10 Best Freelance Web Designers in 2024

10 Best Freelance Web Designers In 2024

Owning a business can often resemble the responsibility of raising a child. You birth this idea and nurture it over days and nights to grow into a stable and strong entity. In its infancy, you closely monitor it and work tirelessly to ensure all the moving parts are working properly. But just like with any newborn infant, an extra set of hands can be a true blessing.

It may take a village to raise a child. But with a business, an owner’s option is to call freelancers, not their parents. Sorry, mom. One of the top tasks entrepreneurs outsource is their website development. Below, we list the 10 best freelance web designers to help you find the perfect match for that custom website you need for your business.

Aaron Knight

Headshot of Aaron Knight

Aaron Knight bridges the gap between businesses and the web and helps business owners create unique websites built to attract traffic. His specialties lie not only in web design and development but also in SEO and digital marketing, helping businesses build complete digital products. With more than 11 years of experience, Aaron understands what clients need and what it takes to develop successful websites.

Aaron Knight and his team aren’t satisfied until their clients are, which is evident with the team’s web design happiness guarantee. Clients don’t have to pay until they are 100% satisfied with the final product. Aaron builds for multiple platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, and ensures responsive, user-friendly design every time.

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Christian Daniel

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Christian Daniel is committed to helping businesses succeed. Based in New York, Christian has worked with a variety of clients, from startups to major corporations. His end-to-end services provide clients with everything they need to launch an online presence, including web hosting, content strategy, and web design.

As one of The Manifest’s Top 100 Freelance Web Designers, Christian knows how to create winning online masterpieces. His effective strategies, eye-catching designs, and compelling video content set businesses up for success. Working with companies from around the world for 15 years has provided Christian with the expertise and experience needed to work with any style or requirements.

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Amber Design

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Amber Design puts brand identity and client relationships at the heart of web development. The agency starts its design process by sitting with its clients and learning about their business and goals. The team also keeps clients informed throughout the creative journey to ensure they agree with the website’s trajectory.

A one-stop shop for design, Amber Design specializes in all types of digital collateral, including responsive web development, social media, email marketing, and banner ads, and ensures brand identity is woven throughout. With client collaboration and branding at the forefront, Amber Design makes for an excellent design partner.

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Joseph Manning Designs

Headshot of Joseph Manning

Joseph Manning creates fast, intuitive, and responsive website designs. His services help businesses build impactful sites that stand out from competitors, with quick loading times and visually appealing displays. Joseph specializes in different services. So whether you want the complete design process or a sliver, such as logo design, he has you covered.

His website showcases a portfolio of his past works, allowing businesses to determine fit. A master in WordPress and multiple programming frameworks, Joseph can help lead your business in the right digital direction.

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Headshot of Ashmith

Ashmith doubles as a full-time website developer and SEO specialist. Combining these two skills allows him to provide well-rounded digital products for his clients. Ashmith has used his experience to create websites for various businesses across different industries, including restaurants, law offices, and dental schools.

Ashmith got his start on the web in 2000 and has seen the web change. He understands what it takes to own a successful website in today’s age. Ashmith keeps people at the center of his designs and collaborates closely with business owners to capture their vision all while helping clients stay on budget.

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Jeremy Buff

Headshot of Jeremy Buff

Jeremy Buff is a software architect and web designer based in Orlando, Florida. Jeremy focuses on results and partners with clients to create solutions to drive their online presence. His background in business consulting allows clients to receive helpful insights not only during the creative process but beyond.

Jeremy has worked with some notable clients over the years, including food service provider Barilla and a local spot Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Jeremy pays close attention to the details and crafts a finished digital product to help clients distinguish their brands. From online strategy and development to SEO and conversions, Jeremy covers every base for his clients.

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Devin Green

Headshot of Devin Green

Devin Green brings business owners’ visions to life. Devin has been creating websites for more than 19 years, and he pulls inspiration from his clients and turns their concepts into reality. Devin prioritizes branding in the creative process and infuses it throughout development, ensuring clients see their vision in the finished display.

Devin has a varied skill set that encompasses expertise in Adobe, Affinity, and various development frameworks. Whether you need a logo or a complete website, Devin has the skills to design and develop a personalized and custom digital product to meet or exceed your expectations.

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J.A. Web Design

Headshot of Jeffrey Agyepong

J.A. Web Design develops designs that prioritize businesses and end user needs. Jeffrey Agyepong, the man behind the business, has created optimized websites for various small businesses, e-commerce stores, and individuals over the years.

Specializing in fully responsive design, Jeffrey optimizes client websites for performance and search engine rankings. This way, business owners and their customers can be satisfied with the experience. He works with all the latest technologies to ensure websites meet the requirements of today’s web experience.

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Louis Wright

Headshot of Louis Wright

The folks at Louis Wright’s agency understand the importance of branding. This is why they offer a free consultation to their clients right from the start. Louis and his team take time to learn your business and assess your goals to create a digital product worthy of your satisfaction.

Louis Wright has more than seven years in business and has worked on 150-plus projects over that span. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what kind of business you have. Louis has collaborated with international brands and companies of all sizes and walked them through every stage, from design to development to marketing strategy.

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Mohamed Aasik

Headshot of Mohamed Aasik

Mohamed Aasik is one of the top SEO experts in Dubai. But his web expertise also lies in the backend. Mohamed creates engaging and eye-catching websites so clients can build traffic and convert visitors. By handling both sides of the coin, Mohamed provides a comprehensive service that leaves clients with a responsive and search-friendly online experience.

Mohamed takes care of brands and develops diversified SEO strategies to get them on the first page of Google. He also offers social media and content marketing services. If you want to increase brand awareness and build a powerful online presence, Mohamed can help take you there.

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Major corporations and small businesses alike use the power of outsourcing. Hiring a freelancer for your IT duties can help you boost efficiency in time and costs and build a stellar website for your online presence. These top 10 web designers are some of the best in their category and have helped people around the world accomplish their unique business goals. If you need to set up a responsive and eye-catching website, look no further.