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15 Best: Web Hosting for Artists & Art Portfolio Builders 2020

A Look at the Top 15 Web Hosts for Artists to Showcase Portfolios

The woes of the struggling artists are nothing new, but the best web hosting for artists are setting out to reverse the stereotype. By enabling more and more painters,... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 9/15/2019
15 Best: Web Hosting for Developers — ASP.NET & WP Tools (2020)

Our Reviews and Top Picks for Developer-Friendly Hosting

As a fresh-faced student learning how to code table-based designs and using this new-fangled contraption called WordPress, finding the best web hosting for developers was... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 2/21/2020
15 Best: Web Hosting for Beginners 2020 Guide

Our Guide to the Top Web Hosts for Beginners

The best web hosting for beginners shows that launching a site isn’t just reserved for experienced developers. More and more people can get online in a breeze. The... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 7/28/2020
14 Web Hosting Security Best Practices (2020) — Top Hosts & Servers

14 Hosting Security Best Practices to Protect Your Online Presence

When we think about web hosting security best practices, it’s often in the context of when things go wrong. Multimillion-dollar security leaks involving exposed... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 6/3/2020
1&1 VPS Review 2020: Hosting Expert Ratings for 1&1 Servers

We Take 1&1's Virtual & Cloud Servers for a Spin — See the Results

Many budding web entrepreneurs see the wide range of cheap, entry-level shared hosting plans on the market as an easy way to get a foot in the door to the online business... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 7/14/2020
"Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting" — Server Differences (2020)

Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting — Server Types and Differences

Comparing shared hosting vs. dedicated hosting is more than the obvious difference of how much each service costs — it entails guaranteeing the long-term success of... read more »
By: Mark Jefferson, 7/9/2020
2020 Guide: How to Move a WordPress Site to a New Host (3 Steps)

Moving Your WordPress Site to a New Server or Domain in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to move a WordPress site, whether from one host to another or to a new domain name, can be a tedious process wrought with peril should something go wrong.... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 6/10/2020
Media Temple WordPress Review (2020 Rating)

Our Thoughts on WordPress Hosting with Media Temple

Combining the best-of-the-best when it comes to white-glove managed services and the undisputed king of content management systems, here’s our Media Temple... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
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