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Follow the HostingAdvice crew as we interview stakeholders from the world's most innovative technology companies. Topics range from the rise of AI and machine learning to cloud computing, virtualization, and, of course, web hosting.


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Pantheon Chief Product Officer Meredith Brown Shares Her Insight on WordPress, Drupal, and WebOps Trends

Pantheon CPO Meredith Brown Shares Insight on WebOps Trends and More

We spoke with Pantheon Chief Product Officer Meredith Brown on the future of website operations and how WordPress and Drupal are crucial during the emergence... read more »
Lynn Cadet
OVHcloud: Ensuring High Performance and Eco-Friendly Cloud Solutions for Every Need

OVHcloud Delivers High-Performing and Eco-Friendly Cloud Solutions

OVHcloud provides a host of cloud solutions for every need, from hosted private cloud and bare metal servers to public cloud and VPS offerings. Within its... read more »
Lynn Cadet
DataDome Provides AI-Based Bot Protection To Secure and Stabilize Server Loads

DataDome Delivers AI-Based Bot Protection to Block Threats in Real Time

DataDome delivers AI and ML-based bot detection and prevention solutions to help users protect their online operations, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Verpex: Enriching the Global Cloud Hosting Experience With Transparent, Honest Services

Verpex Offers Global Cloud Packages with Everything Straight Out of The Box

Verpex delivers consistent and secure cloud services for a global audience. Users can host their applications and websites from almost anywhere in the world... read more »
Lynn Cadet
HostArmada Offers High-Performing Cloud Solutions and Attentive Support for Hosting Peace of Mind

HostArmada Delivers Cloud Solutions Built for Web Success

HostArmada provides fast, stable, and secure cloud solutions for every type of user, whether experienced or beginner. The hosting company ensures customers... read more »
Lynn Cadet
GLPI Delivers an All-In-One Service Solution to Streamline HelpDesk and IT Assets Management

GLPI Streamlines IT Service Management for Faster and Simpler Results

GLPI is an open-source IT service management solution that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their helpdesk and IT asset tracking. Users receive... read more »
Lynn Cadet
DHTMLX Accelerates JavaScript Development with Cutting-Edge and Secure UI Libraries 

DHTMLX Enables Developers to Cut Time to Market with UI Library

DHTMLX offers a feature-rich JavaScript UI library and solutions collection for developers to leverage for faster deployments. The team also specializes in... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Supermicro Unveils a Portfolio of Server Systems Optimized for Datacenter Workload Performance

Supermicro Redefines Performance with New Portfolio of Server Systems

Supermicro recently released a new server and storage portfolio targeting multiple areas of specialties, including AI applications, HPC, and datacenter... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Mastering Digital Transformation Across Channels Can Secure Customer Loyalty

Teleperformance Drives Customer Experience with AI and ML-based Custom Tools

Teleperformance is the global leader in outsourced customer and citizen experience management and related digital services. The company creates engaging... read more »
Christina Lewis
Cudo Compute Redefines Computing with the World’s First Democratized Cloud Platform

Cudo Compute Deploys a Fairer Cloud Environment for Everyone

Cudo Compute is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that connects users with available compute resources in datacenters around the globe. In an... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Fisherman Leverages Proprietary FAST Technology to Build Small Business Websites Within Minutes 

Fisherman Builds Websites to Hook Customers for Small Businesses

Fisherman offers an alternative to DIY web building tools with a full-service web development platform tailored to small businesses. Business owners with... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Hotjar Acquires PingPong to Enhance UX Research Capabilities and Deliver Better Digital Experiences for Consumers

Hotjar Acquires PingPong to Enhance UX Research Capabilities and Testing

Hotjar recently acquired PingPong to increase its UX research capabilities and add to its mission of helping companies deliver better digital experiences led... read more »
Lynn Cadet
The Rise in cPanel’s Pricing Shakes the Budget Hosting Industry

cPanel Price Hikes Disrupt the Budget Hosting Industry

For more than two decades, web hosting companies have turned to cPanel as their go-to choice for budget hosting plans. The user-friendly, intuitive cPanel... read more »
Christina Lewis
InMotion Hosting Undergoes A Dedicated Server Refresh to Provide Higher Performance and Accessibility for Customers

InMotion Hosting Refreshes Servers to Promote Performance and Accessibility

InMotion Hosting underwent a complete dedicated server refresh, updating its entire line’s server infrastructure to provide higher performance for customers.... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Jumio: An End-to-End ID Verification Platform Offering a Holistic Security Check Experience for Businesses

Jumio Establishes Trust and Security with End-to-End Verification Solutions

Jumio is an industry-leading cybersecurity company that offers users the biometric solutions they need to tackle identity theft across the board. Its KYX... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Payara Launches a Next-Gen Serverless Solution to Simplify Deployment of Jakarta EE Applications on the Cloud

Payara Reimagines Jakarta EE Runtimes with Automated Payara Cloud Platform

Payara offers a serverless solution that simplifies Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE) deployments on the cloud, allowing developers to operate with speed and... read more »
Lynn Cadet
SafeDNS Serves as a First Line of Defense with Cloud-Based Web Filtering Solutions

SafeDNS Offers Cloud-Based Web Filtering Solutions Built with AI and ML

SafeDNS protects businesses and their digital resources from malicious attacks by equipping them with innovative DNS security tools. The company leverages AI... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Odys Global Spotlights the Significance of Due Diligence in Domain Investing

Odys Global Helps Users Find Intrinsic Value in Aged Domains

Odys Global offers domain investors a marketplace of aged domains that helps them build authority in a shorter time frame. Its comprehensive market analysis... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Attention Insight Enables Businesses to Gain Visibility into Landing Page Performance with AI-Powered Attention Heat Maps

Attention Insight Delivers AI-Generated Analytics for Consumer Engagement

Attention Insight delivers an AI-powered platform that helps users optimize landing page and ad design without the research headaches. Its platform makes A/B... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Internxt Offers Secure Cloud Storage Solutions with an Emphasis on User Privacy

Internxt Delivers Secure By Design Cloud Storage with User Privacy Locked In

User privacy has emerged as a more apparent and growing problem for users across the globe in recent years. As more companies look to leverage user... read more »
Lynn Cadet
GoDaddy’s Domain Investing and Education Solutions Set Investors on the Pathway to Success

GoDaddy Offers an Extensive Set of Services for Domain Investing Success

GoDaddy helps domain investors achieve their sales goals with a comprehensive suite of domain investing tools and educational resources. The company plans to... read more »
Lynn Cadet
TemplateMonster Delivers a Design Hub of Creative Assets Built for Development Projects

TemplateMonster Delivers Creative Assets and Services for Development Projects

TemplateMonster is a one-stop shop for website templates, plugins, and graphics. Over the last 20 years, its marketplace has helped more than 5 million... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Supermicro Optimizes On-Premise Server Infrastructure for Companies Undergoing Cloud Reconsideration

Supermicro Customizes On-Prem Deployments for Enterprises

Supermicro delivers optimized server infrastructure customized to business needs. The company helps enterprises that are migrating partially from the public... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Liquid Web Celebrates 25 Years of Commitment to Customer Support and Reliable, Highly Performant Hosting

Liquid Web Simplifies Hosting, Serving as a Trusted Technology Partner for SMBs

Liquid Web serves as a trusted technology partner for SMBs by delivering a simplified, affordable hosting environment paired with stellar customer support.... read more »
Lynn Cadet
LingQ’s Multi-Language Platform Allows Users to Learn New Languages from the Content They Love

LingQ’s Language Software Offers Educational Content Based on User Interests

LingQ offers an extensive library of language-learning content, courses, and tracking tools to help users along their language adoption journey. More than 1... read more »
Lynn Cadet
11/3/2022’s Environmental Impact Officer Leah Goldfarb on Spearheading Greener Hosting Initiatives within the Cloud Industry Hires Environmental Impact Officer to Spearhead Greener Hosting Initiatives recently hired Leah Goldfarb as its Environmental Impact Officer, the first position of its kind in the PaaS industry. Under her guidance, the... read more »
Lynn Cadet
DigitalOcean Acquires Cloudways: Delivering A Whole New Level of Simplicity to SMBs

DigitalOcean Acquires Cloudways to Further Simplify Cloud Hosting for SMBs

DigitalOcean acquires Cloudways to deliver an optimal and tailored hosting experience to SMBs and developers. Many businesses have difficulty handling server... read more »
Lynn Cadet
UltaHost Offers Next-Generation Hosting Solutions Backed By Around-The-Clock Support Services

UltaHost Provides Cost-Effective VPS Solutions and Attentive Support

UltaHost provides users with cost-effective hosting solutions and 24/7 support services to bolster and enhance various online business projects. Accessible... read more »
Lynn Cadet
E2E Networks Recently Launched NVIDIA A100-80 GB Cloud GPUs to Accelerate the Performance of AI/ML Applications

E2E Networks Accelerates App Production with Latest GPU Update

E2E Networks operates one of the largest accelerated cloud computing platforms in India. As an Elite NVIDIA partner, E2E Networks delivers high-capacity... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Ring4 and Taggg Solve Remote Work Pain Points and Improve Collaboration for Operational Efficiency

Ring4 and Taggg Improve Remote Collaboration for Operational Success

Ring4 and Taggg are remote working tools developed to support team communication and collaboration for improved operational efficiency. Ring4 is a simple... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How GoDaddy Corporate Domains Enables Companies to Effectively Manage Their Domain Name Portfolios

GCD Provides Domain Solutions Catered to Company Needs

GoDaddy Corporate Domains streamlines domain portfolio management by deploying a suite of solutions tailored to a company’s needs. GCD provides distinctive... read more »
Lynn Cadet
WP101 Educates Non-Technical Users on How to Design Professional-Looking Websites With In-Depth Learning Courses

WP101 Teaches Users Web Building in Less Than 2 Hours

WP101 teaches WordPress users how to operate the CMS, its plugins, and related third-party builders with in-depth, objective-based courses. Its comprehensive... read more »
Lynn Cadet
CLDY’s C3.Gen Platform Prioritizes Speed, Security, and Stability to Provide Optimal User Experience

CLDY Offers a Customer-Centric Approach to the Cloud User Experience

CLDY makes cloud hosting simple and effective with guaranteed speed, security, and stability. The managed cloud provider developed its C3.Gen platform to... read more »
Lynn Cadet
ZoomInfo’s Intelligence Solutions Enables B2B Teams to Optimize Data-Driven Decisions and Execute Go-To-Market Campaigns

ZoomInfo’s Intelligence Platform Promotes Data-Driven Decisions

ZoomInfo offers a comprehensive suite of products that delivers powerful data intelligence to improve go-to-market strategies and decision-making. Beyond its... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Inturact Empowers SaaS Companies to Strategize Scalable Growth with a Data-Driven and Product-Led Approach

Inturact Partners with SaaS Companies for Scalable Growth

Inturact has more than 16 years of experience helping B2B SaaS companies form scalable growth strategies for long-term success. The marketing/consulting... read more »
Lynn Cadet
InMotion Hosting Sets the Trend for NVMe Drives to Be the Standard in the Hosting Industry

InMotion Hosting Blazes the Path to Standardize NVMe Drives Industry-Wide

InMotion Hosting recently added NVMe storage to most of its hosting plans, which will boost performance power for its users by tenfold. The hosting company... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Empowers Developers to Build Native Applications with a Focus on Built-In Accessibility

Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Enhances the Developer’s Journey

Progress prides itself on streamlining the development life cycle for application creators. Its highly customizable UI components simplify the application... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Expert Round Table: How the Spike in Cloud Services Spending Will Impact the Hosting Industry

How the Spike in Cloud Services Spending Impacts The Rest of the Hosting Industry

With cloud spending forecasted to exceed $480 billion in 2022, it’s hard to fathom an industry that won’t be impacted. “The economic, organizational, and societal... read more »
Alexandra Anderson
Cloudways Partners with Cloudflare to Deliver an Enterprise Solution for Higher-Performing and Secure Hosting

Cloudways Teams up with Cloudflare to Improve Enterprise Security and Performance

Cloudways partnered with Cloudflare to release an enterprise solution that solves security and low-performance pain points for users. Companies can leverage... read more »
Lynn Cadet
How Ubersmith’s Integrated Billing and Ticketing Software Suite Allows for Streamlined Cloud and Hosting Operations

Ubersmith Streamlines Hosting Operations with Optimized Billing and Ticketing Software

Ubersmith provides companies with integrated billing and ticketing software in a comprehensive subscription management platform to streamline their customer... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Christina Lewis