Top 3 Hosted Exchange Servers for Your Business (Microsoft / Outlook)

Top 3 Hosted Exchange Servers for Your Business (Microsoft / Outlook)

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used mail clients for businesses and organizations. A growing number of organizations are choosing to go with Microsoft Outlook Exchange as their email solution. And the popularity of Microsoft Outlook isn’t just due to the brand recognition. The reliability of the service, as well as its many integrated parts, makes it ideal for business. The Outlook email client is provided by Microsoft on the Microsoft Exchange Server.

To use Microsoft Outlook Exchange, organizations must invest in a server to host their data from the application. For many businesses, it’s most cost-efficient to host data on a third-party server rather than hosting its own data on a private server (a hosted Exchange server).

Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server Hosting Overview

If you’ve decided that you want to use Microsoft Outlook Exchange, the next step is choosing a hosted Exchange server. Hosted Exchange is a service that provides a Microsoft Exchange email box and storage space available via a server from a third-party provider.

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A hosted Exchange provider houses your sent and received email, contacts, and calendar data on a server.

A provider of hosted Exchange manages the data on a cloud-based server, including mail sent and received, contacts, and calendar data. An Exchange server can handle tens of thousands of email accounts and data, making it the solution of choice for many corporate environments. While its power and storage are excessive for most individual’s personal email needs, it’s ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses to the enterprise.

Hosted Exchange has many benefits such as automatic software upgrades, maintenance, and technical support. There are no physical servers and you can get much more secure service. Organizations should consider whether their data is highly sensitive and whether retaining control over it is essential before choosing hosted Exchange.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server Reviews

Because Microsoft Outlook Exchange is so widely used, there are many hosted Exchange options from which to choose. has looked at the spectrum of competitors providing hosted Exchange, and we’ve used our expertise in servers and business-class hosting solutions to narrow down the top providers.

Our recommendations for servers to provide Microsoft Exchange are based on reliability, support, security, file sharing, and other key aspects that make up the hosted Exchange experience.

1. iPage – Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server

Providing full support for Microsoft Exchange, iPage is a web hosting service that works well for beginners and experienced users alike. The hosted Exchange service is offered as an upgrade from iPage’s standard email system. All iPage email services are secure, encrypted, and protected against spam and viruses. With competitive pricing, iPage has the full package for hosted Exchange without any hassle of setup and maintenance.

iPage review

Monthly Starting Price $1.99

  • FREE site transfers and 1-year domain name registration
  • Unlimited domains, disk space, and email addresses
  • Email forwarding, autoresponders, and webmail
  • Market your site with $200 in ad credits and SEO tools
  • FREE online store and site-building tools
  • Get started on iPage now.



iPage: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 5 minutes
PJ Fancher ( With iPage, users get a free domain name and email account, plus unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains, and MySQL databases. The brand offers POP3/IMAP support for unlimited emails, plus autoresponders, virus checking, and spam filters…Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Email Hosting Plans
30 days Unlimited FREE (1 year)

2. GoDaddy – Microsoft Office 365 Server

One of the foremost names in domain and email hosting, GoDaddy was a longtime leader in hosted Exchange servers. The company recently made the switch from Exchange to Office 365, a popular Exchange alternative.

GoDaddy customers enjoy up to 10 times the email storage offered by competitors, 1TB of cloud storage, and powerful tools for your business — such as the aptly named Skype for Business. Ideal for individuals and small- to mid-sized businesses, GoDaddy provides flexible and reliable email hosting for a price that’s within reach for most everyone.

GoDaddy review

Monthly Starting Price $1.00

  • Professional email solutions hosted at your domain
  • Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 available
  • World-class data security and spam filtering
  • HIPAA-compliance features with premium plans
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • Get started on GoDaddy now.



GoDaddy: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 4 minutes
Ryan Frankel ( Arguably the most noteworthy name in domain and email hosting, GoDaddy touts premium, affordable email and productivity solutions for personal use and businesses of all sizes. Whether you just need a couple gigs of email storage or a robust hosted email server... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Email Hosting Plans
30 days 100 GB - Unlimited FREE (1 year)

3. Network Solutions – Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server

Network Solutions, another longstanding host, offers smaller mailboxes than the other hosts mentioned and is ideal for individuals, small businesses, or mid-size businesses that don’t need a lot of storage space.

NetSol’s plans include a 1GB mailbox for $9.99 per month and a 3GB mailbox for $14.99 per month. Enhanced security and data protection help keep email and calendar information safe, while regular data backup and 24/7 support make for a worry-free user experience. Email for mobile devices is also supported.

Network Solutions review

Monthly Starting Price $3.99

  • Huge open-source library and language support
  • FREE domain registration from a longtime registrar
  • Above-average 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email
  • Pay only $3.99 for month-to-month plans
  • Get started on Network Solutions.



Network Solutions: Our Expert's Review

Setup time: 7 minutes
PJ Fancher ( Network Solutions is a large, popular registrar with solid — if not exciting — hosting packages. The company's cheapest hosting plan is priced above the bargain-basement hosting providers and more in line with top-tier affordable hosts.Although there are... Go to full review »
Money Back Guarantee Disk Space Domain Name Email Hosting Plans
N/A 300 GB - Unlimited FREE (1 year)

Average Hosted Exchange Server Pricing

Hosted Exchange can accommodate any organization’s budget, depending on how many mailboxes are needed and the storage space required. According to Optimal Networks, an IT consulting and management company, hosted Exchange servers can cost anywhere from $0 to $30 per mailbox month. The average mailbox costs $12 per month.

When selecting a business-class email and calendar system, Microsoft Outlook Exchange is considered one of the best bets in the industry. Using hosted Exchange, Outlook can be accessed from any device, at a desk or on the go. The ease of having shared folders, calendars, and tasks can help businesses increase overall productivity.

iPage Hosted Email Screenshot

Hosts like iPage offer robust email solutions for any business need.

Other options include Office 365, which is ideal for nonprofits and small businesses, and Gmail for Business, which offers larger mailboxes, so take the time to shop around. Overall, Exchange has the desired features for an enterprise email solution that is trusted by organizations of all sizes and types.

Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting Powers Business Email

All businesses need email, and Microsoft Outlook Exchange is a major competitor in that market. But there are many options for hosted Exchange servers to choose from, and the prices and mailbox sizes vary. Choosing the right provider is a matter of knowing your budget, how many mailboxes you’ll need, and how much space is required to keep your business connected. Crunch these numbers, then match them to your choice of provider.

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Microsoft Exchange may not be the best fit for everyone. If you decide to look into other options, be sure to read our list of the top email hosting services for your business or personal use.

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