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11 Best Web Hosting Prices Compared (Google, GoDaddy, Wix & Others)

What Are the Best Web Hosting Prices? We Compare the Top 11

Shopping around for web hosting prices is a lot like choosing which restaurant at which to eat. You can spend $8 on a straightforward burger with all the fixings you... read more »
Posted On: 1/27/2021
13 Fastest WordPress Hosting Services 2021 — Up to 20X Faster

Where to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting Services in 2021

The fastest WordPress hosting plans are like that overcrowded coffee shop that still manages to get drinks in customers’ hands at a surprisingly efficient rate. The... read more »
Posted On: 2/6/2020
Shopify Pricing: 5 Plans, Plus POS Platform & Shopify Stock Prices

Shopify Pricing: 5 Plans, Plus POS Platform & Shopify Stock Prices

When you’ve decided to start a business (or take an existing one to new heights), you have two options: check out the real estate market for building a physical store, or... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
How to Make a Website From Scratch (HTML, WordPress, or Builders)

How to Make a Website From Scratch Using HTML, WP, or Builders

As the owner of a small wedding planning startup, a friend of mine didn’t have a lot of time or money to put into learning how to make a website – but she knew she needed... read more »
Posted On: 3/24/2020
Weebly Pricing & Plans 2021 — Web Hosting, eCommerce, and Domains

Weebly Pricing and Plans for Hosting, eCommerce, and Domains

Before spending money on a new website builder platform, be sure to check out our guide on Weebly pricing. The drag-and-drop website builder is one of the more affordable... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
5 Expert Tips on How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

MoneyCrashers Co-Founder On How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

Learning how to make money blogging is easier than you may think — making it actually happen, however, is a different animal. It’s all about execution, patience, and... read more »
Posted On: 5/26/2020
12 Best Free "Website Creator" Software (For Kids, Mobile, and More)

A Look at the 12 Best Free Website Creators for Multiple Use Cases

Building an online presence is incredibly daunting to many, but scores of website creator programs simplify and streamline the process — no matter your age or technical... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
10 Best Domain Hosting and Registration Services (2021)

Our Review of the Best Domain Hosting and Registration Services

Serving as a gateway to a vibrant online world of information, the best domain hosting services roll out the red carpet to your site’s readers and potential customers.... read more »
Posted On: 10/26/2021
6 Shopify Competitors Compared (2021's Top Alternatives)

Comparing the Top 6 Shopify Competitors & eCommerce Alternatives

With an annual survey from comScore and UPS showing that consumers buy more things online than in stores, we’ve crafted a list of the top Shopify competitors and... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
12 Best Weebly Themes (2021): Free, Ecommerce & Responsive

12 Best Free, Premium, Responsive, and Custom Weebly Themes

Inspired by the belief that anyone should have the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth, Weebly themes are designed to give entrepreneurs a stunning... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
What is — Our 2021 Review and Top 6 FAQs Answered

Weebly — Our 2021 Review and Top 6 FAQs of the Site Builder

What is Weebly? How does it compare with other website builders? How much does Weebly cost? We’ve got answers to those questions and more with our comprehensive review... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
15 Best WordPress Alternatives for Websites, Blogging, and Online Stores

15 Best WordPress Alternatives for Sites, Blogging, and Stores

Whether you’re looking to build a new website, blog, place to sell your products, or are just exploring your options, we’ve outlined more than a dozen WordPress... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
"Wix vs. WordPress" for SEO, Blogging, or eCommerce (6 Factors, 1 Verdict)

Wix vs. WordPress for SEO, Blogs, eCommerce, and More

Comparing Wix vs. WordPress pits two titans of website creation against each other. The two platforms are among the most popular online design and publishing tools out... read more »
Posted On: 5/22/2020 Pricing: Plans, Features, and Monthly Cost (2021 Review) Pricing for Hosting Plans, Domains, and Marketing Services

Given the business-oriented hosting plans at, pricing and other features are important comparisons to make when looking for where to establish your website or... read more »
Posted On: 2/10/2020
"What is Shopify?" — 10 FAQs Answered & Our Expert Review

What is Shopify — Top 10 FAQs Answered and an Expert Review

What is Shopify? How does it work? How much does it cost to have a Shopify store? Those are just a few questions probably racing around your brain as you look to enter... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
How to Host Your Own Website from Home (Plus 5 Pros & Cons)

How to Host a Website Yourself Using Windows or Linux Machines

Learning how to host your own website sounds like a daunting task, no matter if it’s your first site or 100th. Fortunately, you have tons of options when figuring out... read more »
Posted On: 3/20/2020
The Best Ecommerce Website Builders for Every Niche (Top 12)

Top 12 eCommerce Website Builders Categorized By Niche

Built for those with a passion of something other than web design and development, the best ecommerce website builders empower entrepreneurs to showcase their goods and... read more »
Posted On: 7/6/2020
Blogger vs. WordPress: 6 Reasons to Switch & How to Transfer to WP

Blogger vs. WordPress: 6 Reasons to Switch & How to Transfer to WP

Even though we regularly tout the prowess of the world’s most popular content management system, our Blogger vs. WordPress review presents a formidable test for the... read more »
Posted On: 9/10/2020 vs. — 4 Things to Know & How to Switch

What's the Difference Between and

What’s the difference between and It’s a basic question that often goes overlooked when creating new sites, and it can cause plenty of... read more »
Posted On: 9/15/2021
10 Best Squarespace Templates (For Blogs, Videos, Photographers, etc.)

10 Best Squarespace Templates Perfect for Any Area of Interest

Most people want to share the things they’re passionate about with the world. For me, this includes talking tech in my professional life and discussing hobbies, like... read more »
Posted On: 5/31/2018
7 Expert Tips to Secure Web Hosting — Featuring the Top Threats of 2021

Experts Discuss Top 7 Threats and Tips to Secure Web Hosting

Finding secure web hosting can be a challenge for beginners and those who don’t understand what it takes to protect a website from all the online attacks happening across... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
"Shopify Plans" - Basic vs. Lite vs. Advanced vs. Plus (Pricing Table)

Comparing Shopify Plans: Lite, Basic, Standard, Advanced, & Plus

When starting your online store, there are a lot of Shopify plans to sift through. But which one is right for you and your business? Whether you aim to be the next Amazon... read more »
Posted On: 5/20/2020
Start a Blog for Free (2 Options) — The Best Free Blog Platforms of 2021

Start Blogging for Free: 2021's Best Free Platforms for Writers

Blogging has many benefits, starting with the sheer simplicity of learning to start a blog for free. Aside from the therapeutic nature of expressing your thoughts and... read more »
Posted On: 2/19/2020
"What is" (2021 Review, Costs, and Other Site Builder Q&As)

What is Wix? Our Review and How It Compares to Other Builders

What is Wix, and how can it help you get online? For fans of do-it-yourself website creation who are leery of learning how to code, Wix should be on your shortlist of... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
10 Best Free Website Builders (2021)

10 Best Free Website Builders: Simple Tools to Start Your Site

“Free” is a powerful word, especially when it appears at the beginning of a phrase like “free website builders.” It’s natural to search for the cheaper or no-cost options... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
12 Best "Photography Website" Hosting & Photo Hosting Sites (2021)

Top 12 Photography Website Builders for Beginners or Pros

The best photography website hosts specialize in showcasing your vibrant, engaging imagery to the masses, showcasing your portfolio to those who may gain inspiration,... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
(Top 6 Reviews) Compare Wix vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress vs. Weebly

Compare Wix vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress vs. Weebly

Website builder reviews always seem to boil down to a four-way competition: Wix vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress vs. Weebly. The opinions are endless, but read on for our... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
15 Best: Hosting for Startups (Cloud, Cheap, or Dedicated Hosts)

2021's Best Shared, Cloud, and Dedicated Hosting for Startups

The best hosting for startups mirrors many of the same aspirations held by the ambitious founders and developers seeking the next big thing: new technologies, speed, and... read more »
Posted On: 4/3/2020
2021 Squarespace Pricing Table (Students, Developers, eCommerce)

How Squarespace Pricing Compares with Top Website Builders

Before spending money on a new website builder platform, be sure to check out our guide on Squarespace pricing. While there are tons of builders that let you start for... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
2021's Best Web Hosting for Small Business: Top 9 Reviews

Top 10 Reviews of the Best Small Business Hosting Providers

As a relatively new homeowner and frequent online shopper, I’m a prime example of why web hosting for small business is a critical investment for entrepreneurs. For the... read more »
Posted On: 3/17/2020
What is Managed WordPress Hosting? (5 Best Reviews)

5 Reviews & Cheap Plans for the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

What is managed WordPress hosting, you may ask — and is it worth the cost? The popular content management system undoubtedly makes web design more accessible to... read more »
Posted On: 7/29/2020
#1 Easiest Website Builder 2021 (For Business, Blogging, eCommerce)

Easiest Website Builder Service Reviews for 2021

Fans of efficiency and those frightened by coding, rejoice: the easiest website builders make launching a website a snap. After all, why do things the hard way — reinvent... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
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