BionicWP Takes WordPress Sites a Step Further with Personalized, Customer-Centered Services

Bionicwp Wordpress Tailored Customer Centric Services

TL; DR: Tired of theme updates, plugin updates, and manual backups? Does the slow page loading, constant uploading of blog posts, and = image updates make you want to hit snooze? If you’d rather spend time connecting with your customers, you need a managed WordPress hosting provider. BionicWP helps you say goodbye to the nitty-gritty of site management. Founder and CEO Michael Borgelt shared the vision of making each customer feel like the priority in BionicWP’s managed+ WordPress hosting.

You know what I love about all-inclusive vacations? I pay once, and everything is handled for the rest of the trip. If I want to eat at a five-star restaurant three times a day, it’s covered. If I want to go on an excursion, all I have to do is show up. If I’m too busy falling asleep poolside, somebody will ensure my room is clean when I return. And if something unexpected happens — like an injury or cancellation — my insurance will see to it I’m taken care of.

Managed hosting providers are a lot like all-inclusive vacations. Whether you’re running an online business or creating compelling content, they handle the complexities of server management, security, and performance optimization throughout the life of your plan. It’s basically the digital equivalent of a freshly made king-sized bed after spending a long day in the sun.

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BionicWP is a fully managed WordPress hosting solution that prioritizes speed, security, and support without the hefty price tag.

BionicWP aims to provide that type of service, too. And Michael Borgelt, Founder and CEO, says the reason is simple: “I come from the agency world, so I’m trying to take that agency-level service to the hosting world.”

BionicWP allows you to tailor your WordPress site while taking care of every aspect you don’t want to. This means you can say goodbye to speed monitoring, security threats, frequent backups, and even managing your content because BionicWP does all that and more.

An Agency Approach in the Hosting World

BionicWP is a full-service managed WordPress provider that takes what Michael describes as an “agency approach” that integrates the high-level customer service typically offered by agencies into the hosting industry.

Agencies usually only have a handful of clients at a time, which is typically why their service is so customized and centered around each client. But hosting platforms can have thousands of customers, so providing that one-on-one, personalized service is more challenging.

Michael says most BionicWP’s clients come for the speed but stay for the service. “I truly believe agencies try to provide a high level of service, and that’s how we’ve tried to position it to our customers,” he explains.

BionicWP speed optimization before and after
See how fast BionicWP can make your site for yourself.

I can attest to this. I decided to test BionicWP’s chat responsiveness and sent a simple question. A human agent responded within a couple of minutes without pressing me to try their services. It was simple and straightforward, just the way I like it.

There’s no doubt its biggest draw is speed improvement.

“Have you ever seen that clown in the circus spinning all those plates at once, and eventually he starts dropping them? With that in mind, we just spin one plate and focus on that,” Michael says.

In fact, BionicWP promises to give you $100 if it can’t make your site faster. It also has numerous testimonials praising the change in speeds with proof it’s made sites go from 2.6-second load times to 0.6 seconds and page speed scores from 73 to 100.

“I come from the agency world, so I’m trying to take that agency-level service to the hosting world.” — Michael Borgelt, Founder and CEO of BionicWP

But what I particularly like about BionicWP is its customized resources depending on the type of customer. For example, BionicWP may offer different solutions to a small eCommerce site versus a larger-scale agency that needs to manage several websites simultaneously — such as learning how to land your first client.

“We have special notes on certain agency accounts that say what they prefer, like if they don’t like lazy loading,” Michael explains. “We try to position it as, ‘Hey, come get great speed for your GT metrics, scores, or your Google page insights.’ But really, the thing that people end up loving is the support that we provide.”

Uncovering BionicWP’s White-Glove Service

WordPress may be the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), but that doesn’t mean you can use it blindly.

“I think we’ve seen WordPress become more modular. Before, it was just one solution where you had to add many plugins to customize it completely, but now, you can customize any block or type of creation,” Michael says.

But that level of customization can get overwhelming. It can require a certain level of technical knowledge. You may not even know if your preference affects your site negatively. For example, front-page graphics are appealing but slow your site down, too.

That’s where solutions like BionicWP step in. There’s a long list of what the company offers, so let’s cut to the chase and break each feature down:

  • Manual site management: BionicWP seamlessly keeps themes and plugins manually up-to-date, meaning its team will ensure the updates are compatible with your website’s configuration so it won’t cause any conflicts.
  • Speed optimization: BionicWP monitors your site’s speed every five minutes. If it drops below its threshold (mobile: 80, desktop: 90), it raises the alarm and will be fixed immediately.
  • Security: Get daily malware scans by two different software to ensure accuracy and safety. And if something goes wrong, BionicWP will fix it at no charge.
  • One-click login: Password management made easy. Never worry about remembering passwords again with one-click logins for your clients.
  • Activity logs: Activity logs allow website owners or administrators to have a comprehensive record of actions and changes taking place on their sites, essential to troubleshooting and security monitoring.
  • On-demand resources: Dynamically scale the amount of RAM and PHP workers allocated to their website, ensuring that your site’s performance is not limited or restricted by fixed resource allocations.
  • Backups: Never worry about data loss. Get hourly and daily backups kept in the cloud on two different solutions for ensured security and easy accessibility no matter what happens.
  • Unlimited edits: Get unlimited revisions for one flat fee. Yes, really: BionicWP will do everything content-related, from adding blog posts to updating images and everything in between.

Now, into the nitty-gritty. BionicWP is NGINX-exclusive, and at the core of its server architecture is MariaDB, a powerhouse in database management known for robust performance and capability with MySQL. BionicWP also boasts cutting-edge AMD EPYC CPUs for processing capabilities and NVMe SSDs for lightning-fast data transfer.

“We built our solutions to be containerized, so every site gets its resources and is built to be scalable. So if a site needs a burst of 60 PHP workers, it gets it,” Michael says. “At the end of the day, we’re just trying to accommodate those bandwidth bursts with scalable solutions on the backend.”

What’s Next for BionicWP?

BionicWP has a few plans up its sleeve.

Set for release in Q1 2024, the platform is gearing up to unveil an all-encompassing white-label feature. This new addition empowers clients to deliver services under their unique brand name, spanning hosting, support, marketing, design, and development. It’ll be a game changer for agencies looking to streamline their operations so they can focus on servicing their clients.

“White labeling helps companies grow because it builds credibility with their client base if all these solutions are under their domain, brand, and site,” Michael says.

Even if your clients have to contact support, they’ll do it at your domain, but the tickets will be sent to BionicWP’s support team.

“I don’t know anyone else supporting and hosting under an agency’s brand either,” he adds.

With the white-label service launch, BionicWP is rolling out an update to its existing affiliate program. Currently, affiliates opt for monthly payments within a monthly container, but Michael shares plans to enhance flexibility by introducing quarterly payments.

If you want to try BionicWP as your managed WordPress hosting provider, you can choose from its Lite, Speed & Secure, or Secure plans.

After signing up, BionicWP will help you launch a new site or migrate your existing site over for free and immediately begin optimizing and securing. Plans start from around $12 to $26/month, ranging from various features, including daily backups, managed updates, malware scans, and speed monitoring.

“We’re trying to build and create something that’s not already in the market,” Michael notes. “Providing agency-level support within the hosting industry is what we want to do best.”