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10 Best Christian Web Hosting Reviews & Hosts for Churches 2019

10 Best Christian Web Hosting Reviews & Hosts for Churches 2019

Just as many small business owners choose to support local businesses, and I get excited to work with fellow females in tech, Christians may want a Christian-run hosting provider when looking for... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 3/15/2019
"Email Hosting vs. Web Hosting" Differences & The Best Services 2019

What's the Difference Between Web Hosting and Email Hosting?

I never realized how muddy and cluttered the information on web hosting was until I started working on HostingAdvice. Definitions are ambiguous. Clarifications raise more questions. And... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 4/4/2019
SiteGround Coupon Code 2019: Hosting Discounts Up to 60% Off

An Expert's Take on the Savings to Be Had With SiteGround Services

In my hosting career, I’ve learned many things about the industry, the underlying technologies that power it, the services I’m willing to pay extra for, and the essentials I... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 4/20/2018
iPage VPS Hosting Review (2019): Features Comparison & Coupons

Taking iPage VPS Hosting for a Spin: We Review the Features and Reliability

Specializing in antique and vintage wedding gowns, Terri Goodin started an online boutique in 1997 as an homage to her grandmother. At the start, she needed to know HTML and pay for hosting... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 1/2/2018
10 Best: Web Hosting for Churches & Free Services for Ministry 2019

Find a Trusted Hosting Provider for Your Church or Ministry in 2019

I’ve been a guest and a resident of many church homes throughout my lifetime. As I’ve sampled various denominations, taken part in worship services of all sizes, and ventured on... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 3/15/2019
Bluehost Cloud Hosting Review 2019

How Our Experts Rate Bluehost Cloud Hosting for Features and Price

Coupling affordability with a stellar reputation, Bluehost is a natural choice for many new site owners searching for their first web hosting provider. The company powers more than 2 million... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 1/9/2018
How Much Should I Pay for Web Hosting? — Website Costs 2019

How Much Should I Pay for Web Hosting? (2019's Host Pricing Guide)

The advent of the internet brought several promising advancements. Suddenly, students didn’t have to schlep encyclopedias home from the library whenever a report was due; Grandma could live... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 3/15/2019
14 Best: Free WordPress Hosting & Top Providers for WP Sites (2019)

Getting the Best Deals on Hosting for WordPress: Free vs. Best Value

Show of hands: Who here has clicked on an ad, made an impromptu 90-degree turn in the store, or signed up for something you later realized was outlandish simply because you read an enticing... read more »
By: Alexandra Leslie, 3/15/2019
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