10 Best Web Hosts in Europe for 2024

10 Best Web Hosts Europe 2024

Latency is one of hosting’s greatest enemies, ranking up there with cyberattacks and server downtime. Although latency can’t completely take down a website like the other two, it can make the user experience so insufferable that you might want to shut the website down altogether.

Low latency should be a primary need on any website owner’s wishlist. It allows visitors to view webpages with quick loading speeds, encouraging them to stay on your website longer. Reducing latency is imperative to creating a good user experience. One of the best ways to do so is to rent from a web hosting provider with a data center near your location and your target audience.

If you need a server in Europe, you’re in luck. Below, we list the top 10 web hosts with European data center locations. Choosing a host from this list can help you on your journey to lower latency.


Smarthost logo

Smarthost is a Europe-based web hosting service. Founded in 2016, Smarthost has more than 12,000 satisfied customers and 21,000-plus domains. Its 52 servers, located in Poland, are available to users across the European Union.

Smarthost’s two primary hosting plans are premium SSD and NVMe Litespeed hosting. With these plans, users can access faster speeds, daily backups, cPanel, and constant uptime. Another highlight of Smarthost is that it keeps its prices stable. So no future price hikes.

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Cloud86 logo

Cloud86 is an independent European hosting provider. It distinguishes itself with its fast, affordable, and reliable hosting services, which have garnered rave reviews. More than 25,000 companies across 25-plus countries trust Cloud86 for their web hosting.

Cloud86 offers shared, VPS, and WordPress hosting. Among Dutch hosting providers, Cloud86 has the top average response time of 516 milliseconds. It also follows top security measures, offers a 99.98% uptime guarantee, and promises effortless website management. With a Cloud86 plan, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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fasthosts logo

Fasthosts is one of the top web hosts in the UK. Founded in 1998, Fasthosts has decades of experience in web hosting and configuring the best solutions for users. Since its launch, it has built quite a reputable platform. It manages more than 10,000 servers, powers 320,000-plus websites, and has helped customers register over 1 million domains.

Fasthosts offers a complete web hosting solution. It touches every base, from hosting packages and domain registration to email hosting and data protection. We also can’t forget to mention its environmentally friendly data centers. They run on 100% renewable energy and are located in the south of England, including London.

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OVHcloud logo

OVHcloud is a global cloud service provider with data center locations across Europe, including in Germany, France, England, and Poland. The OVHcloud team chooses its locations with customers in mind to ensure they receive the best security and performance. Customers can purchase bare metal servers or rent with VPS, dedicated, public cloud plans.

Robust cloud infrastructure is OVHcloud’s MO. Its powerful server network and enterprise-grade security can help users manage large databases and power Kubernetes application development. It also offers object storage and game servers.

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UpCloud logo

UpCloud provides world-class cloud infrastructure to help you power your projects. Users receive access to low latency services across the globe. European users can choose from data centers in Spain, Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany.

UpCloud offers in-demand cloud services, including load balancing, object storage, block storage, and database management. If you’re looking for a complete cloud solution, UpCloud should be on your shortlist.

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Dinahosting logo

Dinahosting is a green hosting provider that users can trust for sustainability and server power. It provides everything users need on their web journey, including domain registration, professional email, eCommerce, and hosting. Users searching for reseller plans can also use Dinahosting to start their business.

Dinahosting serves 194,000 users across 61 countries. Its data centers are headquartered in Madrid and provide users with 99.99% server availability. Dinahosting also offers unique add-ons. Users can seek out legal and technical advice from the Dinahosting team to help them create better websites.

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JustHost logo

JustHost is a web hosting company that offers design, support, and marketing capabilities. Its plans come with tons of free perks that are essential to the website journey. Users can expect a free domain name, website builder, email address, and marketing tools in their web hosting plans.

Powered by Bluehost, JustHost is also CMS-friendly. It offers support and 1-click installs of the most popular CMSes, including WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. JustHost has great unlimited features as well. Customers can host multiple websites, register various domains, and manage multiple email accounts on JustHost.

More About JustHost:

  • Founded in 2008
  • Hosts more than 1 million websites

Heart Internet

Heart Internet logo

Heart Internet offers award-winning web hosting services to customers in the UK and beyond. Since 2004, Heart Internet has provided affordable yet reliable hosting with expert customer support. Its customer support is at the core of its services and is available 24/7, ready to help users with any questions.

Besides its customer support, Heart Internet specializes in VPS hosting. Users can choose from unmanaged or managed VPS offerings, which are great for complex projects. It also offers high-end dedicated servers for mission-critical applications and WordPress hosting plans.

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Hosterra logo

Hosterra is home to ethical and sustainable hosting services. Based in France, Hosterra follows strict European data protection regulations and fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It also uses small, short-circuit servers to limit electricity and water consumption.

Hosterra does right by the planet and its customers. Its innovative solutions are secure, performant, and reliable. Users can find web hosting, email services, storage, and domain registration on its platform.

More About Hosterra:


Hetzner logo

Hetzner is a hub for web hosting, offering everything from shared hosting to colocation services. Users can find any server setup to fit their needs. If not, Hetzner also provides custom solution services to help businesses or developers build a hosting infrastructure tailored to their project needs.

Keeping up with demand, Hetzner offers GPU servers with Nvidia RTX for AI training and development. Hetzner’s data centers are in Germany, Finland, and the US. Hetzner operates its Europe-based servers under GDPR compliance.

More About Hetzner:

  • Founded in 1997
  • Facebook: Hetzner

Find the Host for You

Your choice of web hosting provider can make or break your website experience. Choosing the right data center location also plays into your web success. To avoid latency issues, website owners should purchase a hosting plan from a provider near their location or that of their target audience. Fortunately, web hosts exist and operate worldwide, so you won’t have to worry about moving your business to the other side of the globe.