WHIR Networking Events: 2015 Edition

Whir Networking Events 2015

TL; DR: Another year has passed and the WHIR Networking Events continue to grow and be seen as the casual and easy way to meet decision-makers in the hosting industry. With even more events this year that are still free to attend, the WHIR continues to bring hardware makers, software developers, and web hosts closer together.

In the web hosting industry, there are few must-attend events for web hosts, hardware providers and software developers. Over the past few years, the WHIR networking events have steadily increased the number and quality of its get-togethers.

Why Should You Attend?

If you have any wonder as to why you need to check out these events, please read our article from last year (2014’s WHIR Networking Events: Why You Need to Attend) that goes into the details of these events and the special networking and pitch opportunities they provide.

WHIR Networking Events 2015

The Dates of the WHIR Networking Events

If you are looking to attend an event this year, below is our comprehensive list of all the dates, locations, and countries of each event.

Please Note: The San Diego WHIR Networking Event coincides with HostingCon Global and the Amsterdam, NL Event coincides with HostingCon Europe.

City and State Country Date Event Link
Austin, Texas USA February 19, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Phoenix, Arizona USA March 12, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Los Angeles, California USA April 23, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Denver, Colorado USA May 7, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Chicago, Illinois USA June 11, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
San Diego, California USA July 28, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
London England September 24, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Amsterdam Netherlands September 29, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Washington, D.C. USA October 22, 2015 Event/RSVP Link
Dallas, Texas USA November 12, 2015 Event/RSVP Link

Past Events and Social Media

Here are some photos from the past year’s events, and for more information (and pictures), you can check out the WHIR Facebook and Flikr pages.

WHIR Events in 2015