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7 Pros & Cons of Web Hosting (2020): What to Know Before You Buy

Pros & Cons of Hosting: What You Need to Know

Assessing the pros and cons of web hosting helps new or aspiring website owners figure out which services and providers are the best fit for their needs. Writing out a... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud vs. Cheaper Alternatives - 2020

Cloud Comparison 2020: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

Unlike the camaraderie of The Three Musketeers, the public cloud computing industry has a trio of formidable foes: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Instead of gallivanting... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 8/12/2019
9 Best Free PostgreSQL Hosting for Fast, Reliable Databases (2020)

2020's Best Free Plans for PostgreSQL Hosting

PostgreSQL may seem like an indecipherable collection of letters to the uninitiated, but free PostgreSQL hosting can be an important tool for developers and businesses to... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 3/18/2020
12 Best Wedding Website Builders (2020 Reviews) - Easy Online RSVPs

12 Best Wedding Website Builders for Your Big Day

Being engaged is a whirlwind, with all the love, stress, details, planning, and spending — but using the best wedding website builders offers a rare chance to save... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
13 Best Small Business Web Hosts (2020): Boost Your Online Brand

Best Web Hosts to Boost Your Small Business

Whether you’re running the neighborhood’s finest lemonade stand or hold the keys to your town’s most fashionable boutique, the best small business web... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
How to Start a Forum Website in 3 Simple Steps (2020)

How to Create a Forum Website in 3 Steps

Whether you’re running an online business, showcasing your professional portfolio, or simply blogging about your life, learning how to start a forum website can be... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 3/13/2020
11 Best Free Email Hosting Reviews (2020): Domains and Business

Where to Find Free Email Hosting for Your Domain

Ever since the days of Hotmail, Juno, and America Online, free email hosting has been highly desired and fairly easy to find. When Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 1997, the... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 7/14/2020
9 Best GoDaddy Alternatives ($0.99 to $3) — Hosting, Domains & Email

Tired of GoDaddy? Try These 9 Alternatives

The search for the best GoDaddy alternatives is nearly as common as the decision to choose GoDaddy as your web hosting provider or domain registrar in the first place.... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 8/10/2020
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