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TL; DR: Gaming has become a popular pastime for millions of people. It no longer lives on the sidelines as a niche hobby but has transformed into a mainstream activity for users from all walks of life to unwind, connect, and entertain. With this increased demand, the gaming industry will need ample resources to meet the needs of its growing audience. GGServers is a hosting platform helping gamers find the resources to power their online communities and gaming environments. We spoke with Stefan Ciolcan, Technical Representative at GGServers, about the host’s plans, exceptional customer service, and gaming support.

I wouldn’t call myself an avid gamer, but I have played some top-tier multiplayer games. From Minecraft to Call of Duty, multiplayer games have allowed my friends and I to spend hours together chasing zombies, racing cars, and occasionally screaming at the TV. And we’ve never failed to have a great time.

But in the last decade, the gaming community has shifted. Unlike my gaming adventures, which mostly happen in person, the gaming industry’s shakeup has led to more people moving online to play video games together. Video games themselves have also changed. They have become more demanding, as quality and player slot limits have increased.

As online communities continue to grow more prominent, gamers will need powerful and reliable game server hosting more than ever to sustain their gameplay. GGServers is one host stepping up to the plate to provide users with the gaming support they need to power their environments.

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GGServers delivers a powerful and reliable game server hosting platform.

Founded in 2013, GGServers provides a variety of hosting plans and features to meet the growing demand within the gaming community. It has served more than 1 million users and has 20,000-plus active game servers. Users looking into GGServers don’t have to worry about the reliability of its services, since the hosting company boasts a 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on more than 3,000 reviews.

We spoke with Stefan Ciolcan, Technical Representative at GGServers, to learn more about the game hosting platform and its benefits.

Serving Minecraft Users and Beyond

GGServers founders created the hosting company with two things in mind: affordability and high quality. Since 2013, the team has been providing just that. Its plan has everything a gamer would need to start their hosting journey.

“We have a ton of features on our panels. Our hosting platform is easy to use, user-friendly, and packed with features,” said Stefan.

For years, Minecraft was GGServers’ main game. But the team has expanded its gaming support to serve more users across various gaming environments and answer increasing demand. “About a year and a half ago, we started offering more game servers. We have over 30 game servers, which we can host in over eight locations,” said Stefan.

A screenshot of GGServers website
GGServers supports a wide variety of games with specific plans for each environment.

GGServers has specific hosting plans for each video game, ensuring the provided resources meet the needs of each unique gaming environment. Some of its most popular games include ARK, Valheim, Terraria, Rust, and 7 Days to Die. The GGServers team also listens to customer requests for game support additions.

“If we don’t have a game on the website and there’s a possibility for us to implement that for a customer, they can just ask us, and we’ll implement it right away,” said Stefan.

Every plan has unlimited SSD or NVMe storage, a customizable control panel, mod installers, and database access. Users can also scale easily and host multiple game servers with one account.

Because GGServers started its journey focused on Minecraft, its platform has special features for the video game. It supports both Java and Bedrock Editions and allows users to enter their Minecraft username from its homepage to embark on their hosting journey. It also has a unique crash report functionality for Minecraft security.

Delivering Next-Level Hero Support

Stefan said one of the top reasons people continue with GGServers is its exceptional 24/7 customer support. The team provides live chat and a ticketing system to facilitate its technical support.

“We have very knowledgeable people working here, including myself. I’ve played with game servers for over eight years. So people will always get a professional and fast reply, and any issue with will be solved for them,” said Stefan.

GGServers shows that it is a people-first hosting platform with its support solutions. GGServers promises an average 30-minute response time and helps users with any problem that may arise, from performance hiccups to setup assistance. The game host has also built a Discord community to help connect gamers in their shared passion.

As for other support features, GGServers provides a crash report solution for Minecraft gamers. “We have a crash report scanner feature, which you don’t see with other hosting companies. So if your server has any errors, it will tell the user what the error means and how to solve it,” said Stefan.

GGServers further shows its reliability in its free DDoS protection offering and network stability. Every server includes automated DDoS protection with 20-minute mitigation as downtime prevention. GGServers also guarantees 99.9% uptime.

“We want to make sure that players enjoy their servers whenever they want and that they don’t have any downtime at all, either from DDoS attacks or downtime,” said Stefan.

Meeting the Requirements of Demanding Games

Video games have evolved tremendously over the years, and the evolution isn’t stopping anytime soon. The advancements in computer science have introduced new technologies to the industry and increased the visual and functional capabilities of video games. It’s safe to say today’s games look and operate completely different from those of a decade ago.

This trend will continue as game developers add features such as AI and meet the needs of more users. Video games will be able to do more as they keep the simple user experience they always had. Stefan also shared his thoughts on where he sees the gaming industry going.

“From now on, games are mostly going to be multiplayer. So the video gaming industry is only going to improve and get more and more popular,” said Stefan.

Stefan said games are also starting to get more demanding. So users will need more resources to ensure their gaming experiences run smoothly. GGServers sets out to answer this demand with its hardware.

“Games are getting more and more demanding. And we try to keep up with that by improving and implementing better hardware every year,” said Stefan.