Gladinet’s TrioFox Changes the Game for Remote Teams with VPN-Free File Server Mobilization Solutions

Gladinet Triofox File Server Mobilization

TL; DR: With remote and hybrid work becoming more common, Triofox by Gladinet tackles common issues with file migration by simplifying file sharing securely without needing complex VPNs. This is done with file server mobilization, a process that seamlessly integrates with your existing servers. Franklyn Peart, Co-Founder of Gladinet, explains the main ideas behind the product and how it can simplify some of the many headaches enterprises face today.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, remote and hybrid teams are becoming the norm: An impressive 41% of American employees aren’t working in the office full time anymore. As companies adapt to this shift, file sharing and cloud hosting have taken center stage.

Cloud storage is one of the most popular solutions right now: It’s secure, inexpensive, and easy to use. But even so, one of organizations’ biggest fears about moving to the cloud is misconfiguration. Plus, traditional file-sharing applications like Dropbox aren’t usually enough to support large organizations with sophisticated projects.

Triofox by Gladinet
TrioFox is a solution by Gladinet that offers file server mobilization for easy file access and collaboration.

Not to say these solutions aren’t valuable — because they are. But for enterprises with projects with lots of moving parts and dispersed team members, one outage can cost many work hours.

Gladinet works to solve this problem. Gladinet’s Triofox product simplifies a team’s remote and hybrid file sharing and server mobilization. It offers solutions for file sharing and cloud hosting without requiring VPNs or remote desktops (RDPs).

“We cater to the often overlooked use cases that don’t fit neatly into the more mainstream cloud services,” explained Franklyn Peart, Co-Founder of Gladinet. “Our goal is to accommodate scenarios like multi-user AutoCAD design, on-premises access without VPN-induced latency for 3D rendering, and any other project that fits into what we call file server mobilization.”

Triofox Is a Tailored File Mobilization Solution for Enterprises

Gladinet has two products: Triofox and Centrestack.

Triofox is designed for file server mobilization within individual enterprises, focusing on single-tenancy. On the other hand, Centrestack is tailored for file server mobility with a multitenant approach, explicitly addressing the requirements of service providers.

“Our focus is really to make data as globally accessible as possible,” Franklyn said. “We want to make it easy to collaborate and access all your data, wherever it is, wherever you are as if you’re in the office connecting directly to a file or file server.”

But file mobilization is the unique take on rejecting traditional VPNs and migration practices.

Instead, Triofox is a comprehensive solution, enhancing Windows servers with features including secure remote access, mobile file sharing, data protection, and cloud migration. Its focus on compliance, security, compatibility, and data integrity ensures smooth integration with legacy applications.

Its key features include:

  • Access your file servers remotely without VPNs: Triofox simplifies collaboration by securely connecting to file servers, enhancing mobility and productivity while maintaining data privacy and security.
  • Offline access for servers anywhere: Field technicians or those in low-connectivity areas benefit from Triofox’s remote offline access, ensuring they can work on servers without reliable wifi or internet access.
  • Accelerated remote access with file transfer: Triofox improves remote access, especially for handling large files, such as drawings or designs, stored on on-premises servers not optimized for conventional remote use.
  • Secure sharing via web browser: Ensure secure sharing directly from file servers, bypassing limitations of traditional methods (think email or personal Dropbox accounts). Triofox provides control and avoids manual efforts in file transfers.
  • Secure mobile access sharing: Enable secure mobile access, fostering collaboration among mobile workers such as sales teams or field engineers, ensuring seamless connectivity and productivity.
  • Apple OS and M1 support: Compatible with Apple OS and M1, Triofox allows designers on macOS to access files stored on local servers not typically suited for traditional remote access.
  • Remote file access with Windows 11: Empower remote workers with file access on Windows 11, enhancing productivity and offering effective cloud storage solutions, even if corporate files reside on local servers.
  • Active Directory and SSO support: Ensure smooth authentication by supporting Active Directory and integrating Single Sign-On (SSO) for a cohesive login experience across cloud and on-premise applications.
  • File and object storage support: Boost remote worker productivity by providing access to traditional file servers and modern object storage.

Simply put, Triofox can be useful for enterprises that need a versatile, secure, and efficient solution for remote file access and collaboration without migrating to an entirely new system.

The File Server Mobilization Methodology

Triofox calls its approach file server mobilization, which shouldn’t be confused with file migration.

By cutting out the need for third-party apps or dealing with VPNs and RDPs, it seamlessly integrates with your current file server while preserving vital functions like file mapping, access control, and app usage. So getting what you need is effortless, whether at the office or working from home.

File server migration vs. mobilization
File server mobilization is a more straightforward solution than migration, offering app compatibility without the need to transfer files while prioritizing security and compliance.

“The idea behind file migration is to adapt workloads to a new environment, which could require modifications that don’t align well with services like SharePoint,” Franklyn noted. “For instance, engineering, CAD, data-intensive, and private use cases often aren’t one-size-fits-all.”

Franklyn couldn’t be more correct: Nobody wants to settle for something that meets some of their needs; if the full-sized solution is out there, Gladinet wants to help you find it.

Here’s a glance into how Triofox’s solutions can help.

Compliance and Security

Staying compliant and secure is key to maintaining a solid digital foundation in data management. Triofox provides self-hosted and enterprise file-sharing, letting you retain control over your business data while meeting compliance standards.

Preserving Legacy Applications

Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of your legacy applications, even when better solutions exist. Whether dealing with AutoCAD file locking or hosting an extensive photo library over a slow VPN, Triofox provides solutions to optimize productivity and application performance.

Efficient Handling of Large Data Volumes

Back in the early 2000s, it was expected that large data files would slow down your connection. But today, it’s simply unacceptable. Triofox solves the slow uplink problem, ensuring seamless file access for in-office or remote employees without the complexities of traditional VPN setups. Your team can access any file, anywhere, anytime, without a third-party service.

Empowering Object Storage Users

Triofox understands Amazon S3 is one of the most popular solutions for cloud-based object storage, which is why it empowers enterprises immersed in this service. Whether you’re planning a lift-and-shift migration or craving VPN-less access to S3, Triofox has the answer. You can also use its file server interface to modernize remote access, providing SSO, zero trust standards, offline editing, and caching capabilities.

SharePoint Migration

Microsoft’s SharePoint is great — for small organizations. For enterprises, there are multiple limitations when migrating from their file servers. Triofox solves problems with SharePoint (including its dreaded 400-character URL limit or 300,000 sync limits). Whether you want to overcome these issues, replace SharePoint, or make your file server work like SharePoint, Triofox can do what you need.

SSL, Encryption, and Compliance: The Core of Gladinet’s Security Arsenal

All of Gladinet’s platforms have several protective layers:

While secure connection and data loss prevention are critical for any enterprise, compliance is one of the national and global protection layers you should never compromise on. Proper compliance means meeting legal requirements, data security, privacy laws, and global jurisdiction requirements.

“Small businesses and startups have basic office needs: They may use Office 365, refurbished licenses, and only need a terabyte of storage,” Franklyn said. “But if your operations are more sophisticated and involve tools across multiple sites, you start getting into dicey compliance laws.”

As for what’s next, Gladinet can’t say much — but Franklyn did say they’re always on the lookout for new trends.

“We’re technologists, so we’re always exploring everything current. But I think what we’re doing with Triofox and Centrestack is pretty innovative,” Franklyn said. “You really can have the best of both worlds where you get your file server and your cloud — all personalized to fit your needs.”

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