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Bluehost Coupons 2021 — Discounts Up to 63% Off, Plus Free Domain

How to Snag the Best Deals on Bluehost Servers and Hosting

Whether it’s a buy-one-get-one deal at the grocery store or Bluehost coupon codes, who doesn’t love a good discount? Those on the hunt for a good hosting deal have a... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
10 Best: Hosting for Affiliate Marketers (2021) — What to Look For

Want to Make Money? 2021's Best Hosting Plans for Affiliate Marketers

For those looking to monetize their website or blog, finding the best hosting for affiliate marketers is a key early step. You’ll need a cost-efficient plan that keeps... read more »
Posted On: 7/9/2020
Cloud Hosting vs. Shared Hosting — 6 Comparisons & Our 2021 Picks

Cloud vs. Shared Hosting Comparisons and Our Picks for the Top Plans

When encountering the buffet of web hosting plans for the first time, the cloud hosting vs. shared hosting debate can easily overwhelm site owners with the various... read more »
Posted On: 7/21/2020 “WordPress” Review 2021: The Best Hosting Rated by Experts

What Our Experts Say About’s WordPress Hosting Plans

For those looking for a cost-effective hosting solution for the world’s most popular content management system, look no further than our WordPress review.... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
SiteGround WordPress Review & Hosting Rating (2021)

Our Experts Put SiteGround WordPress Hosting to the Test

Our in-depth SiteGround WordPress review examines what happens when you combine two of the most user-friendly systems on the planet. Working with WordPress is supposed to... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
InMotion VPS Review (2021) — Web Hosting Ratings From Our Experts

How Does InMotion Stack Up? We Rate the Cloud-Powered VPS Plans

There are many places to find an InMotion VPS review, but our in-depth examination of one of our favorite hosts will give you all the info you need to decide which plan... read more »
Posted On: 4/28/2020
7 Best vBulletin Hosting (2021) — Top Forum Community Services

The Best Hosting Solutions to Power Your vBulletin Forum

Joining more than 400,000 other web forums powered by vBulletin hosting, Miami Dolphins community forum PhinZone gives fans a place to discuss an array of topics — but... read more »
Posted On: 2/19/2020
SSD vs. HDD — 5 Differences and How to Transfer Data

SSD vs. HDD: Comparing for Speed, Reliability, and Power Consumption

When it comes to SSD vs. HDD comparisons, most articles focus on the speed at which the storage devices can read or write data. But did you know there are differences in... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
1&1 WordPress Review (2021): Best Hosting Plans & Expert Ratings

Test Drive: Revving Up Your Site With 1&1’s WordPress Hosting

When it comes to reliable services from well-known providers, look no further than our 1&1 WordPress review. The global host pairs well with the world’s most popular... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
SiteGround VPS Review (2021) — Server Host Ratings By Experts

Our Experts Put SiteGround VPS Services Through the Ringer

Looking for a SiteGround VPS review that touches all corners of the top-notch host’s services? You’ve come to the right place! SiteGround is known for providing... read more »
Posted On: 6/26/2020
5 "Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting" Differences 2021

Cloud vs. VPS Hosting 2021 — The Differences & The Best Services

The differences between cloud hosting vs. VPS hosting are subtle — but understanding them can make a major difference in how you manage and interact with your site. As... read more »
Posted On: 11/15/2021
2021's Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners (Top 10 Companies)

Check Out Our Favorite WordPress Hosting Packages for Newbies

Even if you’ve never created a website before, the best WordPress hosting for beginners make sure the path to online success is smooth and trouble-free. WordPress is a... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
DreamHost VPS Review (2021) — Virtual Server & Web Hosting Rating

After Taking DreamHost Servers for a Spin, We Talk Pros & Cons

With a company heavily involved in the innovation and development of virtual private servers and cloud hosting, here’s our in-depth DreamHost VPS review to help you... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
13 Best Web Hosting for SEO (2021) — How Websites Get Top Rankings

Boost Your Search Rankings with the Top Hosts for SEO

Believe it or not, the best web hosting for SEO can dramatically boost your visibility in search results beyond what simple keyword research can achieve. Features related... read more »
Posted On: 9/20/2019
15 Best: Web Hosting for Artists & Art Portfolio Builders 2021

A Look at the Top 15 Web Hosts for Artists to Showcase Portfolios

The woes of the struggling artists are nothing new, but the best web hosting for artists are setting out to reverse the stereotype. By enabling more and more painters,... read more »
Posted On: 9/15/2019
15 Best: Web Hosting for Developers — ASP.NET & WP Tools (2021)

Our Reviews and Top Picks for Developer-Friendly Hosting

As a fresh-faced student learning how to code table-based designs and using this new-fangled contraption called WordPress, finding the best web hosting for developers was... read more »
Posted On: 2/21/2020
15 Best: Web Hosting for Beginners 2021 Guide

Our Guide to the Top Web Hosts for Beginners

The best web hosting for beginners shows that launching a site isn’t just reserved for experienced developers. More and more people can get online in a breeze. The number... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
14 Web Hosting Security Best Practices (2021) — Top Hosts & Servers

14 Hosting Security Best Practices to Protect Your Online Presence

When we think about web hosting security best practices, it’s often in the context of when things go wrong. Multimillion-dollar security leaks involving exposed credit... read more »
Posted On: 6/3/2020
1&1 VPS Review 2021: Hosting Expert Ratings for 1&1 Servers

We Take 1&1's Virtual & Cloud Servers for a Spin — See the Results

Many budding web entrepreneurs see the wide range of cheap, entry-level shared hosting plans on the market as an easy way to get a foot in the door to the online business... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
"Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting" — Server Differences (2021)

Shared vs. Dedicated Hosting — Server Types and Differences

Comparing shared hosting vs. dedicated hosting is more than the obvious difference of how much each service costs — it entails guaranteeing the long-term success of your... read more »
Posted On: 7/9/2020
2021 Guide: How to Move a WordPress Site to a New Host (3 Steps)

Moving Your WordPress Site to a New Server or Domain in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to move a WordPress site, whether from one host to another or to a new domain name, can be a tedious process wrought with peril should something go wrong.... read more »
Posted On: 6/10/2020
Media Temple WordPress Review (2021 Rating)

Our Thoughts on WordPress Hosting with Media Temple

Combining the best-of-the-best when it comes to white-glove managed services and the undisputed king of content management systems, here’s our Media Temple WordPress... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
10 Best Website Builder & Hosting Reviews 2021

We Review and Rank the Best Site Builder Hosts for Every Niche

Finding the best website builder and hosting plans won’t necessarily change the world — but it just might save your online business. In fact, almost 60% of consumers... read more »
Posted On: 1/27/2020
What is a Web Hosting Account? — Get Started with a Host (2021 Guide)

A Beginner's Guide to Opening Your First Web Hosting Account

What is a web hosting account, you may ask? Well, when most people describe hosting to beginners, they employ the tried-and-true housing analogy: Shared hosting is like... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
HostPapa WordPress Review 2021: Hosting Rating with Pros & Cons

Our Review of HostPapa WordPress Hosting — See the Pros & Cons

With so many hosting providers creating services optimized for the world’s most popular content management system, let’s take an in-depth look at one with a HostPapa... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
8 Best "Hosting for Multiple Domains" — Host Multiple Accounts

2021's Best Services for Hosting Multiple Domains and Websites

With more than 355 million domain name registrations all over the world, where do you turn for the best hosting for multiple domains? Naming a website or online business... read more »
Posted On: 7/19/2021
10 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Reviews 2021

We Review WordPress-Optimized Hosting on Scalable Cloud Servers

Pairing speed and scalability with the world’s most popular platform for creating websites, signing up for the best WordPress cloud hosting will put you in good company.... read more »
Posted On: 7/20/2020
10 Best Website Design & Hosting Services 2021: Top Web Builders

Best-in-Class Website Design, Builder, and Hosting Packages of 2021

The best website design and hosting services are like two halves of a brain: combining the creative, artistic right side of the brain with the technology and science of... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
HostGator WordPress Review 2021 — Hosting Ratings From Web Experts

Our Honest Assessment of WordPress Hosting with HostGator

Looking for a HostGator WordPress review? You’ve come to the right place! Serving beginner to advanced WordPress users for more than a decade with its cheap, powerful,... read more »
Posted On: 7/14/2020
How to Get a Free Domain Name and Web Hosting in 2021

How to Get Your Domain Registration & Hosting in One Fell Swoop

Learning how to get a free domain name and web hosting seems like a remarkable bargain. After all, your custom domain name marks the beginning of a visitor’s journey to... read more »
Posted On: 11/18/2021
10 Best Web Hosting Support Reviews 2021 — Customer Service Hosts

5 Stars for Support: Find Out Which Hosts Excel at Customer Service

Seemingly every provider out there claims to have the best web hosting support teams. They’re supposedly available 24/7/365 and can quickly solve any issue you throw at... read more »
Posted On: 9/13/2019
Bluehost VPS Review (2021) - Bluehost Server Ratings By Hosting Experts

Our Experts Put Bluehost VPS Hosting and Cloud Servers to the Test

Although you may typically think of Bluehost as only for beginners and WordPress enthusiasts, our Bluehost VPS review aims to showcase the brand’s higher tier of... read more »
Posted On: 7/9/2020
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