10 Best Web Design Agencies in 2024

Best Web Design Agencies 2024

Many businesses have accelerated their digital transformation. But what happens after the company website and app arrives? About 97% of global C-suite executives believe digital transformation has only kept them on pace but hasn’t allowed them to get ahead with new growth and customer relevance.

This is where strategic design and meaningful digital experiences come in. Companies need to connect with their audiences to generate leads, and not any web product can do the trick. It’s a good thing that web agencies specializing in audience research, design, and brand strategy exist to create digital products and campaigns to capture your specific market.

Below, we list our 10 best web design agencies and discuss the benefits of collaborating with them. These agencies cover all things digital, from UX design to digital marketing campaigns. And, of course, our favorite — websites.

Momentum: Best for UX Design

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Clutch.co has named Momentum the world’s #1 UX Agency for seven years in a row. Momentum’s dedication to success is evident not only in its recognition and ratings but also in its culture and delivery. The agency helps a wide variety of clients, from early startups to Fortune 100, create powerful and engaging product and customer experiences.

The Momentum team forms deep relationships with its clients, working with them closely to deliver tailored results. It takes a holistic design approach that includes innovation design, experience design, and product engineering while also incorporating emerging technologies. Since its inception, Momentum has designed and developed more than 750 projects and created $50 billion in value.

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LLT Group: Best for Brand Identity

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LLT Group is a full-service, in-house digital agency that partners with its clients to design the best branding experiences for their needs. LLT’s focus is its clients, ensuring its finished products depict the clients’ vision and personality. LLT takes clients on a transparent and educational journey from scoping to development.

Working with a variety of industries, LLT has compiled a diverse portfolio. It develops complete and customized branding packages for every kind of business, from retail companies to software startups. Businesses can partner with LLT to design marketing initiatives, create complete brands, and develop websites, among other services.

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eDesign Interactive: Best for Visual Design

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eDesign Interactive puts soul and imagination into digital experiences and campaigns. It combines powerful storytelling, visual design, and technology to create interactive, eye-catching web experiences. Many of its designs use motion and unique blends of colors to engage users and draw them into the client’s world.

For more than 15 years, eDesign has been designing and developing visually appealing websites. The award-winning agency collaborates with its clients, who range from small businesses to enterprises, to create digital products to build brand awareness and audience engagement. eDesign has offices in the US and Europe.

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Bop Design: Best for B2B Experiences

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Bop Design is an award-winning web design agency that specializes in B2B experiences. The Bop Design team believes B2B doesn’t have to be boring and can have flare and personality too. Bop Design works with clients to shape their brands and create well-rounded digital presences with website design, content marketing, and branding.

Bop Design uses its experience and skills to develop custom-designed websites to generate leads and engage audiences. Since its team caters to the B2B industry, clients can rest assured that the team will understand their goals and deliver results.

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Creative Brand Design: Best for Full-Service Design

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Creative Brand Design takes a holistic but phased approach to website design. Its team works in phases to collaborate with clients on all aspects of the web journey, including design and branding, SEO, interactivity, and UI/UX design. Creative Brand Design also serves everyone, from aspiring business owners to enterprises.

Based in London, Creative Brand Design is one of the top agencies in the region, winning recognition from several industry associations. Its team consists of experts from every branch of the web development journey to ensure clients get high-performing and results-oriented web experiences to drive ROI and competitive advantage.

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GLIDE: Best for Customer Journey


Based in Austin, Texas, GLIDE has created stunning custom websites and digital experiences for more than 20 years. The team has garnered quite a résumé over the years. It is a HubSpot solutions partner and a WP Engine agency partner and has worked with companies across various industries.

GLIDE’s core focus is WordPress-based web development, but it also builds sites for Webflow, Shopify, and headless architecture. Its team uses a four-step process for web design, including user research, story framing, full visual design, and rapid iteration. This process allows GLIDE to deliver a personalized web experience showcasing the client’s brand and producing lasting results.

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Tiny Frog Technologies: Best for WordPress Sites

Tiny Frog Logo

Tiny Frog Technologies covers all the bases. Specializing in WordPress development, Tiny Frog does everything, including site design, WordPress repairs, web security, SEO, and accessibility. The team creates stunning, high-performing designs that leap off the page and convert visitors into leads. Tiny Frog starts its process with a UX web strategy to ensure every website produces the right results.

Since 2003, Tiny Frog has worked with clients to bring their vision to life. It also knows the necessities to make a WordPress website successful on the web. This is why the team prioritizes web security and performance optimization in its process. Its 5-point security protocol and repair services highlight its dedication to giving clients a long-term, responsive product.

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Dentsu: Best for Personalized Experiences

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Dentsu helps companies stay agile and future-proof their brands with integrated, human-centric solutions. Its portfolio comprises award-winning creative, media, and CXM campaigns to deliver personalized experiences. Founded in 1968, Dentsu has built a network of agencies and specialized expertise in consumer intelligence to create solutions that will help brands connect with their customers in any timeline.

Companies can stand firm in the face of an ever-evolving digital climate with Dentsu. It partners with its clients to create culture and innovate for the future in their respective product/service categories. Dentsu’s services are available worldwide, giving users a personalized and attentive experience wherever they are.

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Instrument: Best for Product Campaigns

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Instrument is a multidisciplinary creative company helping clients from concept to execution. Companies can use Instrument to build and activate brands and products through various digital channels and experiences. Working with some of the largest brands on the planet, Instrument allows brands to maximize the potential of their campaigns and prepare for the future.

Instrument’s extensive portfolio has made it top choice in its industry. Its six main offerings include brand expression, design systems, scalable content, product innovation, digital experiences, and campaign platforms. The Instrument team doesn’t play it safe and pushes boundaries to ensure companies get the best engagement and growth.

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Work & Co: Best for Digital Marketing

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Work & Co is a global digital creative agency with locations across the globe, including Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Rio de Janeiro. It works with clients to establish engaging digital experiences to transform their brands and win in the digital economy. The list of its capabilities is endless but includes brand strategy, data science, and UX/UI design, to name a few.

In recent news, Accenture Song agreed to acquire Work & Co in January 2024. Work & Co will join Accenture to bolster and reinforce Accenture’s commitment to meeting customers’ ever-evolving digital needs. This acquisition will also help businesses undergo digital transformation not only to survive but to thrive and stay ahead of the curve.

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Designs for Eye-Catching Results

Design plays a vital role in user experience. Creating a digital experience that will convert requires a blend of strategy and visual design. This is why hiring a web agency is so crucial. It can handle all the complex research, in-between work, and execution to create a website or application to wow your audience. Our top 10 list has a solution for everyone, whether you’re a small business owner or an enterprise leader.