Liquid Web Celebrates 25 Years of Commitment to Customer Support and Reliable, Highly Performant Hosting

Liquid Web Simplifies Hosting Serving As A Trusted Technology Partner For Smbs

TL; DR: Liquid Web serves as a trusted technology partner for SMBs by delivering a simplified, affordable hosting environment paired with stellar customer support. Its emphasis on simplicity has helped many small businesses build, manage, and scale websites and storefronts confidently. The Family of Brands, including Liquid Web’s managed hosting plans and Nexcess’ accessible WordPress packages, continually innovates its technology platforms to answer customer needs and offer the latest capabilities. One of its most recent releases, a private cloud solution, offers users best-in-class security, control, and versatility backed by a highly available virtualized environment.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates. Running a business takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and any added hassles can cause cracks in efficiency. Among the things small business owners need to manage is their online presence. Many brands rely on their websites as the primary source of revenue and traffic. According to Zippia, 71% of small businesses own a website, with eCommerce sales accounting for 18% of global retail sales.

But keeping a website chugging along can be a challenging task for a less technical audience, especially for business owners who don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated IT staff. Choosing the right hosting provider can make the difference between being a well-oiled machine with tons of traffic or an engine with multiple breakdowns along the way.

Liquid Web helps small to midsize businesses operate smooth hosting experiences that translate to high efficiency on the front and backend.

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Liquid Web has simplified hosting and provided Heroic Support for millions of users for 25 years.

“All of our efforts and strategies are focused on helping small businesses make money online,” said the Liquid Web team. “Across our Family of Brands, we’re innovating products and services that address the trends toward simplification seen in the marketplace and on delivering the best experience in hosting.”

With Liquid Web as a partner, businesses can lead their online storefronts with confidence. The hosting group makes it a priority to deliver simple, secure, and high-performing website experiences. As Liquid Web celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, its mission remains the same — equipping SMBs with the tools to accelerate their growth and maintain success.

“Our North Star, our strategic vision, is to continue to simplify online commerce — in all its forms — for new and existing online merchants by leveraging open-source solutions riding on our infrastructure, our software assets, our industry expertise, and our world-class technical support,” said the Liquid Web team.

An Emphasis on Simplified Hosting Experiences for SMBs

For 25 years, Liquid Web and its Family of Brands have delivered technology, services, and support to small businesses and the agencies assisting them with their web development. Liquid Web, Nexcess, and StellarWP, which are all under Liquid Web’s management, handle more than 500,000 sites and support more than 175,000 paying customers and over 2.5 million free version software users.

Liquid Web sets out to simplify hosting for its customers across its brand platform. The Nexcess team specializes in creating WordPress products that are easily accessible with a simple user experience. This way, users can manage and build with peace of mind. Its streamlined solutions also allow web creators to develop, launch, and maintain multiple websites and stores across their client base.

“Our specific differentiation here is integrating WordPress with hosting optimized for speed and security; providing administration and performance tools we’ve built; surrounded by a support organization who knows both the platform and the application,” said the Liquid Web team.

The Liquid Web team has also delivered its goal of simplicity by “SaaS-ifying” its hosting and CMS experience. The company acquired several of the world’s leading WordPress commerce software companies and used these assets to create cloud-based, wizard-driven site and store-building capabilities. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, its community has helped open up more avenues of opportunity for Liquid Web to enable digital commerce for SMBs.

“In 2021, we launched our first SaaS-like customer experience for buying, building, and managing an online store with a product called Store Builder. And recently, we launched our first SaaS-like product LearnDash Cloud,” said the Liquid Web team.

Private Cloud Solutions Built to Optimize IT Infrastructure

Liquid Web’s managed hosting is a go-to resource for many online brands to power their websites and simplify their workflows. Users can leverage various hosting plans, whether a straightforward VPS package or a highly scalable, sophisticated cloud solution. One thing Liquid Web’s plans all have in common, though, is their ability to help customers grow their business, and that’s exactly what its Private Cloud solution sets out to do.

“Our service, compared to enterprise providers, is typically 30% cheaper. When married with the latest VMware features and upgrades and deeply responsive support, it provides an efficient and reliable platform that enables SMBs to scale growth and accelerate their digital transformation,” said the Liquid Web team.

As the private cloud emerges as a popular choice among consumers, Liquid Web offers its features as a way to optimize IT infrastructure for SMBs. Liquid Web has also made private cloud accessible for small businesses by making its plans more affordable with Predictable Resource-Based Pricing. Its VMware/Private Cloud solution is built on fully redundant enterprise-grade hardware with automatic failover to ensure uptime for business-critical workflows.

The Private Cloud is available on multitenant infrastructure or in a build-to-order dedicated environment. It makes scaling easier by leveraging additional web nodes with file replication and load balancing to accommodate more traffic. Liquid Web’s managed private cloud plan also allows users to offload technical work while receiving the benefits of increased control, security, and versatility.

“Private Cloud helps growing businesses to seamlessly transition from traditional hosting to a more secure, highly available virtualized environment, and also enables current VMware users to easily migrate their existing workloads to a more cost-effective and fully managed hosted infrastructure,” said the Liquid Web team.

A Legacy of the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®

One of Liquid Web’s greatest lifetime achievements is its Heroic Support. The company’s long-standing, standout customer support experience has made a pronounced impact on the hosting industry. Although Liquid Web has already solidified its reputation, the team continues to build on that success, further improving its support services.

“So, as we add products and expand our services, we invest in training our teams to help customers activate, onboard, and manage. It’s part of our strategy to be the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®,” said the Liquid Web team.

Heroic Support
Liquid Web’s customer support team stands on the mission to be the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting®.

The Liquid Web team said its passion is the millions of small and mid-size businesses and developers who help them build their websites. These businesses don’t have the resources to have a dedicated IT staff. So Liquid Web steps in to support them with the tools and assistance they need to execute their vision. The team is always on standby, ready to help, even with complex projects or solution building.

Besides training its staff to keep up with industry best practices, Liquid Web also listens to customer feedback to produce a better hosting environment for its audience base.

“We’re continually adding features and solutions to help our customers grow. We’ve also added products that we want every customer to have, like Acronis Cyber backups, our external backup solution that provides encrypted incremental and full-server backups stored safely in the cloud,” said the Liquid Web team.

Improving Energy Practices and Standout Releases

Liquid Web has also made ground in creating more eco-friendly operations. It recently won the “Million Kilowatt Hour Efficiency Partner” Award for the third year in a row for its efforts to eliminate power-hungry equipment and patterns. Liquid Web installed highly efficient HVAC systems to drive Power Usage Effectiveness below industry benchmarks of 1.3. It also saved 70% in lighting costs by completing a company-wide lighting change to LED.

“We continually work to upgrade and consolidate legacy platforms into modern equipment, which helps us increase compute per square foot and compute per kilowatt of power usage,” said the Liquid Web team.

In addition to consolidating and increasing computing power, the team also looks to improve server performance with better hardware equipment. These plans include eliminating single points of failure and ensuring power and cooling systems are always functional, which translates to uptime. All these projects are focused on delivering an optimal customer experience.

“We continue to believe we can lead in providing simplified, highly performant, secure, curated solutions to accelerate SMBs and creators getting, staying, and growing online. We take great pride in being a trusted technology partner for our small business owners and the designers, developers, and agencies who create for them globally,” said the Liquid Web team.