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13 Benefits of Web Hosting Services — And 9 Drawbacks (2019)

The Pros and Cons of Different Hosting Solutions

When I was getting started on my first website, hosting services were still a bit of a mystery. Cloud hosting didn’t have the same buzz as it does today, and trying to understand virtual... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 2/20/2019
13 Best: Free Domain With Email Hosting (2019) - Cheap & Business

How to Get a Free Domain With Your Email Hosting

Think of meeting someone new, whether in a personal or professional setting. In addition to physical attributes like a smile or an outfit, the all-important handshake goes a long way toward... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 2/11/2019
10 Best CRM Hosting (2019) - Free, Self Hosted & Open Source

How Effective CRM Hosting Can Improve Your Business

You know how infuriating it can be to call customer support and repeat your account information to the five people who route your query to department after department. Why subject your customers... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 2/11/2019
13 Best: Web Hosting With Free SSL Certificate - Top Picks for 2019

Secure Your Site With 2019's Best Hosting for Free SSL

Imagine going to a doctor’s office. It’s a nice place, and the waiting room is fairly crowded. As you’re filling out your forms, though, you realize the office’s letterhead is for Miss Jane Doe... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 2/11/2019
2019's Best Website Builder for Photographers - Our Top 24 Picks

Take a Look at 2019's Best Photography Website Builders

As with all creative professions, an impressive online portfolio is key to showcase your work and build a following. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, website builders are a great way... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 1/22/2019
Web Hosting vs. Website Builders (2019): Differences & Top 20 Picks

Web Hosting vs. Site Builders: Comparing Price, Usability & Speed

Until a handful of years ago, launching a new website required knowing a foreign language or two. You’d upload scores of carefully arranged quotation marks, colons, brackets, and other characters... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 1/28/2019
15 Best Domain Registrars (2019): Reviews by Price, Email & Hosting

15 Top Domain Name Registrars: Who To Trust to Get Your Name

Given the late nights, stress, excitement, and joy a new online venture will bring you, choosing a domain name can feel remarkably similar to naming your first child. You want the moniker to be... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 12/13/2018
23 Best Web Hosting Free Trials — No Credit Card Required (2019)

2018's Best Web Hosting Free Trials Let You Try Before You Buy

Who doesn’t love walking around grocery stores snacking on free samples? Whether you’re meandering through one of those warehouse giants or an upscale, local shop, the small bites... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 12/7/2018
How to Unzip a File in Linux/Ubuntu

Linux/Ubuntu Help: Unzip a File

File compression can be accomplished in many different ways on a Linux system. The easiest way to determine which method to use to de-compress your file is to look at the extension. If your... read more »
By: Ryan Frankel, 10/9/2015
How to Change File Ownership & Groups in Linux

How Can I Change File Ownership and Groups in Linux?

File ownership and groups for files are fundamental to the Linux operating system. Every file in Linux is managed by a specific user and a specific group. Figure Out Who Owns the File, Then Use... read more »
By: PJ Fancher, 6/19/2018
PJ Fancher