10 Best Coding Boot Camps of 2024

10 Best Coding Boot Camps 2024

If you want to jump into tech quickly, coding boot camps may be your best bet. These short but comprehensive programs allow budding developers to learn the fundamentals of coding and hone must-have skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Before you know it, you’ll be primed and prepped for a career in tech. Many boot camps also provide invaluable career counseling and resources to help their students get off on the right foot after certification.

With so many programs to choose from, we’ll help you short list your choices with our list below. Stick around for the rundown of our top 10 coding boot camps of 2024.

App Academy

App Academy logo

App Academy offers software engineering boot camps to help students launch careers in tech. It designs its curriculum to allow students with little to no coding experience to join and become highly skilled developers. Since its launch in 2012, App Academy has had more than 5,000 students graduate from its programs.

Suppose you’re not entirely sold on coding. In that case, App Academy has a free boot camp prep course, which takes users along its “Intro to JavaScript” award-winning curriculum and assessments to test their skills. App Academy also pioneered the Income Share Agreement tuition model and has enabled thousands of people to get coding education without paying until they land the job.

More About App Academy:

  • Cost: $20,000 upfront and up to $31,000 with other plans
  • Job Placement Rate: 89% in 2021
  • Programs: Full-time and Part-time Software Engineering Immersives


Codesmith logo

Codesmith prepares students to be leaders in their workplace. Its curriculum and block-driven development help students learn to think critically and understand every part of the development process. Building coding projects is a fundamental part of the learning process.

Its programs are fully remote. The full-time immersive program is 13 weeks, and the part-time program is 38 weeks long. Codesmith also provides career support. Its career resources include résumé building, interview strategies, offer negotiation tips, and an extensive alumni network.

More About Codesmith:

  • Cost: Starting at $20,925 for immersive programs
  • Job Placement Rate: 80.1%
  • Programs: Full-time and Part-time Software Engineering Immersives, JavaScript for Beginners, and CS Prep

Le Wagon

Le Wagon logo

Le Wagon is one of the top-rated boot camps in the world. Based in Paris, Le Wagon offers enrollment and classes to people worldwide through its several on-site campus locations and online programs. Students can get started with Le Wagon with one of its free courses or jump into one of its immersive courses.

Le Wagon’s international presence has allowed it to build a rather extensive network with 1,000-plus hiring partners and alumni across 100-plus countries. Le Wagon provides students with the support and resources they need to launch successful tech careers.

More About Le Wagon:

  • Cost: Pricing varies with different financing options
  • Job Placement Rate: 90%
  • Programs: Web Development, Data Science and AI, Data Engineering, and Data Analytics

Tech Elevator

Tech Elevator logo

Tech Elevator allows aspiring developers to take the required steps to get the career they want. Its instructors are professionals who use their tons of experience, expertise, and insights in the tech industry to help students get ahead in their careers. Meanwhile, its curriculum features full-stack software development to help students learn in-demand skills.

Tech Elevator combines its comprehensive tech training with expert career support. Its Pathway Program offers one-on-one career coaching and access to employer connections. Students get the tools and resources to help them create standout portfolios, hone their interviewing skills, and succeed in the job market.

More About Tech Elevator:

  • Cost: $16,500
  • Job Placement Rate: 88%
  • Programs: Full-time or Part-time Full-Stack Software Development

Coding Temple

Coding Temple logo

Coding Temple is a highly ranked boot camp operating out of Chicago, Illinois. Each of its technical career pathways includes more than 100 hours of training with on-demand technical instructors and career coaches to provide students with life-changing education.

Coding Temple prioritizes personalized learning and one-on-one coaching so students can receive a superior and meaningful educational experience. It does so by limiting its monthly enrollments to 100 learners. At Coding Temple, students get to develop in-demand tech skills, build projects from scratch, and prepare for a career in tech.

More About Coding Temple:

  • Cost: Starting at $14,995
  • Job Placement Rate: 90%
  • Programs: Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Quality Assurance


Galvanize Logo

Galvanize allows learners of any skill level to get software training to transform their careers. Its Hack Reactor boot camps cover the fundamentals of coding in 19-week and 12-week live online courses, providing a specific curriculum for beginners and intermediate learners.

Galvanize instructors use their developer experience to provide mentorship and in-depth teaching for students. Its coursework challenges students to learn and work with leading technologies, including AI tools and GitHub, so they can enter the tech world with a competitive edge.

More About Galvanize:

  • Cost: $19,480
  • Job Placement Rate: 69.4% for beginners and 82.7% for intermediate
  • Programs: Software Engineering for Beginners and Intermediates

Rithm School

Rithm School Logo

Rithm School takes a hands-on approach to coding education with one-on-one advisory programs, small class sizes, and daily code reviews. Its 17-week coding boot camps cover all the building blocks of software engineering, from intermediate frontend development to computer science.

Rithm School helps students along their entire career journey from education to interview prep and job placement. Graduates can leverage personal career coaching in their job search. Rithm School offers tech interview prep, behavioral interview prep, job search and readiness, and alumni mentorship for all its graduates.

More About Rithm School:

  • Cost: $24,000
  • Job Placement Rate: 55%
  • Programs: Software Engineering

4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy Logo

4Geeks Academy is a coding boot camp with locations across the US, Europe, and the Americas. 4Geeks’ full-stack coding course offers three classes a week for 18 weeks to help learners reach their goal of becoming full-stack developers. No prerequisite courses needed.

Its curriculum is heavily project-based, and students are expected to build real-life applications almost every week. This hands-on approach enables learners to master Python, React, and JavaScript — three of the most popular languages in the world.

More About 4Geeks Academy:

  • Cost: $13,499
  • Job Placement Rate: 81%
  • Programs: Full-Stack Coding, Data Science and ML, and Blockchain and Web3 (coming soon)


Clarusway Logo

Clarusway promises job readiness within five to nine months. Students don’t need an IT background to apply. Its project-based learning and internships allow learners to gain practical experience and knowledge to succeed in their future careers. Clarusway graduates have gone to work for some of the best companies in the world.

Clarusway offers several training programs and courses, including specialized classes. Since most of its programs are for beginners, Clarusway dedicates a 3-month portion of its courses to teach its students foundational skills for their IT pathways. Students also receive 24/7 mentor support and career advancement resources.

More About Clarusway:

  • Cost: $13,800
  • Job Placement Rate: 91%
  • Programs: Cloud and DevOps Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Salesforce, and Advanced Prompt Engineering with Generative AI

Code Platoon

Code Platoon Logo

Code Platoon is a coding boot camp dedicated to helping military veterans, active duty service members, and their spouses land their dream jobs in tech. Although its admission process requires applicants to pass coding challenges, it offers a free intro to coding prep course to allow beginners to get up to speed with JavaScript basics and problem-solving skills.

Code Platoon provides multiple scholarship opportunities for its students, so they don’t have to worry about tuition. In 15 weeks, students will learn software development fundamentals and enroll in an apprenticeship to receive more practical insights and hands-on training. Code Platoon also offers career services so graduates can embark on their career journey with confidence.

More About Code Platoon:

  • Cost: $19,000
  • Job Placement Rate: 74%
  • Programs: DevOps and Cloud Engineering, Full-Stack Software Engineering

Join a Boot Camp for a Life-Changing Experience

Boot camps give students the ability to transform their lives in a matter of weeks rather than years. They may be fast-paced but offer focused and practical educational value. Students find everything they need to launch a successful career, from in-depth training to career support and resources. If you want to jump-start your career, a coding boot camp can help you do so.