Enhance Your Approach to Digital Marketing with SEMrush: An All-Inclusive Suite of SEO Tools Trusted by More than 4 Million Site Owners

Semrush Delivers All Inclusive Seo Tools

TL; DR: SEMrush has leveraged 11 years of experience to create a comprehensive collection of solutions for keyword identification, backlink and traffic analysis, content optimization, and market research. Today, more than 4 million site owners across the globe turn to the company for over 40 data-powered products and services. Moving forward, SEMrush is planning to introduce comprehensive SEO services designed to optimize Amazon listings, as well as a full-fledged content marketplace for those looking to build an audience using prepackaged content.

It’s often said that in business, it’s not what you know — but who you know — that determines your ultimate success.

Today, that strategy includes chumming up with the likes of Google. After all, search engines have the power to introduce us to millions of customers who are actively seeking the products and services we offer.

But pumping out optimized, Google-friendly content isn’t always as easy as we’d hope. Because the search recommendation engine continuously updates its algorithms to ensure that it can provide the best results for users, SEO marketers must consistently stay on top of evolving trends.

SEMrush knows this, and that’s why the company has spent the last 11 years perfecting a comprehensive suite of tools and reports to help businesses large and small increase their visibility online.


SEMrush delivers online SEO and content management to customers worldwide.

“Customers love that our marketing toolkit is an all-in-one solution for SEO, including pay-per-click (PPC) efforts, social media strategies, content marketing efforts, and market research,” said Ivan Karmanov, Product PR at SEMrush. “Everything is included in one convenient package.”

More than 4 million site owners, ecommerce companies, and enterprises across the globe — including eBay, Quora, Booking.com, HP, and BNP Paribas — now trust the company to help them gain critical market insights and uncover competitor strategies using a wealth of data and resources.

Moving forward, SEMrush aims to bring even more customers under its wing with all-inclusive SEO services designed to optimize Amazon listings, as well as a fully-fledged marketplace for Google-friendly content on a wide range of topics.

Gain a Competitive Advantage via 40+ Data-Powered Products

SEMrush was founded in August 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev, who remains CEO of the visibility management and content marketing company today.

The Boston-based company is a frequent recipient of industry awards, including recent honors from the UK 2019 Search Awards for Best SEO Software Suite and Best Search Software Tool.

“In the community, we are known for our SEO toolkit, as we started with keywords analytics, backlinks analytics, tools that help improve your position on Google, analyze your competitors, and so on,” Ivan said. “But today, SEMrush is much bigger than just SEO-friendliness.”

Indeed, the company bolsters its SEO offerings with PPC advertising, social media, competitive intelligence, and content marketing tools in the form of more than 40 data-powered products.

SEMrush’s analytics reports, for example, provide relevant insights into competitor strategies in areas such as advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. Users can gain a clear perspective on competitors’ best keywords, discover new competitors, and track their position changes in Google’s search results.

They can also conduct an in-depth link analysis, perform keyword research, gain insight into product listing ad (PLA) competitors, explore competitor traffic, and analyze new markets and niches.

On the other hand, SEMrush’s tools allow users to visualize, cross, and combine data to compare domains, estimate keyword difficulty, and generate keyword ideas. Finally, the company’s campaign projects cover everything from position tracking and site audits, to social media tracking, backlink audits, and ad builders.

“These tools, when combined, form a full picture of your entire digital marketing strategy to ensure measurable results,” Ivan said.

Supercharge Your Content with the SEO Writing Assistant

Ivan told us that SEMrush’s robust SEO Writing Assistant is an all-in-one solution for optimizing content in terms of keywords, readability, voice, and originality — all of which are important ranking factors in Google’s eyes.

To ensure content, such as blog posts, will be highly visible to your online audience, the SEO Writing Assistant recommends target keywords, alerts you if you have used a keyword too frequently (a faux pas in SEO known as keyword stuffing), and detects broken links.

In terms of readability and voice, the program analyzes copy for complexity, word count, potential title issues, hard to read sentences, and unclear language, among other metrics. It then uses algorithms to identify whether your voice matches with a preset goal, such as casual, neutral, or formal. Finally, the software will ensure the content is original via a plagiarism checker available in multiple languages.

“The SEO Writing Assistant covers everything from preparing to write the content to analyzing its performance,” Ivan said. “It truly is an all-in-one solution.”

A screenshot of the SEO Writing Assistant

The SEO Writing Assistant allows users to check content for SEO-friendliness, tone of voice, readability, and plagiarism.

The SEO Writing Assistant also makes content optimization a breeze via add-ons designed for Google Docs plugins on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, plus WordPress plugins. Users also have the option to work directly from SEMrush’s easy-to-use interface.

In addition, Ivan said the software was designed to allow multiple team members within a company to access the system simultaneously. This saves businesses the time, money, and hassle inherent in managing countless tools and logins from various vendors.

“Again, we like to offer as many tools as possible in one place,” Ivan said. “Your team members can have immediate instant access from multiple devices, so if, for example, your social media team uses the social media analyzers and your content marketing team is using the other tools, there won’t be any problems.”

Everything Under the Sun, Including Tools for Amazon Sellers & Social Content

SEMrush isn’t putting the brakes on its mission to provide customers with everything under one roof any time soon. In May, the company launched Sellerly, a free tool designed to help Amazon sellers increase conversions on America’s biggest online marketplace (as of December 2018, a reported 20.6 million users visited Amazon’s websites monthly).

To boost sales, Sellerly allows users to connect their Amazon account to the program and run unlimited split tests to determine which titles, descriptions, images, and prices are most effective.

The simple process provides live stats on views and conversions, allowing sellers to collect analytical data and adjust the elements affecting their sales accordingly — thus increasing profits. The Sellerly site even features a handy demo recommendation game that clearly illustrates this process in an animated fashion.

According to SEMrush, Sellerly is the first step in a series of marketing solutions the company is developing. To date, there are nearly 8 million sellers on Amazon worldwide, more than 1 million of which joined the marketplace in the last year alone. As of today, Ivan said Sellerly is one of the first offerings of its kind in the U.S. Amazon marketplace, and the company is eager to extend its support to other countries with new tools in the future.

“Amazon is growing so fast that this year, we decided to take our toolkit outside of Google with our first tool for Amazon, Sellerly,” Ivan said. “At the beginning of next year, we plan to release more tools that will contribute toward an SEMrush-like platform for Amazon sellers.”

Just Launched: Drive Traffic with SEMrush Content Marketplace

In addition to Sellerly, SEMrush recently launched its content marketplace, a source for great content produced by fast and reliable copywriters. Upon request, these writers will create content using vast SEO knowledge to help you attract your target audience.

The marketplace, designed to spare businesses the hassle of asking for recommendations, reading samples, reaching agreements, and entering into contracts with writers, provides easy, contract-free access to experienced authors.

“Whereas SEMrush gives you data on how to analyze your website or your competitors’ sites, the content marketplace provides companies with SEO optimized content upon request,” Ivan said. “Ultimately, it’s a way to help our customers save even more time and money.”