ClouDNS Delivers Speed, Affordability, and Reliability With Global Anycast DNS Network

Increase Your Site Speed And Uptime With Cloudns

TL; DR: ClouDNS is a DNS hosting platform that provides users with everything they need to power their backup DNS servers and improve the reliability of their websites. Its global Anycast DNS network spans six continents and has more than 50 locations to ensure your visitors reach your website the fastest way possible. ClouDNS recently added new features to its service, including a monitoring service. Below, we cover the ClouDNS platform and its latest updates and enhancements.

A lot goes into ensuring website speed and uptime. Datacenter location, storage devices, hardware upgrades, and load balancing are among the contributing factors. Most of the time, these come prepackaged in a hosting plan with little to no customization. But users who need more reliability can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Say, for example, you own a small eCommerce shop and have already planned out how many hosting resources you need monthly. You choose a managed VPS hosting plan but realize you still have issues with downtime during peak traffic events. Migrating to a larger host would be costly for your budget and leave you with underused resources.

Here is where DNS hosting comes in handy. DNS stands for Domain Name System, which translates IP addresses into domain names. When users search domain names, DNS servers route this traffic to the corresponding IP addresses. But website owners can also purchase secondary DNS services to accelerate the DNS resolution and back up their primary one, resulting in faster page loading speeds and better uptime.

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ClouDNS provides DNS hosting for users looking for secondary DNS servers and affordable solutions.

Founded in 2010, ClouDNS manages hundreds of thousands of customer domains that receive more than 8 billion queries per day. Its platform is the ultimate DNS solution. It offers dynamic DNS, secondary DNS, and Anycast DNS, among other services. With more than a decade of service, customers can trust ClouDNS to provide the uptime, security, and speed they need to host reliable websites.

Below, we cover ClouDNS’s latest features and overall value proposition.

One of the Fastest DNS Services Globally

DNS hosting is a great way to improve website performance and security for users with various use cases. It is also an affordable option. With DNS hosting, you don’t have to upgrade to a lofty plan for an extra speed boost. Staying on budget is actually quite easy.

ClouDNS offers free and premium DNS services, with premium plans starting below $5. Its free plan can handle up to 500,000 DNS queries per month, covers 50 records, and includes 24/7 customer support. Its premium packages can answer anywhere from 5 million to unlimited DNS queries per month. ClouDNS also only offers its Anycast DNS network with its premium plans.

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ClouDNS can help you boost your site’s uptime and speed with quick DNS routing and resolutions.

ClouDNS’s Anycast DNS network is the engine behind its most powerful routing technique. It leverages multiple server locations to receive queries and points visitors to the nearest DNS server for faster response times. So instead of visitors clogging up a single route, ClouDNS can use servers in different geographical locations to give users the shortest path to the same destination.

Over the years, ClouDNS has expanded its Points of Presence. “We currently have 50 PoPs and are proud to offer one of the fastest DNS services globally. Third-party network monitoring companies have acknowledged our top speed, ranking us as one of the fastest DNS providers worldwide,” said Vasilena Markova, Digital Marketing Specialist at ClouDNS.

Users will have some of the fastest DNS resolution times with ClouDNS. Since its plans cover many queries, customers won’t have to worry about availability. Whether you have a small business or a more extensive follower list, ClouDNS can help you better handle your traffic.

New Tools for Managing DNS and Email Security

ClouDNS recently onboarded some new features to its platform, ranging from security features to lookup capabilities. These features will help streamline the DNS process, assist users with analytics, and secure their digital assets.

“Our suite of tools has grown significantly to aid our customers in managing their DNS and email security effortlessly,” said Vasilena.

One of its main updates is a brand-new monitoring service. It performs various check types, including ICMP Ping, Web, TCP, UDP, and DNS. Users can leverage this new service to track traffic, analyze query logs, and spot issues. Instant notifications make managing the server easier and ensure on-time maintenance.

Its DNS tool is another highlight of the update. “Our latest DNS tool allows users to check DNS records for a specific host, assess DNS query speed, and perform a comprehensive audit — all designed to streamline the user experience, and it’s entirely free,” said Vasilena.

Below are other improvements from the update, including new email security tools:

  • SPF Record Generator: Enhance email deliverability and prevent domain spoofing with our free SPF record generator, ensuring robust email security.
  • DMARC Record Generator: Simplify DMARC record generation to fortify email security, preventing spam, spoofing, and phishing attempts — another free offering.
  • NSlookup Tool: Empowers users to query DNS servers effortlessly, catering to a wide range of operating systems and technical proficiency levels, and it’s also free.

ClouDNS continues to improve its platform to help users with security, speed, and uptime in multiple domains.

ClouDNS Improves Speed and Uptime

Page loading speeds are crucial in setting an excellent first impression in today’s web landscape. Competition is tough, and so many other websites can sway your clients away from your products or services. But having a fast response time can help reduce your bounce rate and keep visitors on your site.

ClouDNS allows website owners to provide great user experience, starting from the first click. Whether you choose their dynamic DNS or secondary DNS service, you’ll be in good hands. Its secondary DNS service directs traffic to two providers, improving uptime, speed, and reliability. It also helps in the event of server failure, acting as a backup DNS server.

Another highlight is that its premium plans come prepackaged with everything users need. They provide secondary DNS, failover, dynamic DNS, its specialized Anycast DNS network, and reverse DNS, among other features.

“We’re committed to continuously improving our network and services to ensure our clients receive the best possible experience,” said Vasilena.