CacheFly Partners With StreamGuys for a Transformative Breakthrough in Streaming Technology

Cachefly And Streamguys Unveil Streaming Breakthrough

TL; DR: CacheFly has set a new standard for scalability and throughput in the CDN and streaming industry with its latest technological advancement. Partnering with StreamGuys, CacheFly recently released an innovative video delivery solution that allows users to stream video content with ultra-low latency across all browsers and devices. This solution will enable viewers to watch live global events and other video content without performance hitches in less than a second.

Only a few things go into making a good video streaming experience for me: quality content, a proper video display, and low latency. All three are integral, but only one can disrupt my viewing experience within seconds. That’s latency. A video with continuous delays or long loading times will have me hopping off immediately and looking for a new streaming channel. By then, the content or display will have become irrelevant.

Our need for low latency highlights how our relationship with video has changed. At one point, we saw grainy and low-definition TV as a technological marvel. Today, 4K and ultra-HD videos have become the norm, and we won’t settle for anything less. But as it always has, technology continues to advance, raising our expectations with it.

According to Dacast, low video latency amounts to one to five seconds, while traditional television latency is 18 seconds. The average latency of an online video stream is six seconds, just above the low latency marker. Average latency has a little work to do to get to the low latency bar, but that isn’t anything new technology can’t fix.

CacheFly and StreamGuys logos
CacheFly and StreamGuys unveil a massive streaming breakthrough.

CacheFly and StreamGuys aren’t seeking to solve latency pain points but to blow them out of the water. Through a strategic partnership, the two teams have announced a significant breakthrough in streaming technology that will change how users view video.

Together, they created an ultra-low latency innovation that will allow users to watch content with delivery speeds below one second across all browser platforms and devices. This solution will help people all over the world connect faster and have a consistent viewing experience regardless of their setup, giving them more accessibility and freedom.

Ultra-Low Latency Video Delivery Below 1 Second

CDN solutions have never been more critical than in the age of streaming. Streaming services have officially surpassed every other viewing option, maintaining a firm grip on the consumer population in the US. Here are the numbers to back it up.

According to Digital Content Next, about 42% of the adults surveyed say streaming services are their preferred choice for video consumption. Cable and broadcast follow with 31% and 11%, respectively. These numbers help show the world is increasingly moving toward streaming and abandoning the traditional mediums of entertainment.

With more people streaming, making low latency the standard will become a crucial fight for service providers. Users will expect more as technology advances and entertainment becomes more diversified, with auditions such as real-time gaming and live events. Fortunately, companies like CacheFly and StreamGuys have risen to the task.

“This development is a testament to our relentless pursuit of leading-edge streaming technologies and our commitment to enhancing our industry-leading service offerings for our customers and partners,” said Matt Levine, CTO & Founder of CacheFly.

CacheFly and StreamGuys have accomplished a massive feat in the streaming and CDN industry. Their ultra-low latency video distribution, which comes in below a second, will only enhance the user experience and allow users to have unrivaled speed and efficiency across all their devices.

Eliminating the Need for Specialized Mobile Apps

It’s no surprise that CacheFly and StreamGuys created this solution, as they are both industry leaders in their respective fields. CacheFly provides incredibly efficient CDN services with top security, speed, and stability. StreamGuys is a trailblazer in media delivery solutions, providing various podcasting and live streaming services.

Through this partnership, the two teams used their extensive expertise and experience to create a much-needed solution in a market constantly searching for lower latency. A primary highlight of the release is its offer of simplicity. It simplifies streaming processes globally for broadcasters and content providers by eliminating the need for dedicated mobile applications.

“Achieving this level of integration marks a pivotal moment in our mission to ensure universal access to superior streaming experiences,” said Drazen Dodig, CEO of CacheFly.

CacheFly Network Map
CacheFly has an extensive content delivery network that spans six continents.

The ultra-low latency distribution will be available across PC, Linux, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone devices. Making it compatible with all these platforms will allow users to enjoy synchronized and flawless streaming without the need for specialized mobile apps so users can stream in less than a second just like that.

CacheFly’s integrated technology guarantees a consistent experience for users everywhere. This solution will also open doors for iOS users. With new support for iOS devices, users won’t have to juggle different apps to distribute and watch content faster.

“iOS17’s support for MMS opens a new chapter for ultra-low latency streaming, filling a previously unbridged gap for iOS users. Our collaborative solution with CacheFly significantly lowers entry barriers, promoting broader adoption of ultra-low latency video and audio streaming globally,” said Eduardo Martinez, VP of Technology at StreamGuys.

Global Live Streaming Without a Single Hitch

Watching an event in real time, especially with a live chat, can make you feel like you’re truly a part of the event. But when latency issues arise, they can completely disrupt the user experience, leaving you feeling less connected.

Technology connects us but only when it works. CacheFly and StreamGuys help ensure this connectivity with their video delivery technology. CacheFly’s browser-based video delivery and global network allow users to consistently attend under-a-second global live events without hitting a performance wall.

CacheFly can handle more than 1 million concurrent viewers simultaneously, enabling viewers to watch real-time action without delays or low video quality. Whether it’s a sporting event or an eLearning lecture, CacheFly has the tools to power the perfect experience.

As for adopting the new technology, CacheFly’s VP of Sales Edward Fitzgerald assures customers that integrating the innovation will be seamless. He also highlighted that technical teams will be on standby to demonstrate the new capabilities and facilitate integration without requiring system changes.