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Our Latest How To's

How to Start an Online Boutique in 4 Easy Steps - Our 2020 Guide

4 Easy Steps to Building an Online Boutique

When learning how to start an online boutique, aspiring shop owners have seemingly countless decisions to make — and that’s even before they get to building... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/6/2020
7 Best Ghost Hosting Platforms for Your Blog (2020 Reviews)

The Best Ghost Hosting Platforms for Your Blog

Searching for the best Ghost hosting can be a spooky endeavor, fraught with compatibility concerns and server setup. But with the popular blogging platform offering... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
WordPress Hosting Cost Comparison - 2020's Best Cheap Plans

Compare the Costs of WordPress Hosting Plans

Even though searching for the best WordPress hosting plan can feel like fruitlessly panning for gold, our WordPress hosting cost comparison guide can help you sift... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/6/2020
12 Best: Hosting With a CMS (2020) - WordPress, Joomla & More

Exploring 2020's Best CMS Hosting Plans

The best hosting with a CMS enables you to quickly create, publish, and promote valuable information central to your site’s mission, maximizing efficiency and... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
8 Best: Web Hosting Without a Domain (2020) - Start a Site for Free

How to Host Your Site Without a Domain Name

Signing up for web hosting without a domain name is a bit like building a new house and never putting up the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Sure, your home will look... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 6/26/2020
How to Create a Professional Email Address — 3 Easy Ways (2020)

3 Ways to Create a Professional Email Inbox

Learning how to create a professional email address is a critical step toward building the trust and credibility of your business or personal brand. From communicating... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 1/27/2020
12 Best: Web Hosting With Instant Setup & Activation (2020)

12 Top Hosts With Instant Setup & Activation

Buying web hosting with instant setup and activation is like wearing that ultra-flattering new clothing purchase right out of the store. Instant gratification is a... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
10 Best: Managed Dedicated Server Hosting (2020 Reviews)

10 Best Managed Plans for Dedicated Servers

Managed dedicated server hosting is like that trusty in-home chef or nanny helping you take care of all the craziness on the homefront. From making breakfast and rushing... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
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