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Tim Keary is a technology writer and reporter covering artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, enterprise technology, and web hosting. His writing has appeared on HostingAdvice, Techopedia, VentureBeat, Forbes Advisor, and other notable technology platforms, where he covers the latest trends and innovations in technology. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Kent and understands the value of breaking complex topics down into simple concepts for all readers.

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What Is Malware Protection? Guarding Your Digital Assets

Malware Protection: How to Guard Your Digital Assets

The annual cost of cybercrime amounts to roughly 9.2 trillion dollars, and cybersecurity experts predict this figure to grow to 15.6 trillion by 2029. Ransomware, a... read more »
Tim Keary
By: Tim Keary
6 Steps: How to Change Your Hosting Provider in 2024

Change Your Web Host in 6 Simple Steps

Fed up with your current hosting provider? Whether your website runs too slow, you’re paying too much, or you’re simply unsatisfied with the standard of service... read more »
Tim Keary
By: Tim Keary