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A Primer on Programming — Codecademy Seeks to Nurture the Next Generation of Coders with Free Educational Courses and Resources

Codecademy Seeks to Nurture the Next Generation of Coders

Founded in 2011 with a mission to further computer science education in modern society, Codecademy is an online platform that helps users learn how to program in more... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
How Perforce and Seapine Provide a Complete and Seamless User Experience for Application Lifecycle Management and Version Control

Perforce and Seapine Demo Tools for Engineering Efficiency

With the late-2016 acquisition of application lifecycle management specialists Seapine Software, version control experts Perforce can now offer a comprehensive suite... read more »
Laura Bernheim
By: Laura Bernheim
Co-Founder Alex Vazquez Shares How CodePen's Development Playground Helps Frontend Dev Teams Create, Share, and Debug Code

CodePen Helps Frontend Devs Create, Share, & Debug Code

When CodePen started, the three friends behind it thought their side project wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. Now, the online code editor shows live previews... read more »
Laura Bernheim
By: Laura Bernheim
How the Free Music Archive Uses an Open-Source Model to Showcase Artists and Curate More Than 100,000 Shareable Songs

Free Music Archive: Using Open-Source Models to Curate Shareable Songs

Inspired by Creative Commons and the open-source software movement, the Free Music Archive provides a rich library of songs available for streaming or downloading.... read more »
Laura Bernheim
By: Laura Bernheim
From Software-Based Machines to On-Chip Tech: How AMD Reimagined Virtualization to Help Datacenters Lower Costs and Optimize Efficiency

How AMD Reimagined Virtualization to Cut Costs & Optimize Efficiency

Before 2006, when most people thought of virtualization, software came to mind. Software-based virtual machines had become prevalent in the IT industry because they... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
How Hover Sponsorships Support Inspiring Startups — Helping Developers and Novice Site Owners Kickstart Projects with Simple Domain Registry

Hover Supports Inspiring Ideas & Provides Simple Domain Registry

Hover team members Michael Keshen and Anton Mamine discuss how the domain registration company is empowering startups through sponsorships and monetary support. Laying... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Alexandra Leslie