The 10 Best App Development Agencies

Best App Development Agencies

There are nearly 9 million smartphone apps available on the market today. While this is already a pretty astonishing number, it’s even more impressive when you consider the lengths developers go to to get their apps into Google Play or the App Store.

Spoiler alert: It’s not a smooth ride. Whether it’s Apple, Google, WordPress, or something else, each platform has its unique set of submission rules and guidelines. While the overviews are pretty similar, most trusted app stores require apps to meet safe, secure, and legal obligations before they are sent in for review.

And yet, millions of apps are denied and removed from these stores every single year. There’s also certainly no shortage of half-functioning, slow apps with one-star reviews that still manage to bypass the culling. So, if you’ve got an idea for an app, we’ve put together this list of the 10 best app development agencies that have proven track records in design, intellectual property, and security.


ISBX logo

ISBX seems to do it all. This agency boasts awards from INC, The Webby Awards, and Clutch and has launched more than 200 applications over its two-decade-old business. Its team comprises more than 70 designers and developers who specialize in research, strategy, design, and development — so, basically, the entire journey of your app, from conception to completion.

ISBX serves startups, small-to-medium businesses, and large enterprises in the US, so there’s no project too small or too big. The agency can also create apps using the most cutting-edge technology, including augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

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Algoworks logo

Algoworks is a consulting, development, and testing agency for everything app-related. It’s been named a Salesforce Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, and AWS Consulting Partner since its founding in 2006. Algoworks offers web app consulting, brand strategy and product design services, and start-to-finish mobile and web app development.

Algoworks also specializes in custom solutions for transportation, gaming, education, financial, eCommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, and media industries. The agency works with people from more than 17 countries, so you know its experience with different markets and audiences is well-versed. But if that’s not enough, maybe knowing Algoworks is the recipient of several awards from big names like GoodFirms, Deloitte, Clutch, and Webby Awards will help.

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Sidebench logo

Everything about Sidebench will speak to the part of you that craves a cutting-edge, clean, and sleek development experience. The custom studio has received accolades from the Webby Awards and “Fast Company” magazine. It’s developed apps for major brands, including Facebook, Microsoft, SONY, Instagram, Children’s Hospital, and NBC Universal.

Sidebench aims to create transformative digital experiences for its clients with responsive and out-of-the-box apps for both mobile and desktop. A couple of its projects include OBWS, a platform where you can search for Black-owned businesses anywhere, and nOCD, a telehealth mental health space to connect with licensed therapists. Sidebench is there for your project throughout its development journey, from product design and user research to systems integration and HIPAA compliance, if needed. Easily submit your project idea via its contact form, and the company will get back to you within a day.

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RipenApps logo

RipenApps gets straight to the point, and we love that here. Right on its front page, the app agency boasts about its more than 500 delivered apps, deriving millions of visitors, and nearly $4 million in revenue. It has more than 20 awards, employs 150 designers and developers, and boasts a 95% on-time delivery rate.

RipenApps specializes in some of the most popular spaces within the app world, including education, sports, fitness, eCommerce, food, and healthcare. It comprises a huge team dedicated to establishing trust and delivering quality apps while also specializing in full-stack development, quality assurance, digital marketing, and cross-platform development.

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Appetiser logo

Who doesn’t love a good pun? With Appetiser, you get that and a dedicated team to design, develop, and grow your web or mobile app. Its team offers step-by-step development updates, starting with storyboards before delivering the final layout. You can also directly communicate with the team’s designers and developers through video calls or chat if you have any questions, concerns, or last-minute requests.

Appetiser has significantly boosted its clients’ revenue by millions of dollars by leveraging the expertise of more than 200 top 1% global engineering talents from Australia, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. It’s also received awards from Telstra, Deloitte, Clutch, Financial Review, and SmartCompany for being one of Australia’s top tech companies.

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Naked Development

Naked Development logo

Naked Development, a leading app development agency based in the US, has nearly 4 million app downloads across its 327 launched apps. What’s great about Naked is its straightforward approach — there are no extra frills here because its team is solely focused on its strategy. Some of its most popular apps include The Right Stuff, a dating app for right-leaning individuals; BidMyListing, an online marketplace where real estate agents compete for your listing; and DishOut, an easy way to split, share, and distribute tips among restaurant staff.

Naked starts by learning about your idea and its objectives; then, it designs a strategy that will support your users’ experience. The development and creative teams then work together to create an app that carefully balances beauty and function — and once they have your OK, it will be ready for testing and deployment.

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Chop Dawg

Chop Dawg logo

If you’re looking for an agency with a sense of playfulness, Chop Dawg may be for you. This mobile and web app agency has been in business since 2009 and has launched more than 400 apps with unique perspectives for startups and small businesses across the globe. For example, some of its most popular apps include ForeverX, a matchmaking app for healthcare professionals; Mister Softee’s geolocation tracking so you never miss your favorite ice cream truck visit again; and Slay, a fitness app for MariEasyFitness users.

But don’t let these apps speak for Chop Dawg. It also received several awards from Inc. 5000, 40 Under 40, Clutch, GoodFirms, and Entrepreneur. Chop Dawg specializes in bringing something useful to your community — locally or globally — with strategy, branding, design, and QA testing at the forefront.

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Mercury Development

Mercury Development logo

Mercury Development is the agency behind some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Fitbit, Tonal, and Burger King. These highly technical and complex apps are true testaments to Mercury, whose services focus on end-to-end app development for healthcare, wellness, staff augmentation, automotive, sales, social networking, and entertainment.

More specifically, Mercury specializes in creating apps for software development kits (SDKs), smart TVs, Apple TVs, and wearable devices for iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows platforms. Mercury has been around for nearly a quarter century and consistently stays on top of trends and consumer wants — which is clearly apparent by its numerous awards from trusted companies like Apple and Clutch.

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CodigoDelSur logo

When you visit CodigoDelSur, you’re immediately met with an interactive experience and some clever wordplay. CodigoDelSur is the face behind GrubHub, DroneDeploy, and Shutterfly. The agency also boasts an impressive collection of awards and has achieved significant milestones, including attaining top rankings in various categories on the App Store, such as #1 in social networking, #1 in healthcare, #5 in education, and #8 overall.

CodigoDelSur takes pride in becoming part of your idea, whether it’s app development, web development, staff augmentation, UI/UX design, marketing, drones, AR, or quality assurance. Although CodigoDelSur was founded 16 years ago, it’s already hit some major milestones, including developing apps with more than 300 million users and securing top rankings in app stores.

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Saritasa logo

Saritasa, a custom software development firm, is fueled by its portfolio of nearly 2,000 projects. The agency specializes in mobile, web, AR/VR, and tailored app solutions. Saritasa focuses on simplifying complex operations and delivering meaningful user experiences. It specializes in mobile, web, software, 3D, and IoT technologies.

More specifically, Saritasa serves the medical, financial, restaurant, education, health, retail, estate, logistics, LMS, and manufacturing industries. It also boasts the title of the #1 Ranked Development Firm, a Clutch Leader, and an Inc. Power Partner for Custom Software Development.

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It’s Time for Your Dream App to Come to Life

We did not arrive at our list of the top 10 best app development agencies lightly. Each one of these agencies has a proven track record when it comes to creating innovative and high-performing mobile applications.

So whether you’re an independent developer or a business wanting to bring your product to more customers, stick to our recommendations, and you’re bound to find a great team that will bring your vision to life.