Cohesity Transforms Data Protection With Innovative Data Management and Security Platform

Cohesity Data Security And Protection

TL; DR: Introducing Cohesity, whose cloud protection and security products are at the forefront of today’s cybersecurity solutions. Dale “Dr. Z” Zabriskie, Field CISO of Cohesity, tells us about how Cohesity’s Data Cloud product provides cutting-edge data management and security solutions with a single platform with AI/ML threat detection through solutions, including DataHawk, DataProtect, and FortKnox.

As do many people, I have an antivirus scanner on my computer, two-factor authentication for all my accounts and devices, and a VPN so unauthorized parties can’t track my data and location.

But if you rewind a few years, I had no safeguards. It wasn’t until my credit card number was compromised in a data breach and my Social Security number was used to open a loan in my name that I began researching cybersecurity.

It took me months to secure my identity again, and it was an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. That’s why I’m excited to write about Cohesity.

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Cohesity is your one-stop-shop for cloud data management and security.

As its name may imply, Cohesity is a cohesive one-stop platform for your data management and security needs — but Dale “Dr. Z” Zabriskie, Field CISO of Cohesity, said it best: “Cohesity is designed as a distributed file system, adaptable to any platform, whether on-premises or in the cloud. We assist companies in managing and, more importantly, protecting their data.”

Cohesity takes cutting-edge technology a step further with Cohesity Data Cloud. Cohesity Data Cloud is a unified platform with AI/ML threat detection and cloud security to protect and defend against the internet’s constantly evolving threats.

A Cohesive Framework for Data and Security

Ask any information technology or security expert, and they’ll probably tell you they hate silos.

Silos are isolated points in a system where data is kept separately from other parts of the organization’s architecture and can cause problems, such as receiving inaccurate or incomplete data.

Cohesity Data Cloud keeps all your data securely managed in one unified platform, reducing your risk of cyberattacks, data breaches, and the frustrating high costs commonly associated with unauthorized access to a network or computer system.

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Cyberattackers are getting smarter. See how Cohesity can help.

“The cloud has matured to the point where organizations can safely put data in the cloud and back it up — yet, some people are afraid to trust it,” Dr. Z remarked. “We want customers to know the cloud is a lot safer than other methods of storing your information, and now there’s a way to do it all in one spot.”

The SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform seamlessly scales and integrates with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to manage your entire data ecosystem across different datacenters and cloud environments. You can also connect Cohesity Data Cloud to your other tools to streamline your operations.

In other words, Cohesity Data Cloud enables effortless search and visibility across your organization’s classified and tagged data.

Cohesity Data Cloud also comes with Zero Trust Security, ensuring data safety through in-flight and at-rest encryption, immutability, WORM (Write Once, Read Many), RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and AI/ML to detect potential threats.

These are just highlights of what Cohesity Data Cloud includes. More specifically, you can access a product portfolio, including Cohesity DataProtect and Cohesity DataHawk, which offer comprehensive protection and recovery for your data and information.

Employing AI/ML to Detect and Prevent Threats

As the internet evolves, so do its criminals. AI/ML has played a pivotal role in enhancing online protection — especially against ransomware, the number one threat in cyberspace, costing $20 billion in global damage.

Cohesity DataHawk is designed for AI/ML-powered data classification, safety, and recovery. It features a Security Center that streamlines the management and response to threats, including ransomware.

“More organizations want to use large language models to get certain information and make their service experience more effective and efficient,” said Dr. Z. “AI/ML can help fine-tune their experience with data management and security.”

One of Cohesity DataHawk’s most impressive features is Intelligent Threat Protection, which harnesses more than 100,000 AI/ML-trained ransomware and threat behavior patterns for in-depth security monitoring.

Here’s how it works: Cohesity DataHawk monitors your data infrastructure in real time and uses AI/ML to analyze the behavior of applications, users, and devices to identify anomalies quickly. For example, Cohesity DataHawk will raise an alert if there’s a sudden spike in data access or an attempt to modify classified documents.

DataHawk's Figure 1: Identify Potential Data Exfiltration with Behavior Analytics
Cohesity DataHawk uses learned behavior analytics to identify potential threats by recognizing established attack techniques commonly associated with ransomware strains.

With its trained ransomware and threat behavioral patterns, Cohesity DataHawk can identify known attack techniques and signatures commonly used by ransomware strains. Common ransomware behaviors include attempted file encryption that requires a decryption key inaccessible to the organization or user. In the event of a potential threat, Cohesity DataHawk can employ automated response actions.

But that’s not all: You also get access to Cohesity FortKnox, a high-security cyber vault for safeguarding data against cybersecurity threats.

“We wanted to take it a step further with Cohesity FortKnox, which is basically when the user decides, ‘I’m going to put some serious controls around this data and put it where the sun doesn’t shine,’” Dr. Z quipped. “You can rest easy knowing nobody’s going to get to it, and there are several layers of protection.”

The Path Forward to Embracing Cloud Hosting and Protection

There’s no denying that cloud security and protection is a hot topic right now.

Cohesity DataProtect is another solution that brings more to the table. It’s a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution that’s your go-to protector in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Dr. Z emphasized that protection and recovery are all about resiliency, which is why DataProtect allows you to quickly recover your data in minutes — not hours — from a single user interface, regardless of where it’s stored or the cause of the problem.

A screenshot from Cohesity's DataProtect page
Cohesity DataProtect offers comprehensive privacy, protection, and security.

That’s why Cohesity DataProtect is more than just a backup tool. Instead, also consider it your insurance policy against data loss.

“Ransomware is a big issue right now, but it could be a natural disaster, a misconfiguration, or a well-meaning employee who makes a mistake,” Dr. Z said. “A lot can bring a system down, and it’s all about how fast you get back up and running.”

Thanks to fully hydrated snapshots, continuous data protection (CDP), and flexibility that lets you exceed your service level agreements (SLAs), downtime is a thing of the past. As we progress through the Information Age, cloud protection and security, with tools like AI/ML and Zero Trust, have become the golden standard to combat evolving cybercriminals and data compromises.

Stay ahead of ransomware and cyber threats, and try Cohesity for free today.