ReliableSite Offers Bare-Metal Servers with Top-Tier Security and Speed for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Reliablesite Bare Metal Servers Smbs

TL; DR: To quote one of my favorite movies, ReliableSite is not like a regular hosting provider — it’s a cool hosting provider. We talked with Radic Davydov, CEO and Founder, who told us how ReliableSite stands out among other dedicated hosting providers with top-tier security, bare-metal servers, and competitive prices. Even better, ReliableSite is almost entirely in-house, crafting its hardware and securing everything from the ground up.

I don’t know about you, but when my browser takes more than a second to load a webpage, I’m already contemplating hitting the ‘X’ button. Call it impatience or instant satisfaction — or, as I’d put it, completely reasonable standards — but I’m not waiting for any site to load at this point in the digital age.

Hundreds of hosting providers can guarantee fast speeds and low latency no matter where you or your visitors are in the world, so why aren’t more businesses using them? The fact is there’s no reason for a website to fall behind with these unlimited resources right at our fingertips.

ReliableSite logo
ReliableSite is more than just reliable: It’s an affordable and secure way to buy bare-metal servers backed by a dedicated team.

Let me introduce you to ReliableSite. ReliableSite is a web hosting provider offering bare-metal or dedicated servers with cloud scaling at a competitive price. Radic Davydov, the CEO and Founder, said he’s proud that ReliableSite owns, operates, and builds everything in-house.

“We manufacture a lot of our own hardware and work really closely with hardware manufacturers to get exactly what we’re looking for in terms of specs that aren’t necessarily brought to market the way we would expect them to,” Radic told us.

With Fast, Bare-Metal Servers, ReliableSite Is No Misnomer

You need to know three things about ReliableSite: It’s a dedicated server host; it offers top-tier security with in-house controls; and its pricing model is lower than any other hosting provider you’ve probably checked out.

ReliableSite DDoS protection diagram
Security measures are included with your server, featuring in-house filtering without added latency.

When you buy a dedicated server from ReliableSite, you get a bare-metal server 100% dedicated to you within minutes. These servers aren’t virtualized, so you have direct access to the entire server and can rest easy about security concerns.

Its servers also use Ryzen and Intel Core-based processors with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) motherboards, which Radic noted is a big draw.

“Customers come in and want exactly that because these are trusted brands and products with price-sensitive customers,” Radic explained. “People are typically very happy with it, so that’s about 90% of our hardware.”

Radic also emphasized cybersecurity is at the forefront of ReliableSite’s servers. The entire platform is built from the ground up and lives in-house. Right now, Radic says a few pieces involve third-party software, but the team plans to eliminate that need soon with a custom code they’ve been building for more than a decade.

“Everything we do is in-house and is a security-first approach. We control everything from start to finish — from customer access to accessing IPMI,” Radic said. “When accessing the server, we have several layers of security and controls put in place for both our customers and our techs in-house.”

Radic isn’t just talking about hacked accounts or weak passwords on the customers’ end: If there’s even a chance of an in-house attack — such as ransomware attacks or data leaks — ReliableSite has controls in place that look for irregular behavior and will automatically shut down attacks before they can do any damage.

But all this information is moot without knowing its pricing structure. Earlier, I said ReliableSite’s dedicated servers are cheaper than any other host you’ve probably worked with. It has more than two dozen server plans ranging between $29 and $299 per month.

Screenshot of ReliableSite's servers
Choose your processor of choice at prices lower than most competitors.

Its most basic server offers more than 500 GB of storage and 4GB of memory, with 1 Gbps of unmetered bandwidth speeds. You can also add features — like setup help or more Gbps — for a one-time or monthly fee.

When the average dedicated web host charges between $80 and $200/mo on average, ReliableSite stands out among the rest. Not too bad, right? Now imagine what its more premium plans offer.

What SMBs Really Need from a Web Host

There are bare-bones necessities that small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need, but most of ReliableSite’s customers are outgrowing the basic services many hosting providers offer.

For example, Radic said many SMBs are transitioning from cloud services or outgrowing smaller solutions like virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Instant deployment is like instant gratification. It’s why our dopamine spikes when we get a like on Instagram or why we get frustrated when a webpage takes more than a second or two to load.

ReliableSite offers SMBs and other customers the ability to deploy bare-metal solutions without the delays associated with traditional server deployment.

Screenshot of ReliableSite's homepage
No waiting here: Get your own dedicated server within about 10 minutes.

“You get the same benefits that you would get with the cloud, where you can scale your hardware as you need to or shrink it back down without waiting a week for your datacenter to get you a server,” Radic said. “We offer instant deploy servers, and it’s typically ready to go within 10 minutes.”

Radic isn’t exaggerating: The average time for server deployment is between a few hours to a week because of integration configuration and resource allocation. Talk about a crash after the high of finally finding the right hosting provider.

ReliableSite’s Upcoming Developments Are Customer-Centered

Have you ever sat on the couch with your laptop on your lap? If you sat there long enough, chances are your legs started burning from the computer overheating. This happens when there’s inadequate ventilation, especially when using resource-intensive parts within the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU).

Now imagine that on a scale with hundreds to thousands of servers. It’s why so many hosting companies use datacenters, with servers stored and secured in warehouses.

Liquid cooling diagram
Liquid-based cooling absorbs and transfers heat away from the internal server components.

“I feel like the next five years are going to be rapidly changing how everyone does business in terms of how our datacenters are built and survive,” said Radic.

As ReliableSite adds more dedicated servers to its roster, Radic said he has been looking into building its own technologies for liquid-based cooling.

“A lot of companies are talking about technologies like direct-to-chip, immersion, and submersion — so we’ve been working a little bit on our hybrid technologies to get more power while still guaranteeing savings, too,” he added.

ReliableSite’s new DDoS protection layer will also be a game changer for gamers.

Radic said ReliableSite has traditionally catered to businesses and enterprises, but gamers are getting more involved than expected in the web hosting industry now. In fact, the gaming server market is expected to skyrocket over the next few years with a CAGR of around 6.3%.

But the gaming industry is a frequent target for DDoS attacks, and 2022 saw the gaming industry become one of the most targeted industries for DDoS attacks.

Application-layer DDoS attacks distribution by industry
Internet, telecommunications, and gaming industries are the most vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

For example, Activision Blizzard — the publisher of “Overwatch,” “World of Warcraft,” and “Call of Duty” — was targeted by at least two major DDoS attacks this year alone, both disrupting servers and preventing people from playing.

“I get a lot of requests about DDoS from our game server customers because they’re the guys who are really, truly affected, whereas most other customers are pretty much handled pretty well with our standard DDoS protection,” Radic explained. “So we’ll introduce another stack in the future, such as application layer filter.”

Whether you’re a gamer, a small business owner, or a representative for a major enterprise, ReliableSite can get your site up and running within minutes. Check out ReliableSite’s plans to get started.