Epik Offers a Complete Hosting Service to Build a Business Presence Online

Epik Helps Businesses Establish A Complete Digital Presence

TL; DR: Creating a digital presence can be a pain, especially with all the moving parts involved. There’s domain registration, site building, newsletters, and so on. Epik allows small businesses to find and create everything in one place. The domain registrar and web hosting company offers a full suite of services, features, and a wide range of TLD options to help users set up their brands. We spoke with Epik about its platform, domain services, and unique features for businesses.

The .com domain extension has reigned as king in the web industry for decades. It has amassed high credibility among web users, and business owners run to it to brand their site. When we think of a domain name, .com is usually at the top of our minds.

But the domain market has turned shaky over the last decade, with new TLD extensions emerging. Unfortunately for .com, there are more sharks in the domain ocean. These new arrivals are a welcome addition for businesses that want to modernize their domain strategy.

Website owners no longer need to fish through a limited pool of names and reel in a highly sought-after .com extension to create a credible brand identity. Domain registrars have responded to the shifting demand and risen to the task of providing users with a broader range of TLD options. Epik is one of the registrars.

Epik Logo
Epik provides an end-to-end hosting experience for businesses.

“We have many clients using Country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) like .uk, .us. or .mx to reach local customers, while new TLDs like .design, .florist, .blog, and .store help small businesses tailor their domain to their niche,” said a representative from Epik.

Epik is a domain registrar and web hosting provider that offers a complete suite of features and resources to build and grow sites. It was acquired by Registered Agents Inc. in February 2024. The company now focuses on providing services to help entrepreneurs and businesses create a professional, well-rounded digital presence.

A Seamless, End-to-End Hosting Platform

Epik has created a complete platform that caters to users’ pursuit of a presentable web presence. Its solutions include everything you need to build a web platform, from domain services and server plans to a website builder and email hosting.

“We’re in a unique position to help business owners and entrepreneurs get set up, reach potential customers — and even form their businesses with the state when they’re ready to take that step,” said the Epik representative.

The Epik team’s focus is to help users get online easily and quickly so they don’t have to spend days learning how to set up a website. It has assisted small business owners in creating their first website and served clients in more expansive projects. Its customer service team is well-equipped to support customers throughout their journey.

Epik email webpage
Epik provides top email security and privacy.

“We also offer DNS hosting, web hosting with SSL, email hosting, and intuitive website builders. By bringing all these solutions into one platform, we’re making it easier for people to get their businesses and projects up and running,” said the Epik representative.

Epik even helps businesses secure an LLC. The Epik representative told us domain and business names go hand-in-hand, and it is important for owners to align and claim those names before someone else does, which is something Epik can help them with.

“We’re now owned by Registered Agents Inc., a nationwide registered agent and business services provider. While we focus on the online side of things here at Epik, we understand that compliance and liability protection can be just as crucial,” said the Epik representative. “Together with our parent company, we’re positioned to help customers build their entire business presence.”

Epik Offers Over 600 TLD Options

Users are more accepting of new domain extensions than they were in the past. Instead of opting for .com, many have started using extensions that fit their niche or location, including .io, .ai, .nyc, and .uk. The Epik team likes to remind customers that choosing between .com or other extensions is not an either/or situation. What matters most is their branding.

“We understand how something as simple as a domain extension can play a huge role in a business’ identity. Picking a domain name and deciding which extension to use are key parts of how our customers shape their brands, and we love helping them navigate the process,” said the Epik representative.

Customers can choose from more than 600 TLD options at Epik. The Epik team is always on standby to help them with the registration process and respond to any questions. Finding the right domain name is crucial for any business, and the domain is often the most permanent part of a website. Epik’s vast collection of TLDs will help make that search simpler.

Epik homepage screenshot
Users can discover all kinds of domain names on Epik.

“What’s interesting is that we’re finding that with our small business clientele, .llc is helping them secure some excellent second-level domains that aren’t available in .com — even more so than other business-oriented extensions,” said the Epik representative.

Besides its wide domain database, Epik also prides itself on establishing customer trust. It offers WHOIS privacy free of charge with every domain. The Epik team member told us the company has also streamlined its pricing across the board, so users can pay the same amount and avoid jumps in renewal prices.

“We don’t play the games many other registrars do in offering the first year at a loss — only to jack up renewal prices later. This “no surprises” pricing ensures consistency for newcomers, small business owners, and domainers alike,” said the Epik representative.

Features Galore for Domain Investors and Business Owners

Epik offers a comprehensive suite of features and solutions to help customers achieve their goals on the web and beyond. Many of its features also focus on the domain investing side of the industry.

“We’ve addressed common loopholes in how our aftermarket works to prevent auction gaming — and have introduced a robust Marketplace as well as new functionality in our Name Liquidate platform,” said the Epik representative.

The Epik team seeks to meet the needs of domain enthusiasts. It is currently testing a new escrow system, which helps make its Marketplace a more complete solution for selling domains in the aftermarket. It has partnered with a legal firm to handle domain purchases and place the funds in a lawyer trust account, enforcing transparency through the entire transaction.

“Domain investors will continue to succeed in the market of buying and selling domains, and Epik continues to offer a solid platform, industry-leading low prices, and the tools needed to manage large portfolios,” said the Epik representative.

Of course, businesses and entrepreneurs remain top of mind for the Epik team. Its priority is to provide a full-service platform for this audience to create a successful online presence.

“Businesses need robust tools, of course, but they also need dedicated customer service, tech support, reliable web and email hosting, and all the other puzzle pieces. Our goal is becoming the go-to registrar for this diverse and thriving community of business owners,” said the Epik representative.