InfinityFree Delivers Completely Free Web Hosting With No Ads on Your Site

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TL; DR: InfinityFree is an independent free hosting service that provides users with ample resources to kick off their online projects. Unlike other free hosts, InfinityFree doesn’t run ads on user websites and includes everything you need to start your web hosting journey. With over 10 years of service under its belt, InfinityFree serves more than 500,000 users and continues to set the standard for free hosting. We spoke with Hans A., Owner of InfinityFree, about the hosting platform and its new feature.

Free things typically fill my heart with joy. Coming across a free deal often feels like having treasure fall on my lap. But once that feeling of joy subsides, it is often followed by a bit of hesitation and suspicion. I think to myself: Is this deal too good to be true? Or is there a trap door waiting for me?

Free may not be a good thing in every situation. But with a little vetting and fine-print reading, you can determine something’s actual value and whether it’s worth moving forward with it. In web hosting, the case is the same. Researching free hosts can help you decide whether they will be a good fit and not a scam.

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InfinityFree provides forever-free web hosting with no gimmicks.

Although you may have to sift through some bad apples, you can definitely find a good free hosting option out of the bunch. Free doesn’t have to come with a bad rap. And InfinityFree is an excellent example of this in the web hosting industry.

InfinityFree serves more than 400,000 users worldwide and has one of the best free hosting platforms on the market. The hosting provider has built a stellar reputation over the last 10 years and ensures good performance without major sacrifices.

Users can head over to InfinityFree and get free forever web hosting without any gimmicks — just a hosting plan with no ads on your site. InfinityFree promises no hidden fees and doesn’t require a credit card to get started.

InfinityFree Provides Hosting for 400,000 Users and Counting

InfinityFree began its journey 10 years ago and has remained an independent free hosting initiative since. According to its website, the hosting provider is on a mission to fight the stereotypes of free hosting, and its platform shows how it’s doing that. Its tenure proves users trust its platform to deliver reliable free hosting services.

Today, InfinityFree has more than 400,000 users and offers the fastest free hosting in the world. The many features InfinityFree offers as a free web hosting service is a major feat. Its free hosting plans provide users with unlimited bandwidth, SSL certificates, DNS services, and 400 MySQL databases, among other features.

This number of features is uncommon for free hosting, showing that InfinityFree is mainly in a league of its own. But what has helped InfinityFree stay on top for so long is its cost strategy.

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InfinityFree doesn’t require ads on user websites.

“We make sure that costs are kept very low. With every decision we make for our product, we always think about how we can do it in a sustainable way,” said Hans A., Owner of InfinityFree.

One of these conscious decisions includes opting out of cPanel. InfinityFree created a custom-built hosting platform designed to store as many accounts as possible while keeping them fast and reliable. The team also provides premium plans for a small monthly fee and runs ads on its control panel to compensate for the costs.

“We have some revenue from paid hosting upgrades but also from ads. We run ads on our own website and control panel and do not even run ads on our users’ websites. And that’s enough to cover the costs to be able to run a free hosting,” said Hans.

Free Hosting With No Strings Attached

It can be difficult to commit when it comes to web hosting. Plan contracts are long and can come with hefty prices. If you’re a beginner or unsure about your online venture, committing to a contract without a definitive long-term plan ahead can feel even more binding. This is where free hosting comes in handy.

InfinityFree offers free hosting with no strings attached, which means no credit card required or hidden fees. Users who want to give hosting a go or need it for a short-term project can find great value in free hosting.

“We get a lot of students. We also get hobbyists, people just looking to play around with code and don’t want any ongoing financial commitment,” said Hans.

A screenshot of InfinityFree homepage
InfinityFree offers various features and also hosts WordPress for free.

InfinityFree is a great fit for several use cases. Whether you’re building a website for a school project or you’re a coding enthusiast tinkering with a new codebase, InfinityFree can help you get the right resources to make your ideas a reality. Hans said free hosting can also be an excellent launching pad for small businesses.

“For small businesses, paying $5, $10, or $20 a month can be a lot. So being able to get started with your business, setting up the platform, and then getting your first customers without having to invest a ton of money already is a really big win,” said Hans.

Community Forums and New Releases

InfinityFree may not have 24/7 customer support, but it does have an active community forum and knowledge base to help users along their hosting journey. Hans said InfinityFree’s community forum is the platform’s main form of communication and gets updated daily with dozens of new topics.

“It’s both a place where people can ask their questions, and they can also help others. But also, users can look at the questions that other people have asked in the past so they can get an answer without having to wait beforehand,” said Hans.

InfinityFree’s knowledge base is also extensive, helping users solve issues that may arise. Hans said he often visits the community forum to gauge customer experience and expectations. Recently, InfinityFree came out with a new solution to improve user experience.

“Before this feature, if you brought your own domain name, you always had to change the nameserver beforehand. With this feature, it’s now possible to verify your domains with CNAME records, which is a great opportunity for our users,” said Hans.

This feature will allow users to change name servers within InfinityFree’s control panel, making the process smoother for users. “It’s a tiny change that will remove some barriers for people to be able to host their websites with us,” said Hans.