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How Mozilla Pushes the Limits of Browser Technology — Fostering the Open-Source Community with a Philosophy of Collaboration & Opportunity

How Mozilla Innovates Browser Tech & Fosters an Open Web

Mozilla is best known for their flagship browser technology Firefox, which changed and improved the way people interacted with the Internet. Firefox was created by a... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Dynamic Drive: The Story Behind the Free HTML and JavaScript Code Library and Its 16-Year Impact on the Dev Community

Dynamic Drive Provides Free HTML & JavaScript for Developers

 In 2000, the web was just beginning to grow up. Initially composed of static pages and text-only experiences, it now featured sites containing lively, multimedia... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Inventor and Guardian of the World Wide Web: How Tim Berners-Lee and W3C Set the Standards That Protect Online Information

How Tim Berners-Lee and the W3C Set the Standard for Protecting the Web

How did the World Wide Web, this creation we hardly notice — yet couldn’t live without — come to be? Starting with a software program that helped him track his... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Our Editors' Top Pick: Why Adobe Premiere Elements is the Best Economical Video Editing Program for Sharing Videos Online

Our Top Pick: Why Adobe Premiere Elements is the Best Video Editor

With Premiere Elements, you don’t need to go to Hollywood to become a filmmaker. Adobe packages high-powered features into a novice-friendly, consumer-level video... read more »
Laura Stamey
By: Laura Stamey
Volusion Primes SMB Sites to Convert Sales — How 900+ Features and a Longevity-Focused Team Produce a Comprehensive eCommerce Platform

Volusion Helps SMBs Design & Build Turnkey eCommerce Sites

For more than 15 years, Volusion has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses create effective eCommerce sites, helping merchants attract, convert, and retain... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
How Format™ Empowers Creative-Minded Professionals to Design and Build Beautiful Sites to Complement, Showcase, and Sell Their Work

How Format Empowers Creatives to Build Beautiful Sites

Format provides a platform for creative industry professionals to design and build beautiful websites to showcase and market their work. Artists can choose from a... read more »
Sean Garrity
By: Sean Garrity
Alexandra Leslie