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Follow the HostingAdvice crew as we interview stakeholders from the world's most innovative technology companies. Topics range from the rise of AI and machine learning to cloud computing, virtualization, and, of course, web hosting.


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Popular Linux Distros: Which One is for You?

Which Linux Distro is for You?

Once upon a time, Linus Torvalds created a basic operating system akin to some of the Unix systems of the moment and made it generally and freely available. The... read more »
PJ Fancher
HostingCon 2014: Hot Topics, Sessions, and Fun

HostingCon 2014: Hot Topics, Informative Sessions, and FUN »

The team has returned from our trip to HostingCon 2014, and we had a blast! The wealth of information available at HostingCon is overwhelming, and... read more »
Ryan Frankel
5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

5 Popular Text Editors for Linux

Yes, all of you Microsoft and Mac users, text editors are still a big deal in Linux systems! You may think graphical text editors are where it’s at, but in a world... read more »
Toby Sembower
The Team is Heading to HostingCon!

The Team is Heading to HostingCon!

We are very excited to be heading to HostingCon to meet up with all of the like-minded hosting industry folk. The HostingAdvice team will be in sunny Miami... read more »
Ryan Frankel
Christina Lewis