10 Most Trusted Web Hosts of 2024

10 Most Trusted Web Hosts Of 2024

Trust is one of the most important qualities of a web host. Your website and applications depend entirely on your web host’s effectiveness. If a web host doesn’t prove to be reliable, the best move is to move on.

A trusted web host offers attentive customer support, high-performing infrastructure, and reliable uptime and availability. It also provides top security to protect your website and data from vulnerabilities and bad actors. Below, we list our top most trusted web hosting providers, so you can make the right choice for your project or business.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Logo

Liquid Web is known for its superior customer service with 24/7 access to the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®. The quality of its customer support makes it one of the most reliable hosts in the market. Users can expect a 59-second response time and count on its technical support team to help them through all their hosting obstacles and questions.

Customer support isn’t the only area where Liquid Web excels. Its premium hosting services and solutions are built on best-in-class technology and robust infrastructure. Its hassle-free hosting also has a 99.999% uptime guarantee, so you won’t have to worry about your server going down.

More About Liquid Web:

  • Founded in 1997
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.5/5 stars
  • # of Customers: 187,000+


Atlantic.Net Logo

Atlantic.Net takes security and compliance seriously. Leading with only the best practices, Atlantic.Net has obtained various compliance certifications, including SOC 2 and SOC 3, HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI compliance. That’s why it can ensure its users in info-sensitive industries have turnkey compliance and security.

Atlantic.Net’s fully redundant and certified cloud networks provide users with a reliable hosting service to power their most important workloads. It also offers disaster recovery and backup solutions to prepare businesses for worst-case scenarios and protect their data. In 2023, Cyber Defense Magazine recognized Atlantic.Net as the “Best Solution: Cybersecurity Healthcare Practices” in the Global Infosec Awards.

More About Atlantic.Net:


SiteGround Logo

The SiteGround team is on top of things. The hosting company has one of the highest-rated customer support teams in the industry and offers some of the fastest resolution times. Its support squad is multiskilled, eager to help, and is available 24/7 with answers to user questions within minutes. More than 98% of customers say they are satisfied by the end of the call.

Besides its reputable customer service, SiteGround provides super reliable and user-friendly hosting. Users can expect fast page loading speeds, free SSL and daily backups, and easy site management. It also has solid domain and email services.

More About SiteGround:


InterServer Logo

InterServer puts customers first. Its hosting services are backed by 24/7 managed support and built with customer satisfaction in mind. So much so that InterServer regularly experiments with new technologies to ensure users get the best experience for their buck.

Users can trust InterServer to provide high-quality and affordable hosting services. About 70% of its customers have migrated to the host from other competitors. InterServer offers 100% free site migration, zero renewal cost hikes, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

More About InterServer:


Based in Bhopal, India, MainVPS offers a developer-friendly hosting platform with highly performant VPS options. It incorporates strict policies, access controls, and a comprehensive security approach for data protection. Developers can also expect instant setup and lightning-fast servers.

MainVPS logo

Besides VPS packages, MainVPS also provides shared, dedicated, and VPN hosting. All of these plans are highly affordable, with some of the best rates on the market. Here is what one web developer had to say about MainVPS.

“As a web developer, I’ve worked with numerous hosting providers, but MainVPS stands out as one of the best. Their servers are incredibly reliable, ensuring minimal downtime. Performance is consistently excellent, crucial for client websites,” said Shantanu Dubey.

More About MainVPS:


DreamHost logo on a white background

DreamHost is one of the best WordPress hosts in the game. Since its launch, it has helped power more than 750,000 WordPress installations. With this much experience, customers can trust DreamHost to help them create outstanding WordPress-based websites. Its hosting plans include all the essentials and infrastructure tailored to enhance the WordPress experience.

DreamHost also has an award-winning support staff that consists of WordPress experts. Its team is responsive and fast and assists users along their web journey. DreamHost’s open-source platform is secure, affordable, and battle-tested.

More About DreamHost:

  • Founded 1997
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.7/5 stars
  • # of Customers: 400,000+

WP Engine

WP Engine Logo

WP Engine is another WordPress host we couldn’t leave off the list. WP Engine works with brands to help them create robust and presentable websites. Some of its top customers include Yelp, Pandora, Instacart, and AMD. WP Engine offers fast speeds with EverCache and proactive security with DDoS protection, automated updates, and vulnerability scans.

WP Engine should be on your radar if you’re a WordPress user. WP Engine has helped many customers migrate to its fully managed platform, allowing them to leverage higher performance and capabilities. Its expert 24/7 customer support also boasts a 96% customer satisfaction rating.

More About WP Engine:

  • Founded in 2010
  • Trustpilot Score: 4.8/5 stars
  • # of Customers: 1 million+


Rackspace logo on white background

Rackspace is a hub for cloud solutions and adoption. Its platform includes a variety of secure and effective cloud options to help businesses find the right solutions for their operations. Its decades of experience distinguish it from other cloud providers, making it one of the most trusted hosts out there.

Its team has more than 3,000 cloud engineers and 20 years of experience in managed services. Customers can have peace of mind and know they are leaving their hosting infrastructure in capable hands. Rackspace also has cloud-native security solutions with 24/7/365 SOC expertise.

More About Rackspace:


SiteGuarding Logo

SiteGuarding’s primary offerings are website security solutions. But it also provides highly secure web hosting services. It won’t be hard to trust a web hosting provider that specializes in security. With its server packages, users get website protection and malware removal services free.

SiteGuarding’s plans are ideal for security-conscious developers and small business owners. Its packages have all the features and then some. The SiteGuarding team also monitors customer websites with its unique antivirus and monitoring software and offers free consultation with security experts.

More About SiteGuarding:


Hostwinds logo

Hostwinds offers customer-centric web hosting solutions. Owning its infrastructure allows Hostwinds to develop a unique experience that focuses on customer needs. Hostwinds doesn’t have to wait for a middleman to implement new features, fix issues, or pass on savings to customers.

Hostwinds has a fully redundant hosting infrastructure to ensure high uptime and availability. Its team has also future-proofed its platform and is committed to tracking the latest trends so customers can leverage the most relevant and powerful features on the market.

More About Hostwinds:

Get Hosting You Can Trust

Hosting services play a crucial role in the success of a user’s web presence. After all, without hosting, a website can’t be reachable. So before you start thinking about design and webpage layouts, make sure to find a web hosting company you can trust. It will help you get through the following phases with more peace of mind. You may even find an exceptional customer support representative to assist you during your journey.