6 Best Moodle Hosting Services 2019 — Top Hosts for Moodle LMS

6 Best Moodle Hosting Services 2019 — Top Hosts for Moodle LMS

In the crowded, noisy classroom of online learning platforms, how do you find the best Moodle hosting options?

With the massive advances in educational software, it’s not surprising so many organizations are turning to eLearning solutions to teach and train new generations of students and employees. In 2016, nearly 6 million students enrolled in online programs in the United States, and the global eLearning industry is forecast to reach a net worth of roughly $325 billion by 2025.

Moodle, the popular and open-source learning management system, provides a platform where students can interact and study, and where educators can build online courses and track student progress. Unfortunately, Moodle can create high demands on server resources, meaning you’ll need a robust hosting service to run the platform on your site. Here, we’ll delve into the top six best Moodle hosts to power your classroom environments without fail.

Best Moodle Hosting Service Overall

For some currently running Moodle on their sites, it’s probably no secret the platform can suffer from performance issues. While there are settings adjustments that can speed it up, many times, the best remedy to light a fire under Moodle and optimize performance is a better hosting service.

A2 Hosting is our top pick when it comes to boosting load times for sites running Moodle. The hosting provider boasts speeds 20 times faster than the competition with its turbocharged server farm. And A2 offers unlimited resources, which is almost a prerequisite when running an educational platform being accessed simultaneously by multiple student users.


A2 Hosting review

Monthly Starting Price $3.92

  • SSDs and Turbo Server for up to 20x faster pageloads
  • Host unlimited websites and enjoy FREE site transfer
  • A2-optimized plugins and 1-click installs for WordPress
  • A2-optimized caching with OPcache and Memcached
  • FREE HackScan with restore options
  • Get started on A2 Hosting now.



A2 Hosting: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
Alexandra Leslie (HostingAdvice.com): If speed and performance, partnered with support and security, are at all priorities in your web host shopping, A2 Hosting should be a leading contender.When A2 Hosting first launched in 2003, the company was focused on serving developers; A2 Hosting was among... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Best Overall Hosting Plans
30 days Unlimited SSD New or Transfer www.a2hosting.com

To further enhance site performance, A2 gives site owners free SSDs, which A2 claims can improve speeds by up to 300%. The host guarantees 99.9% uptime, so your students can access your educational materials anytime. And, with global datacenter options, you can host your site close to where your students are, providing yet another layer of acceleration for your site.

Site owners currently running Moodle who are unhappy with their site’s performance are in luck. A2 Hosting offers free account migration, so you can transition seamlessly without worrying about the upcharges that sometimes accompany a move — or the headaches.

A2’s hosting plans come complete with around-the-clock support and a comprehensive online knowledge base, so site owners can easily get assistance if they run into any issues. With a low cost of entry starting at just $3.92 per month and an anytime money-back guarantee, site owners looking for an effective Moodle host have nothing to lose by giving A2 a shot.

Top Cheap Moodle Host

For educators seeking a fast Moodle hosting solution and a bargain, there’s an array of hosts out there that provide great speed and uptime at very low monthly premiums. For just a few dollars per month, teachers can get their sites up and running and in front of their students in no time.

Some of the most important criteria we looked at when determining the best Moodle host at the best costs were price (of course), performance and load time, customer support, migration capabilities, and security, among many other factors. For those new to the web development and administration game, we also weighed whether the host provides an easy-to-use website builder as part of its hosting packages.

Because of the importance of all these categories, we’re not just recommending the cheapest host. Instead, we’re bringing you the host offering the most comprehensive services at the lowest price point. Below is our top pick when it comes to providing effective services at a very fair price.


InterServer review

Monthly Starting Price $0.01

  • $0.01 for the first month, then $5 monthly after
  • NO annual contracts and NO sudden price increases
  • Unlimited storage space, data transfers, and email
  • New domain is $11 with 1-month plan ($1.99 otherwise)
  • 99.9% uptime and price-lock guarantee
  • Get started on InterServer now.



InterServer: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Laura Bernheim (HostingAdvice.com): It's hard to argue with a shared hosting plan that includes unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, and email — but shared hosting is a crowded industry that turns on name recognition, reputation, and bargain-basement prices. InterServer outperforms some of... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans
30 days Unlimited New or Transfer www.interserver.net/shared

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Fastest (SSD) Moodle Hosting

It has long been known that slow load times negatively impact conversion rates for eCommerce businesses, as nearly 80% of online shoppers will abandon a page if a site doesn’t fully load in mere seconds. A similar case on the importance of load time can be made for online learners. Universities and other educational institutions have found load time to impact student drop-offs, which is why these organizations are scrambling to find quicker solutions.

Going with a host that offers high-performance solid-state drives can make your pages load up to 20 times faster, giving your Moodle site the booster shot it needs to bring your content to pupils at lightning-fast speeds. There is no shortage of hosts that claim to offer the best of these two requirements, but we’ve looked closely at those that actually offer the industry’s top speeds and have found the fastest.

In addition to top speeds, you’ll get the added bonus of reliable customer support with this host. So, in the event your site experiences downtime, you’ll be able to get it back online immediately. Read on to learn more:


InMotion review

Monthly Starting Price $3.99

  • Shared business hosting with FREE SSD storage
  • FREE website migration with zero downtime
  • Develop in PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and MySQL
  • FREE drag-and-drop builder or preinstalled WordPress
  • FREE data backups and FREE SSL cert
  • Get started on InMotion Hosting now.



InMotion: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice.com): InMotion trailblazed the SSD hosting space, including free SSD storage in all server plans for maximum performance. Existing websites experience no downtime as InMotion transfers your site to its new home on InMotion’s network, and you can choose a West... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name SSD Hosting Plans
90 days Unlimited FREE (1 year) www.inmotionhosting.com/ssd

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Best Moodle Host with Unlimited Storage

The best online courses usually come with tons of supplemental teaching materials, including large image and video files and printable documents, among other media file types. There are ways to reduce the size of these files; however, when teaching multiple courses covering different modules, storage can become a concern even if you’ve followed all the best practices.

That’s why it’s important to choose a host offering unlimited or unmetered storage to house everything listed in your syllabi. Many hosts offer this service, even when considering how massive a Moodle site can be. In shared hosting environments, some hosts accomplish this by identifying the sites using the most resources and temporarily moving them to different servers.

We’ve looked at all the top hosts to determine which of them leads the pack in terms of giving you the most disk space for your buck. Below is our top pick.


HostGator review

Monthly Starting Price $2.64

  • Get 62% off monthly pricing by buying 36 months up front
  • Unmetered disk space & bandwidth
  • Unlimited email addresses & free SSL certificate
  • One-click WordPress install & free blog tools
  • New domain costs $15/year, or use existing domain free
  • Get started on HostGator now.



HostGator: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Ryan Frankel (HostingAdvice.com): HostGator is a great compromise between performance and price. The company offers unlimited emails, MySQL databases, disk space, and bandwidth, plus one-click installs of popular open-source projects, in addition to a 99.9% uptime guarantee on its shared... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Cheap Hosting Plans
45 days Unlimited New or Transfer www.hostgator.com/shared

Best Domain & Email Hosting for Moodle

Whether you’re an educational institution providing online courses for students or a business pumping trainings and professional development classes to employees, it’s integral to have a recognizable domain name and branded email address. A custom domain and email address works to maintain a professional reputation, boosts credibility in the eyes of your audience, and helps market your brand to potential students or employees.

Many hosts offer unique domains and email addresses as part of their packages. Some provide the domains free for the first year after registration, and other hosts include them at no cost as long as you remain a customer.

To determine the best domain and email host for Moodle, we looked at these factors, as well as other associated features such as email autoresponders, email forwarding, spam filters, and whether unlimited emails are offered. Below is our choice of the top domain and email hosting for Moodle sites.


Bluehost review

Monthly Starting Price $2.95

  • FREE domain and unlimited emails
  • Secure email with 3 webmail solutions
  • $200 in advertising credits with Google and Bing
  • Google app integration available
  • FREE Office 365 mailbox for your first 30 days
  • Get started on Bluehost now.



Bluehost: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Ryan Frankel (HostingAdvice.com): For email hosting with security and tons of available features, Bluehost is one of our favorites. The company includes a free domain name for a year, POP3 and IMAP security for unlimited emails, plus email forwarding and three web-based email solutions…Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Email Hosting Plans
30 days 50 GB - Unlimited FREE (1 year) www.bluehost.com/email

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Best WordPress Moodle Web Hosting

There’s no doubt WordPress is the most popular website-building platform on the web, powering nearly 75 million sites to date. Considering this, odds are good that there are a ton of educators out there already using or looking to employ WordPress to run their Moodle sites.

If you’re one of those millions of people who love WordPress, it makes sense to find a host that loves it, too. Many hosts provide managed WordPress hosting, but some make it easier than others. Below you’ll find our choice for the best WordPress host for Moodle, offering seamless set up with the popular CMS and all the perks that come with top-tier web hosting.


InMotion review

Monthly Starting Price $4.99

  • WordPress pre-installed with NGINX and PHP 7
  • FREE SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth
  • Optional automatic plugin, theme, and core updates
  • Features a FREE drag-and-drop WP page editor
  • Premium themes and plugin subscriptions
  • Get started on InMotion now.



InMotion: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
PJ Fancher (HostingAdvice.com): InMotion Hosting, long known for affordable and high-performance shared hosting options, entered the WordPress space with a solid option built upon the company's reputation for great support and reliability. Costing a small premium over other budget-minded... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name WordPress Hosting Plans
90 days 40 GB SSD - 120 GB SSD FREE (1 year) www.inmotionhosting.com/wordpress

The top WordPress hosts offer the CMS either pre-installed or with installation only a click away. By hosting with the provider above, you’ll get this easy access to the popular CMS along with the ability to employ the thousands of WordPress plugins you can use to customize your site.

Collage of Moodle and WordPress logos

If you want to power your Moodle site with WordPress, it’s best to choose a host offering the CMS pre-installed.

Another perk of using WordPress is that the platform is set up to help boost your site’s SEO. As a result, your students won’t have trouble finding their virtual classrooms when searching all the major search engines, including Google, Safari, and Bing.

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Bring Courses to Life on the Web with a Top-Rated Moodle Host

Online learning software, like Moodle, as well as expanded access to the latest web technology, has brought the traditional classroom into the home and even our pockets via our mobile phones. As a result, businesses and educational institutions are seeking faster, more reliable hosting solutions to broadcast their courses to millions of eager online learners every day.

If you’re a part of one of these organizations, one of the hosts we’ve ranked here can surely help optimize your site so that you can give students a dynamic and fruitful online educational experience. Be sure to read our comprehensive reviews of all the top hosts to make sure you’re using a hosting solution that’s right for your modern educational mission.

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