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Follow the HostingAdvice crew as we interview stakeholders from the world's most innovative technology companies. Topics range from the rise of AI and machine learning to cloud computing, virtualization, and, of course, web hosting.


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Timescale Enables Developers to Build and Scale Time-Series Databases Efficiently with a Cost-Effective PostgreSQL Platform

Timescale Enables Developers to Manage and Use Time-Series Data Efficiently

Timescale delivers a well-rounded PostgreSQL platform for efficient database management. The company has incorporated unique functionality and features into... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Nextcloud Delivers Full-Fledged Collaboration Platform With a Promise of Zero Data Leaks

Nextcloud Offers a Privacy-First Collaboration Suite

Nextcloud delivers a complete collaboration solution with an open-source and self-hosted framework. By making its platform self-hosted, Nextcloud allows... read more »
Lynn Cadet
InMotion Expands Operations with New European Datacenter in Amsterdam

InMotion Expands Datacenter Operations to Amsterdam

Web hosting and cloud services provider InMotion recently announced the opening of a new datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The expansion marks a... read more »
Brent Godwin
Goodie Nation Levels the Playing Field for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Goodie Nation Levels the Entrepreneurial Playing Field

Goodie Nation is a nonprofit organization that aims to close the relationship gap between entrepreneurs and networking resources that are out of reach for... read more »
Jordan Sprogis
Iconfactory Delivers Award-Winning App Development and Web Design Services to Boost Productivity and User Experience

Iconfactory Crafts Award-Winning App Development and Web Design

Iconfactory offers undeniable value with its expansive skill set, experience, and holistic web design approach. Boasting more than 25 years of experience,... read more »
Lynn Cadet
ORCA Computing Reimagines Machine Learning Applications with Accessible, Photonic Quantum Computers

ORCA Computing Powers Machine Learning Applications with Quantum Computers

ORCA Computing provides photonic-based quantum computing with an application emphasis on machine learning. Launched in 2019, the company set out to make... read more »
Lynn Cadet
LLHOST INC. Prioritizes Customer Needs for Superior Service and Performant Hosting Solutions

LLHOST INC. Prioritizes Customer Needs and Performance

LLHOST INC. gives customers highly performant virtual private servers and unparalleled customer support. The company focuses on customer service as a pillar... read more »
Christina Lewis
eUKhost: Promoting Sustainability and Customer Care in Web Hosting Services

eUKhost Prioritizes Customer Care in Web Hosting

In the world of website, application, and server hosting, standing out among the competition is challenging. How does a company set itself apart and attract... read more »
Brent Godwin
ZimaBoard’s Low-Cost, Plug-and-Play Servers Allow Users to Localize the Power of the Cloud for Improved Privacy and Flexibility

ZimaBoard Offers the World’s First Hackable Single Board Server

Self-hosting gives users tons of autonomy, flexibility, and customizability. But sometimes, it can be more trouble than it’s worth. ZimaBoard takes the... read more »
Lynn Cadet
CoHost Empowers Brands to Boost Their Podcast Reach & Revenue by Understanding Their Audience

CoHost Helps Companies Grow and Measure Their Podcasts

CoHost Podcasting helps agencies develop branded podcasts using an intuitive dashboard and data-driven insights. The platform allows businesses to evolve... read more »
Christina Lewis
Skiff Creates A Private Yet Usable Next-Generation Workspace for Users

Skiff Creates an End-to-End Encrypted Next-Gen Workspace for Users

Skiff offers a robust and private workspace system with email, calendar, collaboration, and cloud storage. Its end-to-end encrypted software leverages the... read more »
Lynn Cadet
StorPool Storage Delivers Cost-Effective and Efficient Storage Solutions Built for Agility and Speed

StorPool Provides a Fast Storage Platform for Demanding Cloud Workloads

StorPool Storage provides a software-defined data storage platform for medium- and large-sized IT service providers and enterprises. Its distributed storage... read more »
Lynn Cadet
SIOS LifeKeeper Leverages Automation and Multitarget Replication for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

SIOS LifeKeeper Offers High Availability Protection with Automated Failover and Node Replication

SIOS offers a high availability and disaster recovery platform that automates failover and multitarget node replication. Manual DR testing and failover... read more »
Lynn Cadet
StartMail CEO and Co-Founder Robert E.G. Beens Discusses the State of Online Privacy and Offers Tips to Take Back Control

StartMail CEO Robert E.G. Beens Shares Tips on Protecting Online Privacy

We spoke with StartMail CEO and Co-Founder Robert E.G. Beens about online privacy in today’s climate and how users can reassume control over their personal... read more »
Lynn Cadet
MemVerge: Reimagining Memory Technology for Groundbreaking, Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

MemVerge Reimagines Memory Technology for Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

MemVerge delivers cost-effective cloud solutions to help power application workloads. Its magic lies in patented decoupling and big memory technology, which... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Mattermost: A Trusted Hub of Secure Collaboration for Complex Environments and Team Workflows

Mattermost Delivers a Trusted Hub of Collaboration Tools for Technical Teams

Mattermost provides a secure collaboration platform for technical teams to communicate and manage workflows in complex environments. Its open-source... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Namecheap Releases a New Business Site Maker to Join Visual Studio of DIY Branding Solutions

Namecheap Delivers a New Business Site Maker to Simplify Website Building

Namecheap recently released a new Business Site Maker to join its list of visual tools, enabling small businesses to create personalized branding and web... read more »
Lynn Cadet
VPSDime: Delivering Affordable VPS Hosting for Developer Testing and Production Workloads

VPSDime Offers Stable and Reliable VPS Hosting on a Budget

VPSDime delivers budget-friendly VPS hosting packages tailored to developer needs. The team prides itself on the stability and reliability of its offerings,... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Lumen Proactively Defends Websites and Server Performance from DDoS Attacks and Bad Actors

Lumen Leverages AI Visibility to Protect Users From DDoS Attacks

Since 2014, Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs has safeguarded customers by tackling DDoS attacks and beyond. Black Lotus Labs leverages visibility from its global... read more »
Lynn Cadet
Inturact Enhances SaaS User Onboarding in One Month With Optimize

Introducing Optimize: Inturact’s User Onboarding Service

Inturact, a leader in SaaS growth strategies, is releasing its latest user onboarding service, Optimize. This new service will help companies reduce friction... read more »
Christina Lewis
Christina Lewis