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Our Latest How To's “WordPress” Review 2019: The Best Hosting Rated by Experts

What Our Experts Say About’s WordPress Hosting Plans

For the past few months, Empire troops have been clashing with Rebel forces in my kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and backyard. The battlefield is a treacherous place with the ever-present risk... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 5/23/2018
SiteGround "WordPress" Review & Hosting Rating (2019)

Our Experts Put SiteGround WordPress Hosting to the Test

Working with WordPress is supposed to be easy — one of many reasons the software is unanimously deemed the most popular website management platform on the market. When I first started using... read more »
By: Jennifer Young, 3/19/2018
InMotion VPS Review (2019) — Web Hosting Ratings From Our Experts

How Does InMotion Stack Up? We Rate the Cloud-Powered VPS Plans

From the moment InMotion Hosting Co-Founders Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson started a hosting company in their downtown Los Angeles office, they focused on two goals: thrill the customers with... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 11/6/2017
7 Best: vBulletin Hosting 2019 & Top Forum Community Services

The Best Hosting Solutions to Power Your vBulletin Forum

As a kid growing up just outside of Miami, I have fond memories of trekking through downtown on my way to the Orange Bowl — a hotdog in one hand and a large, teal foam finger on the other. In... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 4/9/2019
SSD vs. HDD — 5 Differences and How to Transfer Data

SSD vs. HDD: Comparing for Speed, Reliability, and Power Consumption

Time for a vacation! Most people opt for steady and usually reliable air travel when taking long trips, even with the threats of canceled flights or lost luggage. But what if teleportation could... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 10/30/2017
1&1 WordPress Review (2019): Best Hosting Plans & Expert Ratings

Test Drive: Revving Up Your Site With 1&1’s WordPress Hosting

Isaac Chenevey has been an avid practitioner of martial arts for nearly 30 years, and, for more than a decade, he’s been applying his deep knowledge of fitness to his role as a personal trainer.... read more »
By: Sean Garrity, 5/23/2018
SiteGround VPS Review (2019) — Server Host Ratings By Experts & Users

Our Experts Put SiteGround VPS Services Through the Ringer

Like Goldilocks, VPS hosting customers are happiest with server space that is “just right.” Shared hosting is too small, and dedicated servers are too big — but the scalable, flexible... read more »
By: Mark Jefferson, 1/11/2018
5 "Cloud Hosting vs. VPS" Differences 2019 — Top Cloud & Virtual Servers

Cloud vs. VPS Hosting 2019 — The Differences & The Best Services

As you begin the adventure of creating your own website, you’re faced with a seemingly never-ending maze of choices. Every one of these decisions makes a difference in the performance and... read more »
By: Laura Bernheim, 9/7/2018
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