10 Best IoT Platforms of 2023

10 Best Iot Platforms Of 2023

Keeping a handle on my digital devices can be a lot. My phone connects to my watch, TV, car, and other devices, but can’t seem to connect to my laptop anymore. Beyond the connectivity issues, keeping track of everything that can be smart these days can be a handful. Vacuums, kitchen appliances, cars, and jewelry have all been digitized and can have a mind of their own. This evolution of connectivity is called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short.

Now imagine the digital inventory of an industrial giant. Companies like these have massive networks of devices that are usually too numerous to count. Managing these networks may seem like an impossible task. But IoT platforms can be the leverage companies need to help track and monitor their digital assets.

Below, we discuss the top 10 IoT platforms of 2023 and their benefits. Let’s dive in.

Best for Open-Source Solutions: OpenRemote

OpenRemote is an open-source IoT platform built for manufacturers and integrators. Since the platform is 100% open-source, teams can get more customizability, avoid vendor lock-in, and effortlessly integrate into their environments. Thousands of users can access OpenRemote, making it a perfect solution for large manufacturers and their teams.

OpenRemote Logo

Its all-in-one interface allows users to monitor products, create maintenance rules, and track notifications for better product performance. Link thousands of devices, automate alerts, and manage firmware updates with OpenRemote.

More About OpenRemote:

  • A 100% open-source and user-friendly platform
  • Easy custom app development for end users
  • Notable customers: Nottingham City Council and Digita

Best for Industrial Transformation: Fogwing

Fogwing is here to help you with all your machine connectivity needs. The platform uses AI and automation to enable users to build custom IoT solutions and gain insights on their machines for improvement. Since Fogwing is cloud-based, users can scale deployments, aggregate data from devices in real time, and send their data to cloud services, including AWS and Azure.

Fogwing Logo

In 2023 alone, Fogwing has received multiple accolades, including High Performer and Best Support mentions from G2. Fogwing is an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s no-code, efficient, and highly affordable. It even offers a free tier for teams with fewer devices to manage.

More About Fogwing:

  • A no-code and cloud-based IoT platform for SMEs
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: Hyundai and Mahindra Rise

Best for Application Development: Particle

Calling all developers! Particle’s IoT Platform-as-a-Service solution provides developers with the capabilities and insights to improve product development and launch faster. Its solution combines IoT software, connectivity, and hardware to make building-connected products easier.

Particle Logo

Developers can reconfigure and reprogram Particle to fit their use cases and workflows, so they can take their custom applications from prototype to production. More than 240,000 developers trust Particle to connect, manage, and deploy software applications to connected devices from the edge to the cloud and back.

More About Particle:

  • An integrated IoT Platform-as-a-Service solution
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: Zoomo, Andersen, and Goodyear

Best for Cellular Connectivity: Hologram

Hologram enables companies to monitor and connect devices from across the world. The platform’s reliability is one of its strongest points. Hologram ensures availability and device connectivity by providing redundant coverage using more than 470 networks across 200-plus countries.

Hologram Logo

Hologram also offers super intelligent SIM cards to securely connect devices to the best available networks in case of outages or transfers. Users can leverage Hologram’s easy-to-use dashboards to visualize and monitor their fleets and optimize performance and innovation.

More About Hologram:

  • A global IoT monitoring and connectivity system
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: Amper and Vital HealthLinks

Best for Customizable Monitoring: Exosite

Exosite provides customizable monitoring with its ExoSense platform. ExoSense is a ready-to-deploy condition monitoring platform that allows users to receive mission-critical insights into their assets. Industrial giants can use Exosite software to manage everything within their wheelhouse, including industrial assets, systems, and equipment.

Exosite Logo

Exosite makes monitoring simple. Teams can customize dashboards without coding, deploy ExoSense within an hour, and connect devices in less than a day. ExoSense is also secure, scalable, and enterprise-ready. Track the conditions of your systems with Exosite.

More About Exosite:

  • A ready-to-deploy and customizable IoT solution
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: Carrier, Genie, and Foresight.ai

Best for Data Governance: Coreflux

Coreflux enables users to build IoT pipelines to track their systems, devices, and machines. Its out-of-the-box platform is like magic, providing users with all the essentials without any of the legwork. Users can also easily scale over time to fit their business needs.

Coreflux Logo

If data is your focus, Coreflux will be a great match. Users can access and control their data when and how they need it. Coreflux’s pipelines visualize data in real time so teams can get a deeper understanding of their systems and generate data-driven insights.

More About Coreflux:

  • A data-driven IoT platform that connects any device, even legacy systems
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: Continental

Best for Linux Devices: Mender

Mender is for Linux users. Developers can leverage Mender as their comprehensive over-the-air update infrastructure to remotely manage device software. Mender can seamlessly integrate into development workflows and update software without risks.

Mender Logo

With Mender, businesses can focus more on development and their customers and less on updating software. Mender comes fully equipped with industry best practices in security and risk mitigation, giving users peace of mind regarding their connected devices.

More About Mender:

  • An open-source IoT platform for Linux devices
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on G2 reviews
  • Notable customers: NVIDIA, Lyft, and Microsoft Azure

Best for IoT Service Providers: FirstPoint

FirstPoint is the IoT connectivity solution for IoT service providers and enterprises. Its self-service platform helps providers get full visibility and control over their IoT networks. Meanwhile, FirstPoint allows enterprise teams to deploy their devices across the world.

FirstPoint Logo

FirstPoint provides users with an easy-to-use interface so they can effortlessly monitor and manage their devices. This attribute also allows IoT service providers to offer their enterprise customers a user-friendly interface to connect their devices.

More About FirstPoint:

  • A cellular IoT solution for IoT service providers and enterprises
  • Awarded Security Excellence Award by IoT Evolution editors

Best for Embedded Security: Integrity Security Services

Integrity Security Services (ISS) is here for users with cybersecurity needs. Its embedded security platform tackles and prevents attacks to secure customer IoT networks and maintain digital trust.

ISS Logo

ISS’s solutions use cryptography to lock down interfaces, safeguard network communications, and detect software vulnerabilities. The platform also protects keys, certificates, and assets along global supply chains. ISS covers everything for users so they won’t have to worry about data threats within their networks.

More About ISS:

  • An embedded security IoT solution
  • Over 1 billion provisioned devices
  • Named one of the top IoT security solutions on Cybernews

Best for End-to-End Protection: Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique takes care of both ends of the spectrum. Tailored to manufacturer needs, Crypto Quantique provides IoT security solutions to help customers protect their entire supply chain. QuarkLink, its IoT SaaS platform, allows teams to manage and connect their devices to multiple cloud providers.

Crypto Quantique

Supply chains without proper security can cause devastating consequences for their owners. Crypto Quantique created its solutions to help manufacturers tackle those problems and prevent attacks without sacrificing scalability. Crypto Quantique enables teams to scale with increased security protocols in place.

More About Crypto Quantique:

  • An end-to-end IoT security SaaS platform
  • Named “Cybersecurity Winner” at E&T Innovation Awards

IoT platforms have become a valuable tool for companies in the digital era. Businesses no longer need to depend on outdated methods to juggle thousands of digital assets on their own. IoT solutions allow businesses to connect devices in one place, visualize data, and improve performance using data-driven insights. We hope one of the solutions we’ve listed above will help you along your buying journey.