iScanner Enhances Document Quality and Helps Users Scan on the Go with AI-Powered Application

Iscanner Uses Ai To Transform Scans Into Professional Looking Documents

TL; DR: Document scanning has become common in our increasingly digital world. People use it to upload documents for several purposes, such as job onboarding, real estate closings, and database transfers. But users often have to overcome angling and lighting issues to get the perfect frame. iScanner helps users easily scan professional-looking documents with its AI-powered document scanning and management platform. The app leverages AI to remove imperfections and allows users to edit PDFs. We spoke with Irina Rogachova, Brand Strategist of iScanner, about the platform, its support for the paperless movement, and how customer feedback influences its development.

Paper has been a part of every aspect of society for centuries. Paper, which was invented in China in 105 AD using textile rags, has been used for everything from helping document history and create literary marvels to facilitating the mundane, such as financial transactions and real estate dealings. Even the most technological industries still use paper in some fashion. Since the first paper mill was built in 1690 in Pennsylvania, paper has helped record every process within the US.

But the end of paper’s dominant 2,000-year run may be in sight. With the world leaning fully into digital transformation, almost every service now offers a paperless option. Banking statements, car notes, and medical records are just a few things to go paperless in the last decade.

People are also asked to scan more documents to upload to online databases. Document scanning has become a primary way to send and save paperwork. But it isn’t always the most seamless process. It often involves overcoming lighting issues, skewing, blurs, and other challenges to get the perfect digital frame.

iScanner Logo
iScanner offers an AI-powered document platform to help users scan easily on the go.

The team behind iScanner understands scanning and that getting the most polished look for your document isn’t always easy. That is why iScanner has developed an AI-powered document management and scanning platform to help users get the most professional-looking copy every time, no matter where they are.

“With artificial intelligence, we can do the outer detection of borders to streamline multipage document scanning so it goes faster. And you don’t have to do any of this manually. On-the-go difficult situations are also included in the algorithm to make it easier on the user,” said Irina Rogachova, Brand Strategist of iScanner.

Leveraging AI to Get More Out of Document Scanning

Artificial intelligence has transformed so many processes and document scanning is just the latest challenge. AI has helped iScanner make the scanning process much simpler and has also made more capabilities possible. Not only does it help remove imperfections, but it also helps edit documents.

“​Our users depend on us to make their business documents look professional. So we set a bar for our team to eliminate all imperfections, some you can’t imagine when you scan something,” said Irina.

iScanner has trained its AI algorithm to meet the various needs of its users by creating options for different environments, angling, lighting, and other scanning conditions. Whether you take a scan of a document in your hand or on a small table at the park, iScanner can ensure it comes out right and looks like an actual digital PDF.

AI Finger Eraser Feature
iScanner leverages AI to enhance scans and erase blemishes.

The iScanner team’s research has also allowed them to develop a set of features to correct any mishaps, including blurs and shadows. Irina’s favorite is the finger eraser, which erases captured fingers from your scans and replaces them with the document’s original background.

“Our latest update is an Ask AI feature, which is based on ChatGPT. And basically, it helps people summarize, proofread, ask questions, rewrite, and do anything you want with the content of your documents,” said Irina.

The iScanner app allows users to do a lot with their content, including extracting text, numbers, and images to reuse for other documentation. It also enables signatures and stamping. Irina said iScanner facilitates the complete cycle from scanning physical documents to analyzing and editing digital PDFs.

“We have seen a huge response from our community for our app because it makes everything so seamless. The process of working with documentation without jumping from one app to another is just so valuable,” said Irina.

Supporting a Paperless Future

Since paper is essential in almost every industry, iScanner has become a popular tool for people from all walks of life. And you can see it in the number of users. iScanner has helped more than 100 million users in 158 countries scan and save a document in under five seconds. Irina said the app is mainly used for professional use.

“People rely on us for their business, like 40% of our US users are small business and freelancers who can’t afford corporate resources. So iScanner provides them with the tools to get professional-looking documents,” said Irina.

Irina also said iScanner works with many heavy paper-dependent industries, including education, insurance, real estate, medical, and government. But the heavy paper use isn’t something the iScanner team ignores.

iScanner is celebrating Paperless Month with a special “Think Before Printing” stamp.

“We try to go more paperless. And we are paying attention to that and trying our best to teach people to eliminate this printing habit,” said Irina.

Irina told us that most of the time, people don’t have to print and can choose to edit documents digitally instead. But it’s all about establishing good habits. Sustainability is one of iScanner’s core values, and it works with other users to spread the word about the benefits of paperless workflow.

On November 6, iScanner released a feature to help raise awareness and celebrate World Paper Free Day. “We launched a special paperless stamp, which can be added to your scans, so people can think before they print. It’s just a small but useful tool for our users to spread the word,” said Irina.

Creating New Features Based on Customer Feedback

The iScanner team continues to work hard to deliver on customer expectations and meet any user challenges with specific tools. Customer feedback is an integral part of its development process. And the team draws a great amount of inspiration from users.

One of iScanner’s latest features serves as an excellent example. One iScanner user owns a window-changing company and leverages its area mode scanner to measure window dimensions. But he wanted a way to visualize his models for his clients to preview. After he spoke with the iScanner team, they realized he needed a 3D plan PDF, and that’s how the feature came to life.

A photo of 3D plan tool
iScanner’s latest solution helps users map and visualize their rooms.

“We have these small businesses dependent on us. While the core is documentation, these different areas that we also can provide make iScanner a full thing,” said Irina.

The iScanner team also plans to optimize its PDF editor by improving text alignment and providing more profound editing capabilities.

“You will also see more function-based web versions so users can scan on the phone and drop into the web to edit. This will make editing easier since huge, long documents make more sense on bigger screens. So these are areas we’ll be exploring next,” said Irina.

Users can download iScanner for free on Google Play or the App Store.