10 Best Influencer Management Platforms in 2023

10 Best Influencer Management Platforms

Influencers have taken the world of marketing by storm. So much so that the industry has focused an entire category on them — influencer marketing. As a former PR intern, I understand the importance of forming solid relationships with influencers across social platforms, whether Instagram or TikTok. By establishing connections with credible influencers, businesses can expose their brand to thousands of potential customers and strengthen their reputation in the eyes of the public.

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It cannot be understated that social media have significantly impacted today’s marketing initiatives. According to DataReportal, the average user spends 2.5 hours a day on social media, which explains why companies seek out customers on these channels. Social media users are constantly exposed to new products, restaurants, or services to try. Influencers play a massive role in that by reviewing products, swaying opinions with authentic reactions, and helping users skip the trial-and-error phase.

Thankfully, many influencer marketing platforms exist, if you’re a business owner looking for a way to find or nurture influencer relationships. Below, we discuss ten of the top software providers for managing influencer campaigns and boosting ROI.

Recently acquired by social media giant Sprout Social, Tagger is an all-in-one platform for influencer marketing and social intelligence. Tagger helps marketers find the right influencers for their brands, curate brand ambassadors, and plan campaigns. On the other hand, it also allows content creators to access its Creator Portal so they can connect with their favorite brands.

Tagger Logo
Tagger provides services for marketers and creators to reach out and connect.

Trusted by top brands, including Porsche and Paramount, Tagger offers the tools and capabilities to execute every stage of the marketing process. Create campaigns, target the best influencers, and analyze social content for the best results with Tagger.

More about Tagger:

  • Enables content creators to collaborate with brands and sign contracts
  • Offers 24/7 support with a dedicated success manager and team training
  • Available in more than 11 languages

GRIN markets itself as more than influencer marketing software, and it’s right. It takes influencer marketing to the next level, helping businesses nurture authentic relationships with content creators and boost ROI. Users can recruit creators, email and provide affiliate codes, track posts, analyze results, and repurpose influencer content all from within its platform.

Users can complete various tasks with GRIN, including creator recruitment and email communication.

GRIN helps businesses create landing pages to collect influencer applications and performs social listening to monitor brand mentions from other content creators. GRIN also allows marketers to track influencer content across social media platforms and download them to reuse in email campaigns or paid advertising.

More about GRIN:

  • Tracks and attributes sales, revenue, costs, and ROI
  • Send notifications when influencer posts go live
  • Provides a discovery suite for building rosters

Captiv8 puts data at the forefront with its end-to-end influencer marketing platform. Businesses using Captiv8 can discover vital data insights to create informed and successful branded content. The company prides itself on its award-winning services that have helped businesses find revenue-driving influencers, scale campaigns, and track ROI in real time.

Captiv8 Logo
If you want to make data-driven decisions, Captiv8 is the right tool for you.

Captiv8 works with more than 400 enterprises and SMBs worldwide, including Walmart and Edelman. It has also been ranked as an enterprise leader in influencer marketing by G2 and Forrester. If you want to make data-driven decisions, Captiv8 will help you accomplish your goals.

More about Captiv8:

  • Uses an AI social engine and LiveRamp’s matching technology to partner companies with natural brand advocates
  • Access to predictive analytics, first-party creator data, and open API
  • Provides reports and insights on campaign impact on ROI

Founded in 2013, Upfluence has helped many businesses accomplish and exceed their sales and social marketing goals. Upfluence not only enables companies to find influencers but also discover creators that complement their brands. Its data-rich influencer profiles allow users to measure, optimize, and repeat their campaigns for outstanding results.

Upfluence Logo
Upfluence has the experience to help users accomplish their influencer marketing goals.

Upfluence provides users with easy-to-use dashboards to track influencer impact, see campaign results, and track payments and hires. Teams can also integrate their marketing stack with the platform for a more seamless experience. Upfluence’s hub of influencer marketing tools allows users to soar above their goals and create results that matter.

More about Upfluence:

  • Provides a customized workflow tool to manage influencer campaigns and track movement
  • Creates unique and custom promotional codes for affiliates
  • Allows users to gift or pay influencers and affiliates in one click

Millions of influencer profiles exist online, and Modash may have all of them on its platform. Modash specializes in influencer discovery and offers a directory of more than 250 million creator profiles for users to explore. With this many options, users will never worry about settling with their campaigns.

Modash Logo
Modash has compiled a vast list of influencer profiles that it continues to update.

Modash makes it easy to find the right influencer match with advanced filtering. Users can leverage both influencer and audience filters to ensure their choice meets their audience needs. Powerful filters include engagement rates, follower count, audience location, fake follower rate, and age. Users can also see influencer content and assess performance before partnering with a creator, all from within the Modash. Sign up for a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

More about Modash:

  • Find audience demographics of every influencer profile
  • Offers API for users to plug into their custom workflows
  • Monitors marketing campaigns, captures posts, and provides insights

SocialLadder allows companies to manage brand ambassadors, influencers, affiliates, and employees all from one place. Its solution simplifies brand management by helping teams create campaigns and track the performance of their creators in a streamlined platform.

SocialLadder Logo
SocialLadder is a one-stop shop for managing all your brand relationships.

SocialLadder is a complete management tool, allowing users to consolidate and create a seamless workflow for their influencer communications and operations. It has also helped companies, including goPuff, save money and reduce their paid media expenses by giving them a low-cost, scalable acquisition channel in influencer marketing.

More about SocialLadder:

  • Allows users to chat with creators, assign bulk tasks, automate rewards
  • Generate real-time analytics, interactive leaderboards, and customizable reports
  • Helps teams scale influencer programs with creator search

With Influencity, users can create robust influencer marketing strategies based on data insights and relevant performance metrics. Its all-in-one platform allows businesses to build informed campaign workflows, manage influencer relationships, and track results for a complete and streamlined process.

Influencity Logo
Influencity helps point businesses in the right direction with suitable influencers and increased ROI.

Brands that want to increase engagement and conversions can leverage Influencity to find ideal influencer partners, optimize campaign performance, and increase ROI. Influencity has it all to help companies form much-needed influencer relationships and boost their engagement with audiences.

More about Influencity:

  • Build influencer databases with updated information, historical data, and curated lists
  • Filter content creators based on campaign needs and audience niche
  • Manage any type of campaign, including product seeding, paid promotion, events

CreatorIQ gives users the intelligence to make informed decisions on their creator relationships and marketing campaigns. Its cloud platform unlocks the power of creator content and the value companies can gain from prioritizing it over brand content. Teams can use CreatorIQ to discover new influencers, scale successful strategies, and optimize performance based on data.

CreatorIQ Logo
CreatorIQ offers a robust cloud platform for finding the best creator content and value.

CreatorIQ helps companies scale at every stage of their marketing campaign. With its data collection, users can choose influencers that fit their brand and leverage historical data to amplify their campaigns in the future. Teams can find everything they need to know about influencer marketing at CreatorIQ.

More about CreatorIQ:

  • Cloud capabilities allow users to scale without worry
  • Monitor creator communities to uncover new opportunities
  • Provides advanced data science and customizable metrics

Brandwatch is a one-stop shop for managing all of your social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. It doesn’t leave anything behind and helps users keep up with the fast-moving world of social media. With its platform, companies can conduct relevant research, monitor their brand, and manage influencer relationships.

Brandwatch Logo
Brandwatch allows companies to vet influencers and build relationships in one place.

With Brandwatch, businesses can vet content creators, build rosters, and foster relationships by leveraging filtering, storing contracts, and monitoring correspondence. Brandwatch users can also generate sales materials, track deliverables, and create reports within its Influence dashboard.

More about Brandwatch:

  • Provides a holistic view of influencer activity, including posts and stories
  • Has a pool of 30 million-plus global influencers
  • Customizes influencer onboarding and offers automated email tracking

If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right influencers, Click Analytic is the platform for you. Click Analytic specializes in creator profile discovery and has accumulated more than 250 million profiles with in-depth analysis on each subject. Businesses can ensure the best campaign results by searching, vetting, and tracking influencers according to their needs.

Click Analytic Logo
Click Analytic is your spot for finding influencers to match your brand culture.

More than 3,000 marketers have used Click Analytic to find the perfect candidates for their influencer roster. Users can discover new influencers in seconds and leave behind the guesswork and long hours of manually searching for the right content creators.

More about Click Analytic:

  • Build lists within its platform and gather influencer emails into one place
  • Automatically exports Instagram content for performance monitoring
  • Scans brand audience for creators and ambassadors

Engage Your Audience With These Platforms

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies companies can leverage to create authentic content that resonates with customers. Influencers allow businesses to reach a wider audience and display their products in a positive light. The platforms we listed above can enable teams to jump-start their influencer marketing journey by helping them find content creators who fit their brand ideals, nurture their relationships, and amplify their social media success and conversions.