Bluehost WordPress Review & Hosting Ratings (2019)

Bluehost WordPress Review & Hosting Ratings (2019)

World Pie Domination (#worldpiedomination) — it would become the slogan and hashtag Rebecca Miller and her mother Jeanne Plumley would use for inspiration as they reimagined the Columbia, Missouri, institution Peggy Jean’s Pies. More than a decade after closing its doors in 2004 when Co-Owner Peggy Day became ill, locals still sorely missed the pie bakery and eatery. That’s when Rebecca and Jeanne (Peggy’s former business partner) decided 10 years without the delicious pies was enough and floured their rolling pins and started baking — but this time they set up shop with a modernized, digital storefront hosted by Bluehost.

“One of the biggest ways Bluehost supports us is by hosting our website…and by integrating our blog immediately onto our site each night after I hit publish in WordPress,” Rebecca said. “We have thousands of followers reading each day.”

Rebecca and Jeanne’s story isn’t unique. Countless businesses and bloggers are using the effective Bluehost-WordPress connection to build web presence, market their brands, and blast their products, ideas, and, um, pies to the masses. Let’s take a closer look to see why.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review: 4.9 / 5.0

The verdict has been in for a while now. WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the planet, powering more than 75 million websites — that’s a whopping 27% of the internet. WordPress is popular for a number of reasons. It’s fairly easy to use and versatile — with more than 50,000 plugins available to enable users to build any kind of website.

While many providers offer web hosting for the WordPress platform, not many boast comprehensive managed services more effectively than Bluehost, which is why we’ve given the host a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating. Check out our full review below for a complete view into how Bluehost can help you get online.

Bluehost review

Monthly Starting Price $2.95

  • Recommended by WordPress Core since 2005
  • FREE SSD storage and SSL certificate
  • FREE domain registration and email
  • Automatic installation and updates
  • 63% discount exclusively for HostingAdvice shoppers
  • Get started on Bluehost now.



Bluehost: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
Ryan Frankel ( Aimed at personal bloggers and first-time users, Bluehost’s WordPress hosting packages are a great alternative to simple shared hosting. These service come at a premium, compared to Bluehost’s standard shared plans, but the WordPress optimization and... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name WordPress Hosting Plans
30 days 50 GB SSD - Unlimited FREE (1 year)

Here, we’ll look at the top reasons to go with Bluehost to run your WordPress site. With Bluehost’s fast load times, high availability, and hosting platform built for WordPress, you’re sure to present your business in its best light.

5 Reasons to Consider WordPress Hosting with Bluehost

There are a number of cases that can be made to host your WordPress site with Bluehost. The host’s servers are secure, and backups are created daily to ensure your sites and data are protected. Bluehost also offers its site owners access to cPanel to ease management of sites, domains, and email from a centralized interface. The top arguments to go with the Bluehost-WordPress duo, however, relate to reputation, ease of use, price, and scalability.

Here’s Why Bluehost and WordPress go hand-in-hand:

  1. Endorsed by the WordPress Core team
  2. Preinstalled ManageWP
  3. Price
  4. Discounts exclusively for HostingAdvice readers
  5. Easy migration to VPS and dedicated options when you’re ready

Having worked together since 2005, Bluehost and WordPress have a rich history of helping businesses and bloggers easily get visually appealing sites online. Because Bluehost built a platform to run the CMS, the host comes highly recommended by the WordPress Core team.

With Bluehost, WordPress is preinstalled, requiring only a few clicks to begin building a site. And then there’s price to consider. As one of the most cost-effective WordPress hosts in the industry, Bluehost plans get even cheaper for HostingAdvice readers. Starting at only $2.95 per month, Bluehost plans allow site owners to develop a fully functional website and have it live in just minutes.

Once your site starts taking off in popularity, there’s no need to worry about bandwidth obstacles that get in the way of increased traffic. The platform Bluehost offers is scalable and easy to migrate to a VPS or dedicated server as your audience grows.

5 Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Bluehost

While Bluehost comes highly recommended by the WordPress team and by us, there are some features other hosts might be able to deliver that Bluehost can’t. Whether it’s performance, costs associated with managed services, or support, it’s important to consider every option a host offers to determine if a package is right for you.

Here are a few of the reasons to consider an alternative to Bluehost:

  1. No SSDs / more performant hardware is available
  2. Managed services cost extra, whereas they’re included with InMotion
  3. Can’t host unlimited WordPress sites
  4. Lacks optimizations such as host-specific WP caching features
  5. Better support

There’s no argument that Bluehost’s shared hosting is cheap; however, when it comes to managed WordPress services, the host’s price can rise considerably. There are hosts out there that offer this as part of their core hosting plans. Some even offer tools, such as BoldGrid, that make the WordPress environment an even more intuitive experience.

If you’re looking into managing multiple WordPress sites, Bluehost is probably not for you, as its platform doesn’t allow unlimited WordPress hosting. Other hosts include free SSDs to better optimize speed and load times, so it’s important to do your homework and pick a host directly suited to your needs.

Below you’ll find our #1-rated WordPress host. Be sure to take the time to read the full review to see everything the host has to offer.

InMotion review

Monthly Starting Price $4.99

  • WordPress pre-installed with NGINX and PHP 7
  • FREE SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth
  • Optional automatic plugin, theme, and core updates
  • Features a FREE drag-and-drop WP page editor
  • Premium themes and plugin subscriptions
  • Get started on InMotion now.



InMotion: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
PJ Fancher ( InMotion Hosting, long known for affordable and high-performance shared hosting options, entered the WordPress space with a solid option built upon the company's reputation for great support and reliability. Costing a small premium over other budget-minded... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name WordPress Hosting Plans
90 days 40 GB SSD - 120 GB SSD FREE (1 year)

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TLDR: We Love Bluehost for WordPress Hosting

Whether you’re dusting your rolling pins to dominate the pie industry or simply want to blog about the best cherry cobbler in town, if you’re employing WordPress, it’s important to roll out your dough with the right host. Cost efficiency is important, but there is an array of offerings to weigh when selecting a host.

The bottom line: The Bluehost-WordPress combo is a great match. It’s cheap (especially for HostingAdvice readers), endorsed directly by the WordPress team, simple to get up and running, and can be seamlessly scaled to VPS or dedicated hosting. These features, coupled with 24/7 support and the functionality offered by cPanel, earn Bluehost our 4.9 out of 5.0 rating. And, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s not much to lose by giving Bluehost a shot.

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