Sharktech’s New Cloud Applications Platform Streamlines DevOps for Developers and Startups

Sharktech Cloud Applications Platform Simplify Devops

TL; DR: From top-tier security to affordable web and internet hosting, Sharktech has a history of providing innovative cloud solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and startups. It recently released a new solution, Cloud Applications Platform (CAP), to streamline the development and deployment operations for software, apps, games, and more.

Who remembers the game FarmVille? Yes, really: Bring yourself back to 2009 when the Flash-based Facebook sensation swept the internet, captivating everyone on your friend lists with virtual farms.

FarmVille was just the first of many games that drew in millions of people. Its parent company, Zynga, soon followed up with Words With Friends and Merge Dragons, which amassed more than 4 million daily active players.

Sharktech logo
Sharktech is an internet provider also specializing in web hosting and cloud application solutions.

But Zynga didn’t become the world’s most popular social game developer overnight; there was plenty of trial and error in its growth. Some of the most common issues developers from any industry face include an unreliable infrastructure, proper system and application integration, and finding the right project management software.

Solutions like Sharktech alleviate concerns like these.

The cloud provider recently released a new Cloud Applications Platform (CAP) that streamlines the entire process from development to operation for developers, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

And, unlike larger cloud providers that may offer standardized solutions, Sharktech prioritizes personalized service.

Empowering Developers and Startups

Sharktech has a history of providing innovative cloud-based solutions, including cloud hosting and DDoS protection.

Sharktech CEO and founder Tim Timrawi started Sharktech in 2003. While it’s headquartered in Las Vegas, its data center facilities are in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

In 2020, Sharktech partnered with OpenStack solutions provider Virtuozzo, a leading OpenStack solutions provider known for cloud management and virtualization services.

Moshin Rizwan, Vice President of Engineering for Sharktech, told us earlier this year, “We’re partnering with a cloud provider that is going to provide us with cloud software so we can go all-in on providing cloud services.”

Screenshot of list of Sharktech CAP features
Sharktech aims to make it easy for anyone interested in its new Cloud Applications Platform.

The cloud provider stuck to its word because Sharktech is back with a new Cloud Applications Platform that simplifies cloud infrastructure management, allowing easy provisioning of containers, clusters, and environments.

“Everything’s trending toward cloud services,” Mohsin said to us. “You buy your resources and deploy whatever you need, wherever you want.”

Streamlining Cloud Infrastructure Management

Sharktech’s Cloud Applications Platform solution is perfect for developers and startups that want faster development, reduced costs, improved uptime, and enhanced security — all in one place.

“You will not get much attention, customization, or account management from hyper-scalers. We can provide a more personalized solution to our customers and are ready to assist them along the way,” Tim noted.

Here’s what you can expect with Sharktech’s CAP:

  • Pricing model based on actual usage
  • Developer-centric focus
  • Supports all app and language types
  • Intelligent scaling with cost predictions
  • Quick creation and cloning with a user-friendly interface
  • IntegratedCI/CD tools for seamless DevOps
  • Robust security with two-factor authentication (2FA), backup, and strict protocols
  • Easy global migration and management
  • Round-the-clock support

Back to Zynga real quick: If Zynga used Sharktech’s CAP today, it could have scaled its infrastructure according to real-time needs to ensure optimal performance for its gaming applications. Its built-in DDoS protection could also guarantee the availability and stability of Zynga’s gaming platforms.

That’s because Cloud Applications Platform is designed with developers in mind. It offers tools that streamline the development process with integrated CI/CD tools, single-click management, and support for pretty much every programming language and framework.

Infographic displaying features specifically for developers
The Cloud Applications Platform supports several programming languages and frameworks, including Java, PHP, Python, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Whether you’re a game developer, a startup, or you’re creating an eCommerce platform or plugin, you need to be able to quickly deploy and scale your applications with the right amount of customization.

Sharktech lets users customize their cloud environment to meet the unique requirements of their businesses.

“I would say we’re mostly serving small businesses,” Mohsin said. “Our goal is to help small businesses know the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Aside from its scalable, secure infrastructure, Sharktech’s pay-per-use system is based on actual resource usage, which can be helpful for SMBs that need to manage costs closely.

With automatic scaling using Cloudlets and real-time resource adjustments, avoid overpaying for changing workloads — without experiencing downtime.

Delivering Next-Generation Solutions

Sharktech’s new platform simplifies DevOps by allowing for cost-effective, efficient scaling in dynamic environments. But that’s not the only thing its platform can offer. It’s also time for WordPress users to shine.

Traditionally speaking, WordPress specializes in shared hosting. Shared hosting is for small websites — portfolios, product stores, blogs, and the like.

Screenshot of draggable, pay-as-you-use calculator for Sharktech's CAP
No surprise fees here! Know what you’re getting and paying for with Sharktech’s pay-as-you-use model.

But Sharktech knows businesses need more than shared hosting: They need reliable uptime, improved security, and peace of mind features such as automatic updates.

VPS hosting is a good alternative, but to those who don’t know their way around a server configuration, setting up VPS hosting is not exactly a walk in the park.

Sharktech’s Cloud Applications Platform for WordPress offers automatic clusterization, optimized container technology, and vertical and horizontal scaling. It also offers automatic updates, improved security with isolated containers, and an easy-to-understand user interface (UI).

So, if you prefer to stick with the world’s leading content management system, Sharktech can cater to that, too.

“We’re not just trying to compete with hyper-scalers. We created this cloud solution for small and medium enterprises and MSPs specifically because we believe in our ability to provide a better solution,” said Tim. “This level of service we provide is why we stand out.”

Learn more about Sharktech’s Cloud Applications Platform — or, better yet, get a free consultation. The team will customize a quote so you’re not paying a penny more than what you need.