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How to Delete a Wix Site — Payments, Content, & Domains

How to Delete My Wix Site

Whether you’re tired of your Wix website URL being de-indexed by Google and disappearing from search results, or you’re just ready for more customization options and opportunities for... read more »
By: Ryan Frankel, 7/26/2017
Weebly vs. WordPress (Features Chart & Cost Breakdown)

Weebly vs. WordPress

Once you decide you want a website, it doesn’t take much digging to stumble upon the names Weebly and WordPress. These are two of the most well-known names in website building. In a... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 7/26/2017
How to Delete a WordPress Blog ( vs. Hosted)

How to Delete a WordPress Blog and/or Site Database

WordPress blogs come in two flavors: Those launched from the commercialized, fully hosted, free platform: Those hosted by a web host with the open-source WordPress software... read more »
By: Toby Sembower, 3/23/2017
Ubuntu — Show Version Number (Command Line and Unity)

How to Check Which Version of Ubuntu is Running (2 Ways)

Sometimes we forget exactly which version of Ubuntu we are running (Or is that just me?). Either way, below we will briefly cover how to find your Ubuntu version from both the command line and... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 5/11/2016
JavaScript - Log to Console (console.log vs. frameworks)

JavaScript: Log to the Console in the Browser and NodeJS

Developers need to know what their code is doing while it’s running JavaScript, whether in the browser or the NodeJS environment. Such information can help verify code, find bugs, or... read more »
By: Roberto Sanchez, 5/5/2016
"AWS S3” Pricing (Calculator & Sample Plan)

AWS S3 Pricing (Calculator & Sample Storage Configuration)

In this article, we’ll focus on the cost of the AWS S3 storage solution. (Hint: It’s CHEAP!) There are basically three factors that determine the total cost of using S3: the amount of... read more »
By: Ryan Frankel, 9/14/2015
MySQL: “Foreign Keys” Used in an Example

MySQL: Learn How to Set Up & Define Foreign Keys

Below we will show some simple examples of how to set up foreign keys and how they work in MySQL. In our examples, we will reference the parent and child tables below. The tables labelled... read more »
By: PJ Fancher, 12/16/2015
JavaScript: Remove Element from an Array

JavaScript: How to Remove an Element from an Array

Removing elements from a JavaScript array is a common programming paradigm that developers often run into. As with a lot of things JavaScript, this isn’t as simple as it probably should be.... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 11/20/2015
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