Union soldier-turned... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 8/30/2018
12 Best Python Hosting Services (2018): Shared & Cloud Web Hosts

Our 12 Top Web Hosting Picks for Productive Python Programming

The Python programming language is as versatile as it is popular. Named after the iconic British sketch comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” which parodies the legend of King... read more »
By: Jennifer Young, 8/24/2018
15 Best Unlimited Web Hosting (2018): Cheap, Free, No-Limit Bandwidth

Our Experts Rank the Best Unlimited Web Hosting Packages

Unlimited web hosting is a bit like your favorite all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. You don’t have to worry about whether that spicy tuna roll will hit the spot — for a small premium in price, you... read more »
By: Christine Preusler, 8/7/2018
How to Unzip a File in Linux/Ubuntu

Linux/Ubuntu Help: Unzip a File

File compression can be accomplished in many different ways on a Linux system. The easiest way to determine which method to use to de-compress your file is to look at the extension. If your... read more »
By: Ryan Frankel, 10/9/2015
How to Change File Ownership & Groups in Linux

How Can I Change File Ownership and Groups in Linux?

File ownership and groups for files are fundamental to the Linux operating system. Every file in Linux is managed by a specific user and a specific group. Figure Out Who Owns the File, Then Use... read more »
By: PJ Fancher, 6/19/2018
PJ Fancher