Bold Reports Enables Companies to Visualize and Share Data With Report Management Solutions

Bold Reports Provides Secure Report Management Solutions

TL; DR: Bold Reports offers secure data reporting solutions to help companies visualize and share data with stakeholders. Its drag-and-drop report builder allows teams to build reports without a single line of code. Bold Reports also provides an embedded experience, allowing dev teams to embed its reporting software in their own solutions. We spoke with Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion, on how Bold Reports distinguishes itself from competitors, its capabilities, and data security.

In today’s tech environment, data lives everywhere. It also happens to long outlive applications. Companies can move with their data, migrating it to new tools and integrating it with other capabilities. Leaving an application doesn’t mean the end of a data stream.

Businesses now have so many different application needs, which shows why companies use an average of 80 external SaaS apps, according to CloudZero. A company may have one solution for its sales team and another for its DevOps. But with so many data sources, it can be challenging for teams to stay on the same page to advance business goals.

This is where reporting comes in. Detailed data reports allow stakeholders to understand what’s happening within a business. They help tie numerous overlapping data sources together in a uniform way for a unified picture. Bold Reports provides users with secure reporting software to visualize data and align company goals.

Bold Reports Logo
Bold Reports provides secure and embeddable data reporting solutions.

“Bold Reports is the meat and potatoes of what you need to get a good look at your data and keep up with it. When needs change and you’re tweaking things, you can ensure that all the stakeholders have a unified picture of what’s going on in a detailed and easy-to-share way,” said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion.

Bold Reports belongs to the Syncfusion family of software products. Its platform empowers teams to analyze data, gain critical insights, and make informed decisions. With Bold Reports, companies can connect to any data source, deploy anywhere, and visualize data from a 360° angle.

Bold Reports Gives Teams A Unified Picture

Bold Reports isn’t like every other reporting platform out there. The Syncfusion team has helped distinguish Bold Reports from its competitors with valuable differentiators. Not only is Bold Reports more reasonably priced, it is also cloud-neutral, embeddable, and user-friendly.

“We allow for reports to be built with a drag-and-drop interface, which is customizable. You can easily connect to any backend, consume it, and visualize it. It’s a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) report building experience. So it’s straightforward for many business use cases,” said Daniel.

Bold Reports’ Report Designer is a web-based builder that enables teams to transform data into insightful reports without using any code. The Syncfusion team created it so businesses can view data and go to market faster with their solutions. It also made its software more accessible to a broader audience that may not have the technical expertise or time to build reports with code.

A screenshot of Bold Reports webpage
Bold Reports allows companies to visualize all their data sources and distribute reports.

“Users get a quicker development experience. You can get to market faster. The business team can also view the data. They don’t have to wait for three months to get access to it. They can access it in a few hours,” said Daniel.

Another ease-of-use highlight is Bold Reports’ built-in engine for transforming data. Teams can use simple expressions and equations to perform calculations and create summaries. We can’t forget to mention Bold Reports’ cost-effective pricing. It offers several pricing options and does so by server instead of user.

“The per-user pricing model can be expensive, especially for small to mid-sized businesses. The per-server model is much easier because you can deploy it and then serve 500 users with that one server for fixed costs,” said Daniel.

Neutral Technology for Better Embedding Capabilities

Neutrality is a common theme across the Bold Reports platform. This characteristic allows Bold Reports to offer a more flexible product to its customers. For example, its platform is cloud-neutral, so users can have any cloud or server setup and leverage Bold Reports.

“We are cloud neutral, which has become important for many customers. We are not tied to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google, or any specific cloud. If customers want to deploy it in-house, away from public clouds, they can do so. If they want to deploy it on a major public cloud, they can,” said Daniel.

Bold Reports also uses the industry standard Reporting Definition Language (RDL) for its reporting capabilities. RDL’s open format allows companies to maintain long-term data in a cloud-independent form. So if they want to move their data to another reporting application, they will have the ability without any problems.

“Nobody’s locked into our product. So if we stop supporting Bold Reports, anybody with a reporting solution built on our software will not be left out in the cold. They can easily take another product and use it. And they won’t lose access to that data under any circumstance,” said Daniel.

Bold Reports’ neutrality comes into even more importance for its embedded reports. Its embeddable qualities enable developers to build its reporting software into their architecture and other client tools. Teams can use its free and clear licensing model to license for all their use cases. Bold Reports also stays updated with the latest frameworks, including JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular, to ensure a smooth embedding experience.

“We need to make sure that we can make our product available where our customers are headed. So we aim to keep the product technology neutral, so customers can use it better for whichever platform they’re deploying to,” said Daniel.

Configurable Security With Granular Permissions

The Syncfusion team built Bold Reports with security in mind. Data security is one of the greatest concerns companies have to combat in the current tech landscape. So Bold Reports’ ability to ensure security is a major win for its customers.

“Our product is configurable from a security perspective. With this full permission model, you can expose your reports purely internally, share them with outside stakeholders, make them public, or make them only accessible to a certain audience,” said Daniel.

Bold Reports’ granular permissions place security and data access control in the users’ hands. Its security and permissions layout also follow users into their embedded experience. “The web application itself is deployed over SSL. The data that is stored by the application is all encrypted. And so, from that perspective, it is as secure as possible,” said Daniel.

Bold Reports doesn’t skip compliance either. Syncfusion is SOC 2 certified and complies with all the latest standards. The team is currently working toward obtaining HIPAA compliance. Bold Reports has also been third-party tested for penetration to ensure the best security.

“We want to produce extraordinary value for customers so that they can benefit from it. They use it and recommend the product to other customers. And that’s how we grow as a company,” said Daniel.