How ZipRecruiter Helps Businesses Quickly Find and Hire Qualified Candidates From a Network of 40 Million Job Seekers

Ziprecruiter Helps Businesses Quickly Hire Qualified Candidates

TL; DR: As businesses grow and need to quickly fill positions with quality candidates, they need a reliable partner to get jobs in front of the right audience. ZipRecruiter has a network of more than 40 million job seekers and is able to send employment ads out to more than 100 job boards with just one click. The platform is scalable from SMB to enterprise, giving companies the resources to fill one position in the back office or hire thousands of candidates nationwide. ZipRecruiter is also easy to use for job seekers, allowing them to apply with one click as well, making the platform a well-rounded employment ally in the new candidate-focused world.

Finding quality candidates and filling important positions to fuel a company’s growth can feel like a job in and of itself in today’s employment marketplace. Prospective employees expect more from a job search than they did just a few years ago, including more information and a connection with a company’s culture. This means that businesses must adapt to the needs of job seekers while still trying to hire quickly — which takes a shift in job-posting mentality.

Photo of Scott Garner Corporate Communications Manager at ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Corporate Communications Manager Scott Garner spoke to us about today’s job market.

Companies that post uninspiring ads on a few boards will not attract the most qualified candidates, which, over time can lead to stunted business growth. To grow in today’s candidate-focused world, a business has to market itself and educate people on its brand in a variety of channels — just like it would with its products or services.

Founded in 2010, ZipRecruiter helps businesses — whether they are SMBs or big box retailers — expand their job search reach and find the best candidates to fill open positions quickly.

“ZipRecruiter began as a platform that allows employers to post jobs to many different job sites with one click,” said Scott Garner, Corporate Communications Manager at ZipRecruiter. “Over time, as we had more employers posting their jobs on our platform, we developed into a marketplace.”

That marketplace has exploded into a network of 40 million job seekers who receive alerts from ZipRecruiter every month, expanding the job market reach of any size business and providing a platform for attracting highly qualified candidates with sought-after skills.

One-Click Posting to 100+ Job Boards Makes Hiring Easy for SMBs

Posting to individual job boards can become an arduous task, especially because you have to log into all of them on a regular basis to evaluate and respond to candidates. ZipRecruiter was designed to ease that burden, especially for small business owners.

“The platform is simple for an employer. They post a job, and we send it out to our network of job boards,” Scott said. “We also we send notifications to job seekers immediately, and when they apply, it shows up in a single dashboard where you can manage incoming candidates.”

“Over 80% of ZipRecruiter job ads produce a qualified candidate within 24 hours. We are trying to compress the time-to-hire by making it easy for employers to view, contact, and evaluate incoming candidates.” — Scott Garner, Corporate Communications Manager at ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter offers one-click job posting to more than 100 of the best job boards in the world, but the company goes further by using its machine-learning algorithm to filter through its database of 40 million job-seekers and immediately sends alerts to candidates with matching skills when a job posts. And the platform is focused on results, as evidenced by its hiring track record.

“Over 80% of ZipRecruiter job ads produce a qualified candidate within 24 hours,” Scott said. “We are trying to compress the time-to-hire by making it easy for employers to view, contact, and evaluate incoming candidates.”

The company also makes it easy for candidates to show their interest with a one-click apply feature that makes the process more efficient on both ends.

Satisfying Enterprise-Level Staffing Needs Through ATS Partnerships

ZipRecruiter is also built to help enterprise scale, and has integrations with many of the tools that businesses already use, like applicant tracking systems (ATS).

“We have partnerships that allow companies to post jobs to ZipRecruiter, and inbound candidates will be routed through their ATS,” Scott said. “So you’ll be able to manage applicants within your current workflow.”

“Our reach is so vast. If you need to get your jobs in front of people, ZipRecruiter is a great tool because of the network we have built, the partnerships we have, and the technology we employ.” — Scott Garner, Corporate Communications Manager at ZipRecruiter

Another way that ZipRecruiter can help fill a large number of positions quickly is by integrating advertisements into its job alerts, which reach 40 million users per month. Retailers needing to staff many positions quickly have found the method to be an effective solution.

“Our reach is so vast. If you need to get your jobs in front of people, ZipRecruiter is a great tool because of the network we have built, the partnerships we have, and the technology we employ,” Scott said.

That is why more than a million companies including major players like Chipotle, Target, and Verizonhave trusted ZipRecruiter to help them find and hire employees. And ZipRecruiter is focused on continuing that success by understanding what the future of employment holds.

ZipRecruiter Identifies and Adapts to Future Employment Trends

The job marketplace is currently seeing a trend of more work-from-home opportunities — in fields like customer service and even recruiting — but ZipRecruiter is also adapting to the trends and seismic shifts to come.

On the applicant side, ZipRecruiter has built skills laddering into its job search, which not only helps a business identify candidates with the right skill set but also allows candidates to find jobs in industries adjacent to their search.

“Through skills laddering, we have compiled a list of the top 20 skills most desired in a worker for a certain industry,” Scott said. “Then we see a kind of Venn diagram of skill overlaps, so if another industry is adjacent and requires the same skills, we can match a worker with that.”

Screenshot of ZipRecruiter job listing study

ZipRecruiter is always providing companies with information on ways to improve their job postings.

The company is even starting to look at how future technologies — especially automation — are going to disrupt employment. But ZipRecruiter doesn’t think those advancements will put people out of work, just shift the landscape.

“When people think about using self-driving delivery trucks, they think they’re going to put a lot of people out of work,” Scott told us. “But we believe that it will shift work. It may replace the delivery driver, but will open up jobs in logistics, warehouses, infrastructure, and coding the machines.”

He went on to say that, while there certainly will be a period of disruption, it should open up more opportunities for people on the other side. And ZipRecruiter’s mission is to be there, helping companies fill all of those open positions of tomorrow.

Helping Retailers Grow Whether They Need One Employee or 1,000

The hiring landscape has undergone a dramatic shift since ZipRecruiter began with a four-person team around a kitchen table. Now, the company has more than 700 employees working from offices in California, Arizona, and Israel with the goal of making candidate sourcing more efficient for businesses of any size.

“Our platform scales incredibly well. If a mom-and-pop shop needs one person, we are great for that,” Scott said. “Or, if you are an enterprise that needs to fill thousands of positions, we can do that, too.”

Through ZipRecruiter’s vast network, businesses can get their jobs in front of the right audience quickly. That leads to more responses, and more importantly, more connections with quality candidates who will grow with your culture and bottom line.

“By getting good people into your hiring funnel and moving them through the process quickly, you increase your chances of finding that great candidate — not someone who is just looking for a job,” Scott said.