10 Best Data Management Platforms in 2023

10 Best Data Management Platforms In 2023

Data, as simple as the word sounds, has made a world of difference for companies. It has transformed how businesses do everything, from product development, customer service, and employee relationship management. The insights retrieved from big data have allowed companies to make informed decisions to increase quality in every facet of their operations.

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As businesses accumulate data by the masses, managing it has become more complicated. Users often struggle to connect their data sources and organize raw data for analysis. Here is where data management platforms come in. These nifty solutions provide businesses with the capabilities to quickly extract and prepare raw data for storage while helping them with analysis and insights.

Below, we list the top 10 data management platforms on the market in 2023. If you need help finding a solution, join us and read along.

Easy is probably the first word you want to see when it comes to data management. And this platform can definitely help you simplify your management. Panoply is a no-code cloud data platform that allows users to connect and analyze all their data sources in one place.

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Panoply prioritizes simplicity and organization. It automatically stores raw data in analysis-ready tables, provides workbenches for visualization, and updates dashboards and BI tools with fresh data insights. Companies won’t have to do much manually with Panoply as a data management partner.

More About Panoply:

  • Offers a 21-day free trial, no credit card required
  • Won the award for “Easiest to Use” from G2 for the Summer of 2023
  • Connects data sources in a few clicks and schedules collections to keep data fresh

Hevo enables businesses to extract, load, and transform data from more than 150 locations. Its ETL platform automates and unifies data sync to give users a complete data warehouse with zero maintenance required. Hevo shoulders your data burdens so your business can become data-driven.

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Companies can quickly improve their business intelligence with Hevo. Since teams don’t have to focus on developing their data pipelines, they can use that time to concentrate on decision-making. Hevo also allows businesses to scale with minimal latency and integrate their data in near real time. Try Hevo if you want data management without all the fuss.

More about Hevo:

  • Serves more than 2,500 organizations worldwide, including Abbott, Deliverr, and Betway
  • Ensures data security with end-to-end encryption and adherence to compliance standards
  • Allows companies to get data where and when they need it with 150-plus app integrations

Talend is a jack of all trades in the data space. Its end-to-end platform weaves together the complete data fabric, including data integration, quality, and governance. This way, businesses can organize their data environments and get a full grasp of what’s happening across their ecosystem.

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Talend helps businesses understand their data so they can get better value from it. Users don’t have to worry about doing data analysis from scratch. Talen supports data needs at any scale or complexity level. With Talend, users can extract gold from their data sources to improve business outcomes in every facet of their business.

More About Talend:

  • Serves more than 7,000 customers, including Lenovo, Toyota, and Domino’s
  • A cloud-independent solution that can work seamlessly across various data landscapes
  • Offers professional services to help users along their data journey

Need help with your business objectives? Profisee helps companies leverage data for better outcomes and data-driven decision-making. It takes your incomplete, siloed, and inconsistent data and turns them into insights you can use to scale with accuracy.

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Profisee unlocks the power of master data by providing users with a management platform to ensure data quality, harmonize information, and enforce governance. It also streamlines the process, so users can implement and deploy its management software quicker, whether in the cloud, on premises, or as Software as a Service.

More About Profisee:

  • Provides a consistent, consolidated view of all your data
  • Demonstrates governance with customizable business rules
  • Has an intuitive user interface and automated workflows

Ataccama is a full-stack, unified data management platform where users can catalog, analyze, and integrate data to improve processes. This easy-to-use solution leverages AI to automate several data management steps, including classification, quality, and updates.

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Ataccama takes over the data steering wheel so businesses can save time and focus on higher-value tasks. Its self-driving platform facilitates data discovery, monitoring, and observability. With Ataccama, users can instantly get the data insight they need to make the right choices.

More About Ataccama:

  • Provides services for companies in retail, finance, healthcare, and transportation
  • Gives users a 360 view of their customers to improve experience
  • Manages reference data to eliminate spreadsheet chaos

Informatica’s value proposition is in its name. It provides users with an AI-powered cloud data management platform that gives them more clarity and control over their data insights for better results. Informatica customers can inform their business processes to increase efficiency and create a competitive advantage.

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Informatica empowers teams by democratizing data across organizations. Its platform simplifies data management and extracts reliable and relevant data insights for users. Since it is a low-code solution, users don’t have to do much to get it running. Whether you need data engineering, cataloging, or governance, Informatica has the tools to drive your operations.

More About Informatica:

  • Some notable clients include Dolby, Twitch, and Gilead
  • Supports any cloud model, from multicloud to hybrid cloud
  • Offers flexible pricing and frictionless data integration

PiLog helps industrial organizations manage and configure their data environments. Its tools are mainly tailored to the manufacturing, energy, and utilities sectors and offer a different set of data management capabilities. PiLog’s platform covers the areas of asset life cycle management, data migration, supply chain optimization, digital transformation, and business partner life cycle management.

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PiLog’s master data management solutions allow companies to navigate complex data environments. They help teams visualize and understand their processes so they can identify issues and improve operational efficiencies. With PiLog, organizations can optimize everything from internal operations to client relationships.

More About PiLog:

  • Manages vendor, customer, materials, and services data
  • Provides continual monitoring, reporting, and control
  • Won Gartner Peer Insights’ “Customer First Vendor” Award

More than 110,000 businesses, including T-Mobile, Audi, and Burger King, trust Pimcore for their data and experience management. Its platform consists of multiple products, but its main data solutions are for master data management and customer data visualization. Because Pimcore is open-source, companies can have more flexibility, save on costs, and deploy faster.

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Pimcore’s data solutions allow teams to consolidate data across channels, understand their customer experience, and manage various data types to improve efficiency, decision-making, and customer engagement. Users can leverage its drag-and-drop interface to easily navigate product information, view customer activities, and complete other tasks.

More About Pimcore:

  • Manages, aggregates, and distributes master data
  • Provides a flexible and API-driven approach to data management
  • Named “Customer’s Choice” in Gartner’s Peer Insights for two consecutive years

Reltio unifies your data estate to centralize and simplify your data management. Its cloud-native SaaS platform helps companies organize and analyze their master data to improve business action. Reltio uses AI to accelerate data migration and analysis so users can deploy and gain insights faster.

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Every business wants to increase its value, and Reltio enables them to do so with data. Its platform includes industry-specific data models and prebuilt components to help users transform their raw data into actionable insights. Reltio also offers quick responsiveness, promising increased business value in 90 days.

More About Reltio:

  • Trusted by 29 of Fortune 500 companies, including Pfizer, L’Oréal, and Xerox
  • A Forrester Consulting study shows a customer ROI of 366% over three years
  • Uses AI and ML to raise accuracy and ensure data quality

Syniti eliminates data silos with its data migration and management tools. Its all-in-one platform empowers teams to make better business decisions based on data insights. Syniti is here to support your data transformation, optimization, and governance needs.

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Syniti has multiple highlights, which include faster time to value and attentive support. Its platform allows teams to accelerate processes and increase efficiency by discovering actionable data insights faster. Syniti’s team of experts also helps teams solve data challenges so they can execute more effectively.

More About Syniti:

  • Some notable clients include Peloton, American Airlines, and Kraft
  • Provides companies with analytics-ready data for their business strategies
  • Leverages AI to help with data matching

Companies are relying on data more and more to drive their business decisions. And the reasoning behind this choice is clear: Data changes things. Data helps businesses with digital transformation, revenue growth, customer retention, operational efficiency, cost reduction, and so on. Maintaining an updated data warehouse is crucial for companies to continue improving their processes and decision-making. And data management platforms can help them to do so.