10 Best Hardware Podcasts in 2023

Best Hardware Podcasts

In a world where innovation is moving at a pace that even Nikola Tesla would find mind-boggling, keeping up with the ever-evolving world of technology can feel like a Herculean task.

One moment, you’re finally updating your computer with the new NVIDIA driver; the next, you’ve missed the boat on a can’t-miss sale. Sorting through the influx of news, reviews, and trends can be overwhelming — which is why so many tech enthusiasts crave a way to sift through the noise.

Luckily, this is where our top 10 best hardware podcasts come in. It’s time to say goodbye to wading through the mass of information and stay in the loop on what genuinely piques your interest.

Best for News Analysis: PC Perspective

PC Perspective logo

“PC Perspective” stands out as essential listening for tech enthusiasts craving more than a dry news update on the latest hardware developments. Hosts Sebastian Peak, Jeremy Hellstrom, Josh Walrath, Brett VanSprewenburg, and Kent Burgess go beyond the surface of topics from NVIDIA drivers to the new Intel chips and everything in between.

They plunge into the depths of hardware trends, events, and news, offering insightful analysis laced with a touch of friendly banter. So, if you’re searching for a podcast that recreates the feeling of hanging out with a group of tech-savvy buddies, “PC Perspective” may be exactly what you need.

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Best for Hardware Reviews: ThinkComputers

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For podcast enthusiasts who prefer cutting to the chase, the “ThinkComputers” podcast delivers a refreshingly direct approach to PC hardware discussions. This podcast, hosted by Bob Buskirk, Ryan Kerschner, and Derrick Smith of ThinkComputers.org, offers a no-nonsense perspective on tech reviews and discussions without unnecessary banter.

What sets this podcast apart is the added visual engagement. Tune in on YouTube to watch the hosts live as they delve into detailed reviews, allowing you to witness the hosts’ insights and the products in action. Whether it’s a thorough walk-through, a deep dive into specs, or a hands-on demonstration, the “ThinkComputers” team goes the extra mile.

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Best for DIY Enthusiasts: Hardware Asylum

Hardware Asylum logo

If you’re diving into the PC hardware universe, the “Hardware Asylum” podcast is your do-it-yourself (DIY) haven. This podcast is tailored for hardware enthusiasts and spans almost every relevant topic, from building your custom rig to the best gaming hardware.

Best of all, “Hardware Asylum” is hosted by fellow enthusiasts — not expert developers who have biases and may get lost in technical jargon. Meet Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain, editor-in-chief and staff editor, respectively, at HardwareAsylum.com, a hardware review and DIY site. This duo brings you information in an accessible form, no matter where you are in your PC-building journey.

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Best for Open-Source Hardware: Self-Hosted

Self-Hosted logo

Open-source technology is the knight in shining armor for developers, creators, and builders — which is why we’ve added “Self-Hosted” to our list. The podcast’s mission is clear: to unveil the latest free and open-source tools, empowering you to optimize your networks, devices, and security.

Hosts Alex Kretzschmar and Chris Fisher don’t just talk about these tools; they discover them in real time, inviting listeners to explore the same open-source technologies alongside them. Each episode kicks off with a delightful yet casual conversation. But don’t expect fluff – the show is packed with insightful content, too.

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Best for Cybersecurity: Embedded Insiders

Embedded Insiders logo

Navigating the complex terrain of hardware and software security can be daunting — but that’s where “Embedded Insiders” shines as a guiding light. Hosts Rich Nass and Tiera Oliver have a knack for presenting intricate topics of cybersecurity hardware and its corresponding systems in an accessible way.

“Embedded Insiders” covers a wide range of topics in the embedded industry, but it’s especially valuable for anyone who wants to understand more about the security of cybersecurity hardware. The podcast is made even better with insights from experts representing some of the biggest names in the industry. So you’re also getting a peek into the inside world of cybersecurity.

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Best for Hardware Trends: Hard Fork

Hard Fork logo

The “Hard Fork” podcast is your guide to past, current, and future trends in the hardware world. Tech journalists and hosts Kevin Roose and Casey Newton explore the “wild frontier of tech” as they unravel the latest developments and explore emerging technologies.

Each “Hard Fork” episode is a compelling deep dive into the tech world’s current trends, but the hosts also talk about future shifts that might catch us all by surprise. With their fast-talking, excitable style, Kevin and Casey offer keen analyses while fearlessly going off the rails along the way — but it’s all in the name of unraveling the future of tech.

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Best for Interviews and Q&A: The Full Nerd

The Full Nerd logo

“The Full Nerd” podcast isn’t just a podcast — it’s a community that asks and answers all things PC hardware. Hosted by Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Adam Patrick Murray, and Alaina Yee, “The Full Nerd” podcast engages with the audience by responding to real-time questions from live listeners and queries submitted through their official Discord channel.

Episodes are long, clocking in around two hours on average. But with a casual, funny, and comfortable vibe, “The Full Nerd” feels like you’re just hanging out with a few friends who love to nerd out as much as you do. Each episode also introduces different guest speakers to guarantee a dynamic exploration of the latest hardware topics.

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Best for Consumer Hardware: Techstination

Techstination logo

“Techstination” stands out as a hidden gem in tech podcasts. Hosted by radio reporter Fred Fishkin, this daily show delivers concise reports that last less than 15 minutes and provide bite-sized insights into consumer technology. Fred covers a broad spectrum of topics, from drones to online safety devices for teenagers.

The podcast’s quick and engaging format makes it ideal for anyone looking to stay informed in a rapidly evolving tech landscape where new products emerge almost daily. Fred kicks off each episode with a hook, then swiftly dives into the heart of the matter. For those who crave a quick and informative update without investing hours of their time, “Techstination” is the perfect companion.

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Best for Industry Insights: a16z

a16z logo

a16z, a venture capital (VC) firm founded in 2009 by tech luminaries Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, isn’t your run-of-the-mill VC. It’s backed some of the most famous names out there, including Airbnb, Instacart, and Slack — and it’s your ticket to industry insights in the form of its very own podcast by the same name.

The “a16z” podcast isn’t just about what’s hot in tech; it’s dedicated to navigating the ever-changing world of technology, coming straight from the people who live, study, and work with it every day. This podcast is a global hub for conversations with industry experts, business leaders, and up-and-coming influential voices worldwide.

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Best for Current Events: The WAN Show

The WAN Show logo

Hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere, “The WAN Show” is a weekly adventure for tech enthusiasts, offering a deep dive into the world of technology. Each episode is an informative rollercoaster with fun discussions on trending news, from OpenAI’s developments to YouTube’s anti-ad-blocking campaigns.

Linus and Luke don’t stop at general tech topics; they also engage in detailed discussions about the latest developments in PC hardware. This includes comprehensive coverage of system updates and new product reviews. As a bonus, the show is available on YouTube, allowing viewers to watch Linus and Luke dissect specs and share their perspectives on their favorite products in real time (like Linus’ review on this “giant movie CD player”).

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Find Your Next Hardware Podcast Obsession

We’re logging off for now — but there you have it: a carefully curated guide to the top 10 hardware podcasts, each providing a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of hardware technology and its emerging trends.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast on the hunt for the best hardware products or just seeking a daily update on the latest in the world of PCs, these podcasts have got you covered.