10 Best DIY Website Blogs of 2024

10 Best Diy Website Blogs Of 2024

I’ll admit: My first website was a total wing-it job. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic, and much like everybody else, I was bored and needed something to put my creative energy into. So I created a blog. But developing a website from scratch on my own didn’t come without its struggles, especially as a first-time WordPress user.

Thankfully, with the power of the internet, I discovered tons of blogs and videos to help me along my journey, whether it was an in-depth YouTube tutorial about a WordPress plugin or a short post on the best SEO practices. After two weeks (and a couple of stress-induced breakdowns later), I had my very own piece of virtual real estate fully published and set up on the World Wide Web.

If you’re thinking about DIY-ing your website, don’t worry about scouring the web for tips and tricks. We have a list of the top 10 blogs to inform your website-building process throughout your journey. Whether you’re a skilled web developer or an amateur website builder user like me, these blogs can help you create a stunning finished product with all the bells and whistles.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Logo

Smashing Magazine provides practical advice and informative content to help web developers create smashing websites. Its blog has specific categories for different topics, ranging from JavaScript and CSS to web design and UX. So users can easily hop on its site and find what they need to develop their websites.

Smashing Magazine writers cover the full spectrum of website building. Their articles offer information on best practices, SEO, accessibility, and privacy. Smashing Magazine also has tons of inspo pieces, including recommendation guides, freebies, and checklists to help users jump-start their brainstorming engines.

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Ryan Robinson

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Ryan Robinson has helped more than 330,000 bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs learn how to create successful blogs, whether as a side hustle or a full-blown business. His platform not only focuses on how to launch a blog but also how to monetize and run it as a business.

If you see your website as a path toward self-employment, Ryan Robinson’s insight and blog posts will empower you to get there. Browse and read through how-tos and articles on content marketing, SEO, monetization tactics, and business. You can also find articles with tailored advice for your specific niche and needs.

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Hongkiat Logo

Hongkiat is an information hub for all things website development and design. Its articles cover a wide range of topics across multiple experience levels. Whether you’re an advanced web developer or a beginner, Hongkiat can be a great place to learn more about web development.

Hongkiat offers product roundups, how-tos, and guides to assist users in web-building projects. Users can browse for the best WordPress themes, learn how to save images, and customize their design layouts all in one place.

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A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand Logo

A Better Lemonade Stand offers critical insights and strategies to help people develop better online businesses and digital products. A lifelong entrepreneur, Richard L. created A Better Lemonade Stand as an eCommerce blog and has since expanded into digital products and AI.

A Better Lemonade Stand tackles a variety of topics but focuses primarily on web design and content creation. Head to Richard’s blog and find advice on SEO strategies, marketing, and eCommerce. He also dives into practical subjects, such as how-tos and platform reviews.

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WebdesignerDepot Logo

WebdesignerDepot’s name says it all. Since 2008, the blog has published the latest news, compilations, and teachings on web design, placing it at the heart of the design industry. It has also covered the rise of major industry trends, including responsive design and mobile web, and the importance of UX design.

WebdesignerDepot doesn’t skip over the details, making it an excellent resource for comprehensive understanding and assistance. Its writers lend advice on everything from font choices, security practices, design tools, and SEO. If you need inspiration or a simple tutorial, WebdesignerDepot is for you.

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Jane Friedman

Headshot of Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman is your guide to content creation. Her blog primarily focuses on book publishing and writing but has numerous valuable tidbits of insight to help users create engaging and quality content. If you plan on starting a blog, Jane’s posts and newsletters can help you along the way.

While contributing to Writer’s Digest and running her blog, Jane has compiled an extensive repertoire of articles over the years. For blog owners, her articles on target audiences, writing techniques, storytelling, and research can help enhance your content in new ways. Take a read, and you might be elevating your writing practice in no time.

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Victoria Drake

Headshot of Victoria Drake

Victoria Drake has worn many hats in the software development field, putting her in a prime position to offer the best advice. Over her decade-long career, she has led engineering projects, mentored programming students, and consulted businesses on various tech-related topics.

Victoria’s blog provides information on multiple subject areas, including cybersecurity, Python, coding, and privacy. Readers can easily navigate to her website-building articles by clicking on the category button to browse posts on responsive design, static sites, and digital resilience.

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Themeisle Logo

Themeisle is the spot for WordPress tutorials and tips. Its expert column helps beginners and advanced users navigate the complex world of WordPress, from eCommerce and social media integration to quick bug fixes and plugin reviews.

Beginner WordPress users don’t have to feel intimidated by the website-building process with Themisle. Its step-by-step guides show users how to create their websites from scratch and even go beyond web development with tips on blogging and SEO. Themeisle also reviews and tests web hosts to help users discover the perfect plan for their needs.

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Envato Tuts+

Envato Logo

Envato Tuts+ is a skill-sharing platform for users who want to learn creative skills in an accessible, online environment. Its website has thousands of tutorials led by industry experts and offers both video and written how-tos. Visitors can sign up for courses, read beginner guides, and check out product recommendations.

Envato Tuts+ provides teachings on multiple subjects. As for website owners, its code and web design categories would be great starting points. Dive into Envato Tuts+ collection of tutorials and articles and learn more about web design.

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Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq Logo

Creative Bloq provides a space for art and design inspiration. Its blog has news on the latest trends, technology, and design practices. Besides its academic UX course, Creative Bloq also has a collection of articles teaching users to design logos, improve technique, and choose the best tools.

Creative Bloq has plenty of places from which to draw inspiration. Its mainstay “A day in the life” column follows industry leaders and provides real-life advice for navigating the ups and downs of creative work. Whether you want to learn about a new design tool or read inspirational stories, Creative Bloq is your spot.

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Tutorials and blogs played a massive role in helping me create my first website. And I’m sure they can help you DIY your own. Each of our top 10 blogs offers valuable tidbits and covers a broad scope of website-building topics, from backend components such as design and plugins to frontend elements, including SEO and content marketing. Choose one to follow or maybe browse a few. And, of course, happy website building!