How to Delete a Wix Site — Payments, Content, & Domains

How to Delete a Wix Site — Payments, Content, & Domains

Whether you’re tired of your Wix website URL being de-indexed by Google and disappearing from search results, or you’re just ready for more customization options and opportunities for growth, removing your Wix site from the Web can be done in a couple of steps.

Know that if you’re frustrated with the limitations of the free website-building platform, Wix, you have options. Some of the top web hosts in the world include site-building tools in their plans, along with free domain name registration or transfer.

In this article, we’ll walk you through cancelling any premium plans and payments, deleting your Wix site, and moving your domain. (Click the links to jump ahead as needed.)

First: Cancel Any Premium Plans, Subscriptions, & Autopayments

Firstly, you’ll want to cancel any existing premium plans. To avoid getting charged for the next term, you’ll need to do so at least three days before the scheduled renewal date.

1. Click “Billing & Payments”

Log into your account. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen you’ll see your username and avatar. Hover over the avatar to activate the drop-down menu. Select “Billing & Payments.”

Wix Billing & Payments Settings

Click “Billing & Payments” under the user settings menu.

2. Click “Manage” Under “Package Subscriptions”

Scroll down to “Package Subscriptions,” and choose the option on the far right: Manage.

Manage Wix Package Subscription Settings

Click “Manage” under “Package Subscriptions.”

3. Click “Cancel Payments”

Within the Payment section, you’ll see “Next Payment” with a date listed next to it. To the right of that, you’ll see “Cancel Payments.” Click.

Screenshot of Wix payment info: "Cancel Payments"

Find your next payment date and click “Cancel Payments.”

Follow the steps that are prompted to you via pop-up windows. You should receive a confirmation email when it’s all said and done. The status of your plan under “Package Subscriptions” should now appear as “Canceled.”

Second: Delete Your Wix Site(s)

Secondly, you’ll need to delete any sites associated with your Wix account.

1. Open Your Site’s Dashboard & Click “Popular Shortcuts”

Log into your dashboard and click the Popular Shortcuts option.

Screenshot of Wix Site Shortcuts - Delete Site

Select “Popular Shortcuts” in the sidebar and click the Delete Site option.

2. Click “Delete Site” & “Delete Site” AGAIN

Click “Delete Site.” You’ll be prompted to do this twice. Note that clicking “Delete” within the site editor itself will only delete selected elements of your site, not your site in its entirety or your account as a whole.

Third: Transfer Any Domains Associated with your Wix Account

Finally, you’ll want to disassociate any domains that you have connected to your Wix account. This would be your opportunity to transfer your domain to a different web host. We’d recommend transferring to a web host like iPage and taking advantage of their free site builder.

1. Click “Domains” Under the Subscriptions Tab in the Dashboard

Log into your Wix account and find the tab at the top of the dashboard labelled “Subscriptions.” Select “Domains” in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Subscriptions tab in Wix dashboard

Log into your Wix Dashboard → Hover over “Subscriptions” → Click “Domains”

2. Select the Advanced Settings & Click “Transfer Away from Wix”

You should now see a list of all the domains you have registered with your Wix account. Hover over the one(s) you wish to remove and click the Advanced tab. Wix gives the following options:

  • Transfer to a Different Wix Account
  • Transfer Away from Wix
Advanced Domain Settings for Wix - transfer away from Wix

Select “Transfer Away from Wix” to disassociate your domain.

Choose the option that applies to you. We’d recommend transferring to a web host with one of the best website builder packages. Many of the best options include a free site transfer, drag-and-drop site builders and/or 1-click WordPress installations, and free domain name registration.

Final Word on Deleting a Wix Site

You should now be completely disassociated from the Wix brand and any accompanying frustrations due to the recent search engine de-indexing issues. Remember, if you still want a website, but you’re ready for more features and customization at a great value, we’d recommend these top site-building services.

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